One Of Ten Ford Fusions Sold In November A Plug-In Energi, Sales Up 70% YTD

DEC 6 2016 BY MARK KANE 33

Ford Fusion Energi sales in U.S. – November 2016

Ford Fusion Energi sales in U.S. – November 2016

As one can tell by even a casual glance at the sales chart, the Ford Fusion Energi has great track record of sales growth this year, notching big gains in 10 out of 11 months so far.

Last month’s 1,817 (up 92% year-over-year) is the plug-ins second best ever result, and almost besting June 2014’s 1,939 cars sold!

Through November 14,839 plug-in Ford Fusions have been sold, a gain of 70% from the 8,692 sold through the same time last year.

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi

What’s even more impressive, is that one out of ten Ford Fusions sold in November was plug-in hybrid Fusion Energi…and the petrol Fusion isn’t a niche offering for Ford, its their best selling car, accounting for 44% of all car sales last month.

The 10.3% plug-in share of the model’s sales is new record, that hopefully will become the new base for future growth.

Cumulatively Ford has already sold 42,228 Fusion Energis in the US, which makes it roughly as popular as Toyota Prius PHV (when combined with Prius Prime).

All Ford plug-in car sales combined in the US stands at 81,212 at the end of November – about 39,000 behind the leader GM.  Also of note, Ford’s 2,604 plug-ins sold last month was the best result among all automakers.

Ford Fusion Energi sales in U.S. – November 2016

Ford Fusion Energi sales in U.S. – November 2016

A quick look at the Ford’s plug-in sales proves that the Fusion Energi remains a main force of growth for the company in the segment:

Ford plug-in electric car sales in U.S. – November 2016

Ford plug-in electric car sales in U.S. – November 2016

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Wait, the Ford CEO said there is zero demand for EVs/plug-ins! Yet the Fusion Energi just had its 2nd best month ever. Fields is a douche. Lol


You can buy a 2014 with 40,000 miles for $14,000, half the price after two years.

Think of how many they would sell if it had a trunk!

That would actually require Ford to give more than a half-assed effort to develop a vehicle, which it will only do if it is forced to via ZEV/CAFE requirements.

Ford brass would rather spend time and energy begging the Trump administration to roll back the EPA mandates.

To bad the Ford brass , probably spends half as much spends on flights , dinners and conferences and lobies in Washington DC then on its Energie research and devopment, it’s a waste of shareholders equity and its own work force here in the states. They need to look at there own data warehouse reposts , and speed up on electric 150 PHEV truck and really get the sales moving, even in Taxes they sell if they can compete w the tundra ! And create a cabable Atkinson motor generator for the F150 PHEV

Can you elaborate on trunk? Are you speaking of the older models or the one starting in 2015. I believe 2015 was the start of the new body. I just bought a 2015. It’s not the PHEV but still the trunk is so freakin large, I can’t even put stuff in and reach it sometimes. I presume the batteries take up some trunk space but there is a boat load to give. The trunk could literally be half the size and still be fine.

The 2013 model year started the current generation and the plugin was launched in that redesign. The standard Fusion trunk has 16 cubic feet while the Energi plugin has half that.

If they can shoe horn an additional 4 kWh of pack, they could have a pretty decent PHEV on their hands. Or if they get a new cell chemistry that is 50% more energy dense…
22 EPA miles is just not enough range. Considering the fact that they just went from 20 to 22 miles this past year, I am not holding my breath…

Should be 16KWH . . . maximize the tax-credit.

It really isn’t so bad. 98%+ of my in-town driving is on electricity. (I have a C-Max Energi.)

I hear you Spoon, but my Volt hit 1 mile left on the GuessOMeter last night when I was half a mile from home. I would have hated to see the genset kick on during a normal workday, not a roadtrip day.
Time for my Chicken Little routine?
“Oh my goodness, my Volt pack is failing! I only got 28 electric miles yesterday and I used to get 44 easy!”
The fact that it was cold out & I was carrying passengers who wanted the heat on Comfort couldn’t have anything to do with it. Sarc/
If I had been driving a Ford Fusion Energi I would have been lucky to get to 16 before the gas engine kicked in.

The chassis wasn’t purpose built for the batteries like a Volt or i3 so you can’t add too much or the weight would necessitate a complete re-work of the structural components of the body to hold it. It also would require complete rework of handling, etc. If only adding the couple hundred pounds, then they can largely simply tweak the chassis but not have to sink a hundred million bucks in re-design into two separate hybrid/non-hybrid platforms and ultimately driving the cost structure up. The reason Toyota’s Prius Prime and the Ford Fusion can be offered at such a competitive price is that they still get to use the volume components and build that the rest of the vehicle uses.

You only get 22 miles electric? That’s how much I get in the middle of winter when the temperature is below freezing. In her warmer months, I get around 28-30 in my 2015 energi.

Yawn :/

That could be a MUCH better car if they could get a 16 KWH battery in there. They really need to work on organizing how they arrange their components. Or design a damn PHEV from the ground up.

That’s an impressive result considering how little effort they put into the vehicle. So, to address Scott’s comment about if it had a trunk. Well, Toyota is about to prove that you put a little more effort into your PHEV, it might actually out-sell the main version. While it is true that the Prius Prime has somewhat less cargo area than the regular Prius, it isn’t nearly as drastic. And the cost of the vehicle after tax credit will be the same or less than the regular Prius. So by this time next year, we’ll see if that was a winning strategy.

The Fusion Energi has several weaknesses as a PHEV. The poor placement of the battery is probably the one that hampers sales more than anything else. And the range is… well, mediocre. It could be worse. But it could also be a lot better. I think a good PHEV should have a range at least in the 30s like the original Volt.

Agreed David.

But I think the Prime sales will still be limited by availability (inventory and very limited non-CARB distribution). Otherwise Prime would likely outsell the regular Prius.

Plus no 5th seat will hurt.

Can’t be right… Nobody wanted them, right? Mark told me so.

10% is still tiny though.

We need to show those automakers that there are true demands out there!

We are showing that there is demand, look at the Volt sales.

How can Ford make the Mustang competitive with the Camaro yet they make this POS to compete with the Volt.

It is obvious that they can make a good PHEV, they just don’t want to.

The success of the Fusion PHEV should really be telling GM that they need to BUILD BIGGER PHEVS! Build an SUV, a pick-up, a Malibu, a minivan, etc.

There really should have been a Voltec Malibu rather than the Voltec-lite Malibu they put out.

Even if it lost some space in the trunk packaging the battery like they did in the Cadillac CT6 PHEV it would bet it would easily outsell the Volt even.

It would also bury Fords two PHEV offerings if they kept the true full-power EV mode paired with the 18 kWh battery pack like the Volt.

Ford told me I don’t want a beautiful, affordable, Long Range BEV with an established coast-to-coast Supercharger Network.

Should I cancel my Model 3 Reservation? /s

I see that they are moving production to Mexico, I wonder if that was mentioned in the letter to Trump about the emissions standards?

I’m really disappointed with Ford. The clearly have everything they need to make decent PHEV’s including a number of existing hybrid drive trains yet they appear to be trying to win the game by playing politics rather than putting in a decent engineering effort.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. There really needs to be a mechanism that allows shareholders and employee’s to somehow sue former CEO’s for negligence. Ford did a fairly half cooked conversion on 3 models yet they sell really well. There is no excuse for Ford not putting more effort in here. It is obvious that emissions standards will get stricter and that people want these EV’s they need to get on with it or face the consequences in 5 years time. If I can see it then the CEO should be able to as well.

If the electric fusion energy represent 10,3 percent of the Ford fusions sales and the fusions stands for 44 percent of all sales from Ford it means that the electric Ford Fusion stands for 4.5% of all Ford sales. Add the other electric cars that Ford sales and we probebly ends up about 5%.

So many gadflies; so much hyperbole.
Mebbe Ford has found a little sweet spot for awhile.

Fusion sales are 44% of all Ford sales and Plug-In version has more than 10%. That is cool, that means around 5% of all Ford sales are plugins now. 🙂

That is right for “car” sales, but Ford sells a lot more SUVs/trucks than cars (~44k).

Some extra 65.4k SUVs and 88k trucks were also sold in November, for a total of 197,574 vehicles. Making PEV sales (2,604 total) ~1.3% of the whole.

Still good, but not BMW-like, which leads the traditional OEMs (1,453 PEV sales out of ~26k for 5.5% in November)

So here’s some food for thought. What if all models of all vehicles had a PHEV variant.. does that mean 10% of all vehicles would be PHEV right now?

Some quick searches at my local dealer shows that the incentives on the Fusion Energi SE are $5500 more than a plain SE. Throw in the $4000 tax credit and the Energi is cheaper. We shouldn’t pretend there’s some huge demand for the Energi version – it’s all based on the incentives. How many of them are going to be plugged in regularly?

I plug in My 2013 every day sometimes twice and I have 46k with 30k all electric miles on it. Maybe more than you think will plug it in.

Was told by Ford Credit employee this spring they were getting Fusion Energi’s. So if it has high fleet sales then that would explain it.