Opel Ampera-e To Debut In Paris, Drag Races Competitors Today – Video

AUG 24 2016 BY JAY COLE 43

Opel Ampera-e Debuts In Paris In October

Opel Ampera-e Debuts In Paris In October

Opel has announced that its all-electric Ampera-e will be making its world debut at the Paris Motor Show ( Mondial de l’Automobile ) on October 1st, showcasing what the re-purposed Chevrolet Bolt EV will offer for Europeans.

Naturally, the two items we will be closely looking for is pricing, and when the 200+ mile/320+ km EV will be available in Europe.

We should note that GM did lay some additional specs on us while releasing the debut announcement (full press blast below):

  • 0 to 50 km/h (31 mph) in 3.2 seconds
  • 80 to 120 km/h (50 to 74 mph) in just 4.5 seconds
  • top speed:  150 km/h (93 mph)

And as proof the Ampera-e is zippy out of the gate, Opel has put together an impromptu 30 meter drag race (see above) between it and a Astra TCR, ADAM R2 and OPC.

Opel Ampera-e Design Front

Opel Ampera-e Design Front

Opel Ampera-e Design Rear

Opel Ampera-e Design Rear

Opel Statement:

“e” for Electrifying: Opel Ampera-e World Premiere in Paris

  • e-Premiere: revolutionary electric car at Paris motor show
  • e-fun to drive: acceleration and overtaking ability like a sportscar
  • e-connectivity: always online with IntelliLink infotainment and Opel OnStar
Opel Ampera-e Badging

Opel Ampera-e Badging

Rüsselsheim.  Opel will revolutionize electromobility at the up-coming Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris. From October 1-16 the Opel Ampera-e – an electric car that electrifies in every way – makes its world premiere (hall 5-2, booth 501). The car with the lightning flash logo combines pioneering battery technology and localized emissions-free operation with a fun-to-drive experience, as the maximum torque of 360 Nm provides impressive acceleration figures and overtaking ability.

“The Opel Ampera-e makes electromobility fully feasible for everyday use and ready for the future” says Opel CEO, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “The Ampera-e demonstrates impressively how well sustainability and driving pleasure can form a unity. And with its strong-as-an-ox electric motor, it delivers pure fun-to-drive.”

Sister-car, 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV arrives in the US in late 2016

Sister-car, 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV arrives in the US in late 2016

The maximum torque of 360 Nm is responsible for the electrifying temperament of the new Opel. The power output of the electric motor is 150 kW/204 hp (PS). Standing starts at traffic lights and entering the motorway belong to the Opel Ampera-e’s favorite disciplines. The compact car sprints to 50 km/h in only 3.2 seconds, acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h for overtaking is accomplished in just 4.5 seconds (provisional figures). The Ampera-e thus performs at the same level as OPC models, the sporty spearheads of Opel.

Fun-to-drive with the Opel Ampera-e also means swift cruising at up to 150 km/h. At the same time, the Ampera-e also offers a significantly longer range than most other electric cars. The unique, compact proportions of the Ampera-e are driven by the battery pack being mounted flat, under the vehicle floor. The efficient packaging of the battery also enables a roomy interior providing comfortable seating for five passengers and trunk space comparable with that of a car in the compact class.

Best entertainment: download your favorite films and music

Driving pleasure for the passengers over long distances is provided. In addition to the excellent feeling of roominess, there comes the best in digital connectivity, in typical Opel fashion. The Ampera-e has the newest generation of IntelliLink infotainment as well as Opel OnStar onboard. Subject to availability, the award-winning connectivity and service assistant simultaneously offers up to seven mobile devices access to its powerful Wi-Fi hotspot. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible IntelliLink systems bring the world of smartphones into the Ampera-e, so that passengers have full access to their favorite music or can download at will their preferred films – just a few examples of the many functions of the multifaceted entertainment.

Hat tip to Peter H!

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Thumbs up on fun to drive concept in a commercial.

But just give us the 0-100 km/hr time.

The LEAF and Zoe do really well in the first 30M too.

It must be around 7 secs.

GM has stated “under 7 seconds”. That’s all we know for now.

My guess is closer to 6.5 sec too, CandD guess 7 seconds was conservative, and given the HP for an EV of that weight it should do mid 6 seconds.

If it was “mid sixes” I do not think they would repeatedly mention “under seven seconds”…The Spark EV has about 400ft/lbs of torque and the Gen2 Volt has about 300ft/lbs and neither are below seven seconds…

Yes, but 100 km/h is more than 60 mph.

100km/h is 62 mph

Could only find vague info on the Opel website.

If they open the charge door cover at the autoshow, it will be interesting to see if there is a Mennekes (10 amp @ 3 phase – 7 kw), or a 32 amp 1772.

Since they are doing CCS and CCS has a Mennekes top in Europe, I guess Mennekes.

As an Opel at least it’ll definitely have Type 2 (Mennekes) – but there are lots of different ways to employ it and I’m fairly sure it will be single-phase (otherwise it wouldn’t be able to charge from standard European sockets such as Schuko).

It would be awesome if it also supported 3-phase 400V up to at least 22 kW, ideally 43 kW – like the ZOE does. This is the electricity on the regional grids (we get 400V delivered to buildings, and it’s transformed down to 230 V in each), so chargers that deliver this are simple and a LOT cheaper than DC chargers. I expect there to be lots and lots of 22 kW type 2 flexi chargers at malls, restaurants and other “short-stay destinations”.

400v transformed to 230v? No no no! Everything three phase system has two voltages 230 is one phase voltage from phase to neutral. The second voltage is 400v between phases L1 to L2 or L2 to L3 or L1 to L3.

Terawatt, well, it may also run on ‘single-phase’ but it will be at reduced power since some countries have a 16 amp limitation. 2 of the 3 legs. A “VEE-connected” 230V/400 would keep the current within this limitation, but I don’t see why they don’t copy bmw’s 10 amp 7 kw scheme as I mentioned.

My Zoe had a 3-phase charger and charged perfectly fine on single phase. It simply doesn’t use the other two phases.

Leaf did 0-30 MPH in 2.9 seconds. So Ampera-e (or Bolt) could be slower than Leaf to 30? Yikes.


Don’t know where you got 2.9s from…

But Car and Driver showed 2013 LEAF SL doing 3.4 sec in 0-30mph..

The 2011-2012 LEAF had more torque and was quicker. Different USA made motor I believe.


Yes, 3.2 second in 0-30 by Car and Driver for 2011 LEAF.


MT shows a 3.1s… Nothing close to 2.9

It wasn’t motor.

It was Nissan detunning the 2013 or later LEAF to save the battery by limiting the amount of heat generated since 2011/2012 had so much battery issues…

Not sure where I read 2.9. Warren tested it as 3 sec to 30 MPH, and that could be close to or quicker than Bolt.

I use Leaf as an extreme example of slowness, but the new Volt is 2.6 and Fiat 500e is in mid/upper 2’s. 3.x for Bolt isn’t awful, but “meh”, especially if it turns out to be slower than Leaf.

The Bolt was designed to make more power at high RPM so if it is equal to Spark EV at 30 it will be far ahead by 60 mph. This, according to a drive along Q&A with a GM engineer. The video was posted about a week ago.


i3 is that fast 0-30.

Leaf is not even close without a seriously heavy tailwind. Haha

That’s not true. It can do it downhill… ?

It actually achieves a sustained 1G – in free fall ?

And surprisingly the Volt does it in 2.6 sec. We have an i3 as well and it is definately slower to 30 than the Volt but the i3 then pulls pretty hard from about 15-20 mph up to 50.

I think you’ve mixed up your units here. The LEAF probably does 0-30 kph in 2.9s. Kilometers, not miles.

Anybody know the top speeds of other non-Tesla BEVs?

Mercedes B-Class ED 99mph
Nissan Leaf 93mph
BMW i3 92/93mph
Chevy Spark EV 90mph
Kia Soul EV 90mph
Fiat 500EV 88mph
VW e-Golf 85mph
Ford Focus Electric 85mph
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 80mph
Smart ForTwo EV 78mph


The European Leaf (30) is definitely doing 100mph (=161kmh)

In free fall? Are we speaking top speed, or terminal velocity?

Top speed. The limiter varies by country. I know that here in Ireland my two Leafs (a 2014 and a 2016 30kWh) were electronically limited to 160km/h.

I drove a German Leaf and they were limited to 145km/h.

My 2015 i3 is limited to 152km/h.

Wtf is the reason for that?

Mine is 160kmh too.

Yes, it does 160 on the speedometer, which is grossly overstating the speed, just as the GoM is wildly inflating available range.

Download films? That’s interesting. Does the Bolt/Amper-E have enough memory in the infotainment system to store movies, and if so how many?

Can the infotainment system download while driving? That would be great for long distance trips letting the kids watch movies in the back. It would also be good for when you get stuck at a turtle charger and need something to do while you’re waiting for the charge to finish.

Re the title: These are all Opels, so not really “competitors.”


That is kind of commercials they need for all EVs on TV!!!

SELL by performance!

Good effort by Opel (GM), hope they price it competitively.

Hello Jay Cole

Hyundai Ioniq’s
Electric range has been specified as 110 miles / 176 km and this is published in their website.


Plugin’s electric range has been specified as 25 miles / 40 km


Please publish this.

Kinda weird that they are moving the Ampera name to a pure EV. I was hoping that the new Chevy Volt would be re-introduced into Europe. I still don’t know why it sold so poorly there.

At € 50k (incl 21% VAT) it was way too expensive. About 15k more than the Leaf. Also, the situation is different in Europe, people buy this sort of a car as a family car, and then it needs to seat 3 in the back.

The #2 car in the video (Astra TCR) has the following specs:
-4 cylinder turbo
-330 HP
-300 lb-ft torque
– 5 second 0-60

The Bolt smokes it to 30M (so ~100 feet) by quite a large margin, so pretty impressive.

Plus it seems the Bolt will have “highway passing speed”, which is something most non-Tesa EVs don’t have. 0-30 is nice, but the 30-60 is in comparison quite slow.