Opel Ampera Commercial – Range Claims Taken To The Extremes


Though this isn’t a new Opel Ampera commercial, we admit to never having seen it before now.  So, it’s new to us and hopefully to you too.

Here we see Opel comparing the range of the Ampera to some of the most extreme range records ever recorded.

For example, Will Trubridge descended 101 meter under the surface of the water on a single breath.  That’s just one of the extreme examples of range you’ll see in this Opel Ampera video.  In all honesty, the range achieved by the Opel Ampera seems weak when compared to some of the accomplishments you’ll see.


Ampera Range Claim

Range On One Breath

Range On One Breath

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“Driving electricity further”

Now that’s a catchy slogan! I personally like that much better than the “Electric when you want it, gas when you need it” you tend to hear in Volt commercials.

In retrospect this likely would have been a better advertising strategy for North America. People are so confused by the fact the Volt has an EV range and a total range. No, you aren’t stuck after 35-38 miles.

This is way Ampera is not selling in Europe, very bad commercials and very high price!!!

Tell the people exactly what the car can do (60km EV + 450km gas) and price it fairly GM!


PS. Opel EU if you read this… I think the only cars you sell in large numbers (like Astra) are the one that your commercial can not do any harm regardless of how bad they are.

~40 miles on electric, ~350 miles on gas.


It’s weird seeing them try to make 500 km sound like some kind of record when there are a number of diesels that can go for 2000 km on a tank easily.

Yes, but it is a record for an electric car. Of course, maybe that’s the biggest mistake GM has been making all along – they are telling people how great the Volt is compared to other electric cars, but people aren’t convinced that EVs are great to begin with. They *should* be comparing them to diesels in the EU and hybrids here in the US. The Volt is far superior to the Prius – GM needs to tell people why.

It’s not a record. The plug-in Prius beats that by a large margin.

It should be so easy to market the Volt/Ampera since it has a lot of advantages. But it would have been much smarter to play to it’s strenghts.

The plug-in Prius does not provide the electric driving experience, though. A point which GM completely fails to advertise.

That is true. And there are so many things they could advertise. Puting the money to have a 5 minute infomercial instead of old fashioned commercial would have made a lot of difference.

Not with 10 gallons of diesels for sure.

It’s advertising and that’s an effective story. Achievement and the future all wrapped up in foot-long bun.

You’ve seen Volt Ad with the kid haven’t you? Snooooze.

In the field of slogans: “Driving better electrically.” Just off the top of the old ‘noggin.
Referring to a well known though somewhat dated

Crummy commercial. Not only are the attempted connections a stretch, they miss the point.

The most salient point is this – on a day in, day out basis, the Ampera/Volt goes tremendously further on a gallon/liter of gas than any other car in existence that takes 10 minutes or less to refuel to the max.

I think insinuating that you can drive 500km on electricity in this car is… disingenuous.