OnStar And GM To Research Volts In A Sustainable Community (VIDEO)

JUL 26 2012 BY MIKE 3

OnStar, the global leading provider of connected safety, security, and mobility, and General Motors are teaming up to develop a research method into figuring out how the consumer interacts with the world when it comes to driving patterns and electric usage and how it impacts the “Smart Grid” of Pecan Street: a community program in Austin, Texas which is home to over 1,000 residences AND the world’s first LEED-platinum hospital.


1/3 of the homes in Pecan Street have solar panels

Last September, knowing the basic resident of Pecan Street, GM made 100 Volts available for the community because currently Pecan street has the nation’s highest concentration of EVs for consumers. With OnStar being at the forefront of vehicle connected technology, they wanted to configure out methods involved with charging electric vehicles.


OnStar vice president of Strategy and Business Development Nick Pudar said, “this partnership provides us with a unique opportunity to observe charging details with many real customers in a concentrated setting.” He also added, “we are moving out lab demonstrations into the real world. We’re gathering information for families’ vehicles throughout this community to find out the direct impact the Volt has on the grid and how to get drivers the lowest-possible charging rates. This project will also help us develop future capabilities of the Volt and other plug-in electric vehicles.


Using the recently developed Smart Grip APIs (application programming interfaces) for electric companies and technology firms looking for data, OnStar is hoping to create other programs that help EV owners with grid-relieving solutions including charging via renewable energy, energy demand response, time-of-use rates, and home energy management.


“One of the first demonstration we will test will be to marry home energy consumption data and the Volt’s vehicle consumption to optimize whole-home energy cost and efficiency,” Pudar said. “We’re also excited to leverage our Smart Grid APIs with other partners in this project.”


To learn more about this project and community, check out the GM press release.

Check out a short video from GM to learn more about this project:

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To satisfy my curiosity I need to ask if anyone who actually speaks the English language ever proofreads the articles you publish. I have little faith in the accuracy of anything written as poorly as this.

“Austin, Texas which is home to over 1,000 residence at the world’s first LEED-platinum hospital.”

You are telling me that all these people (or buildings since a residence is a building not a person) live (or have been built in) a hospital.

“Last September, knowing the basic resident of Pecan Street, made 100 Volts available for residence because currently Pecan street has the nation’s highest concentration of EVs for consumers.”

So is Last September a person or a company? It must be an entity of some kind because it knows “the basic resident” of Pecan Street. It knows nothing about any complex residents, however. The Volts were made available to residences instead of residents and I’m curious how many of those residences can drive a car.

How can you expect to be taken seriously when this is what you post on your site?

Sorry I did “at” instead of “and” and forgot “GM”. I appreciate the criticism.

If you are bothered by grammar, this site will drive you nuts. It is largely populated by technical folk, myself included, whose grammar is atrocious. It is however full of great articles on the state of this emerging industry and posses something that is truly difficult to find these days. The information from bloggers, writers and contributors alike is largely free of negative feedback unless it is as yours with need of correction (only with a little less attitude). Everyone here is genuinely trying to educate the public in this rapidly evolving market. So seriously, thank you for grammatical correction, but try and enjoy the wealth of information from one of the most positive sights on the subject of EVs available.
A sample of this writers research. Good stuff