Onewheel Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard! (w/video)

JAN 18 2014 BY MARK KANE 12

Onewheel surfing

Onewheel surfing

We’ve already seen some cool battery-electric skateboards, but boy this is one rides on one wheel – literally.  And its name is Onewheel.

The team behind the project of developing Onewheel has been at it for 5 years now and recently tried to raise some money on >Kickstarter.

As of Thursday, 11-days before the end of the Kicstarter program, they had over $215,000 from a base goal of $100,000 so we’re thinking Onewheel is headed for production.

The more money raised, the more feature Onewheel will have (like an app for smartphones and LED lights).

Onewheel has 500 W in-wheel electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack good for 4-6 miles. Then, standard 2-hour or fast 20-minute recharge is needed.

Onewheel spec

Onewheel spec

Deliveries to Kickstarter backers (from $1,299) should start in second half of the year.

Onewheel in action

Onewheel in action

You can check out the Kickstarter project by clicking here.

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So how long before we start seeing them in the X Games?

i want one!

It’s like someone miraculously scrubbed away the dork-factor from a Segway!

There’s NOTHING dorky about the girl riding that one…..

They also scrubbed away:
Reduced ease of maneuvering and limited rotational depth of turning
Design does not allow for a wide range of mobility impaired riders
No redundancy of power systems for safety
No redundancy of traction system for safety
4 times less range per charge and slower than a Segway

Guess I would rather have a Segway. 🙂

4-6 miles?

It’s not a car, nor a bike. 4-6 miles doing that is a stretch!

I want one, but how does this have a “fast charge” option, this ain’t a car. It’s not like this will charge at more than 120V, I doubt this thing will accept a 240V 16 or 32 amp charge! They mentioned the Tesla, so they’re talking to us. So they should have showed those kind specs in much more detail!l

They mention 4 to 6 miles on a charge, for an item that may be moving up to 250 pounds. Figure that would take maybe a 1/2 Kilowatt Hour battery max, which my Leaf charges at 1.3 Kilowatts per hour, so at a 1.2 to 1.3 Kilowatt rate from a standard 120 outlet that is completely feasible to have a fast charge in 20 minutes, the 2 hour rate would probably charge at a .2 Kilowatt rate.

It is the SoloWheel for the younger generation!

Very cool. I want one. I also want one of the Boosted boards. That one is faster, but this one has a bigger wheel which I expect helps on rougher terrain. I do wish the range was longer.

Thanks for posting the info on this! Very cool concept, my kids are highly intrigued, so is my wife, and myself too! We are now kickstarter backers for this one now ordering one with the high-speed charger. It will be our 2nd Electric Vehicle, Leaf being the first. 🙂