One Day’s Worth of Tesla Model S Deliveries in Norway – Video


We reckon the Tesla Model S continues to be hugely popular in Norway.

Model S Delivery Norway

Model S Delivery Norway

This video shows a day’s worth of Model S deliveries at  Tesla Motors Drammen in Norway.

Nearly as far as the eye can see, there are Model S EVs lined up.

Tesla continues to pump Model S EVs into Norway to satisfy demand.  However, what was once a six-month wait period is now reportedly down to only 2 weeks there.

Either Tesla is moving up Norway deliveries (giving Norwegian buyers preference over other countries) or demand for the Model S is shrinking.

Whatever the case, Tesla is still selling its Model S sedan at a remarkable rate.

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Impressive. They have enough cars there to look like a traditional dealership with a lot of stock to sell!

Wait for the official numbers from norway.
Everybody will be suprised, especially for march registration.
The demand is….

it seems to be almost 1500 model s deliverys to norway in march alone.,13330.120.html#lastPost

one unoficial figure is 1481

sorry, it seems like they just pased 1500, but it is still unsertain (the tesla forum norway is estimating by counting registration no. (depends if they got 18 more today or not)

When this continues, you will have to deal with waiting lines at the Superchargers.

I want to breathe the air in Norway, because the air in my neighborhood stinks with 99.8% of the vehicles passing by are powered by infernal combustion.

Wow I have never seen too many Teslas together

Teslas, Teslas, rolly polly Teslas. Eat them them up. Yum! 😀

I was in Tilburg today, they were delivering 49 cars. Amsterdam delivered 8 and The Hague a few, according to Tesla Employees. It seems sales in the Netherlands are still strong,

oil rich people buying EVs. Smart people planning for the future.

This would be my worst nightmare if I were the Shell Gas station owner across the street from this place.

I have never seen so many Teslas in one place before that it almost looks like it’s photo shopped.

I counted 143! With 135k Norwegian price only 19.3 million dollars in value! LOL