Once Again: Green Stickers For PHEVs Max Out In California

DEC 24 2015 BY JAY COLE 16

The proverbial ‘lump of coal’ for all California buyers of plug-in hybrid vehicles this Christmas, is a recent announcement by CARB (California Air Resources Board) that all of the “green sticker” allotment has been exhaust.

The alternative fuel vehicle program allows single-occupant use of all High Occupancy Vehicle (HOVs) lanes in the state for qualifying cars; which can be a very big incentive to buy the technology by itself.

And, if it seems like we just recently reported that the green stickers had expired…we did just 6 months ago, before it was expanded (again) by another 15,000 units – up to 85,000 units.  Which means 15,000 PHEVs, such as the Chevrolet Volt and BMW i3 REx, have been sold in a relatively short amount of time.

To Date, The Chevrolet Volt Is The Most Registered PHEV For The Green HOV Sticker

To Date, The Chevrolet Volt Is The Most Registered PHEV For The Green HOV Sticker

States CARB this week:

“As of December 18, 2015 the Green Clean Air Vehicle Decal limit of 85,000 has been reached.

As the plug-in incentive program was slated to originally only dispense 40,000 stickers, but was augmented on a couple of occasions thereafter, the expectation of PHEV buyers (and CARB it would seem) is that it will likely be bumped again (despite there being no concrete plans at the moment to enact that change).

“The DMV will continue to accept applications without payment to establish a queue for requesters should an additional amount of decals be authorized.  There is no guarantee that additional decals will be authorized in the coming months.  Those individuals in the queue will be notified to submit payment if additional decals are approved.”


Endless White Stickers For All-Electric Vehicles, Such As The Tesla Model S And Nissan LEAF, Are Available Over The Next 3 Years (photo via Mark Z)

The “white stickers“, given out to all-electric (BEV) vehicles, have no hard cap on the amount issued, as the zero emission status of the EVs is congruent with the ultimate design for future transportation in the state.  The expiry calendar date for the white stickers was recently extended to January 1, 2019.

To date 92,480 white stickers have been given out.

In other news, the Sonata PHEV was recently added to the Green sticker eligibility list.  /tough break Hyundai

Hat tip to Sven!


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It’s time to let it go and freeze PHEV HOV stickers. With DCFC, BEV should be more encouraged.

Couldn’t disagree more. However, the rules should be tightened to exclude the weaker PHEVs that are likely to be running on gasoline most of the time (Cough, Prius Plugin) For example, why should a BMW i3 Rex not be allowed a sticker, when is obvious that car will be driven on EV power almost as much as an i3 BEV.

With the upcoming 200+ miles range EV for the masses, we need to clear up HOV lanes. Currently, they’re way too crowded. Taking PHEV off would be one way to do it. Also take out other non BEV such as Nat Gas and FCEV, although they are rare enough already.

DMV could have learned from its previous experience – only allocate a sticker to vehicles that have been “sold” (leased). Greedy dealers snap up all the stickers to goose their profits.

Oooh, get the icky green stickers out of my lane…..

The HOV lane/sticker is a joke. On my 15mi round-trip commute on CA-134 the HOV lanes are always filled with one passenger ICE’s. In my experience this is the norm for all HOV lanes. If CA ever decided to aggressively police the HOV lanes they could making a killing.

Here in San Jose, they police the lanes actively. I recall one time on the flyover bridge from 85 to 87, I saw cars that were coming around the curve suddenly diving out of the diamond lane into the right lane. When I also came around the curve I saw why: there was a line of cars pulled over being ticketed at the metering light at the bottom of the ramp.

Nope, here they are pretty draconian about it, actually.

Your local police may just be setting them up for a big round up. What a great way to bring in a lot of cash. Just pull over those 1 passengers ICEs and collect around $300 a piece.

I know insideevs have no control of ads, but it’s funny that ads today is Kia Forte, Soul, Optima as if I’m going to drive over priced, under performing, over blown putt-putt gas golf cart. 😉

They should modify the problem to remove all PHEVs that are under 40 miles of EV range.

That was so last generation.

Agreed. The Prius plug-in being on the green sticker list with its’ 11-mile EV range is an absolute joke.

Time to tighten up the rules.

No new PHEV sticker unless
1) can go 65mph on electricity alone; and
2) Get EPA rating of at least 40 miles on electricity.

Anything less . . . no sticker.

No stickers for four letter words.

As a complete outsider, I say they should take the cap off the phev’s and double the number of lanes. I’d rather have pip’s than pickups, squeeze out the non-plugins!

I think a good ratio to aim for by 2020 would be 3 hov lanes to 1 ice lane.

Stickers are ugly and detract from the vehicle. California should go with green license plates instead

I live in rural Ohio and have never seen or heard of a hov lane. What is the purpose?