On Heels of Model S Success, Tesla Motors Announces Retail Expansion in Europe


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors choose the grounds of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show to reveal that future plans call for an extensive expansion in Europe.

Sample Tesla Store

Sample Tesla Store.  This One is Not in Europe

Banking on the initial success of the Model S, which will be delivered to European customers starting in July, Tesla says retail stores will open this year throughout Europe.  Future Tesla stories include locations in Brussels, Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam.  Service centers will open this year in Geneva, Frankfurt, Brussels, Hamburg and Vienna.

More retails stores will open across Europe in 2014.

Here’s what Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, had to say of the automaker’s expansion in  Europe:

“The European market is very well suited to the design intent behind our vehicles. Our focus is to combine design, engineering and performance with a forward-looking influence towards clean energy and sustainability.  This year will be one of tremendous growth and expansion throughout Europe in some of Tesla’s most important markets, including Germany, Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands. Final commitments are all in place and we look forward to Model S deliveries beginning this summer.”

Europeans will not get a crack at the cheapest (40-kWh version) Model S.  Only the 60-kWh and 85-kWh versions will reach European turf.

Euro-pricing varies based on country, but here’s a look a some sample Model S prices in Europe:

  • In the Netherlands, the entry level Model S (in this case, now the 60-kWh version)  starts at €72,600 ($96,100 USD) , while the 85-kWh starts at  €83,150 ($110,000).
  • In Germany, the 60-kWh version starts at €71,400 ($94,500), and the 85-kWh version at €81,750 ($108,000).
  • Again, in Germany, the 85-kWh Signature starts  €101, 400 ($134,200 USD) and the Signature Performance from  €110,950 ($146,800 USD).

Check out this post for more details on the Tesla Model S’ Euro-pricing structure and rollout schedule.

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Dang.. and they can’t even put a store in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area?

I expected the prices to be higher there, what with the cost to export and VAT, but the countries also have various EV incentive programs. I understand that some are quite substantial, but do they have qualifications like “built in the EU”? How does the net price compare with other high end European sedans?

It is a large car for European roads, price is probably not an issue for highly paid green EU bureocrats