OK Go Video Features Honda UNI-Cub β, Rocks Our Socks

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OK Go Opening Scene

OK Go “I Won’t Let You Down” Opening Scene



You know we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the hottest viral band videos, and so the OK Go video that just went live (directed by Morihiro Harano) was so two days ago, right?

But what’s that we spy?  A strange and enticing little scooter thing?  That, dear readers, is the Honda UNI-Cub β, an electric, “personal mobility device” that Honda launched last November, with balance control technology and an omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) developed from Honda’s research into humanoid robots.

Specs?  Of course we have specs.

Specifications of UNI-CUB β

Size (L x W x H) 510 x 315 x 620 mm
Seat height 620 mm
Weight 25 kg
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Maximum speed 6 km/h
Traveling range 6 km (approximately 1.5 hours at the speed of 4 km/h)
Application environment Barrier-free indoor environments

And here’s the video:

If you’d like to read more about OK Go and their pretty remarkable work, plus some detailed explanations on how the video was shot, take a look at the Billboard story, “OK Go Deconstruct Their Drone-Filmed ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ Video“.  There they also explain that Honda helped pay for the production.

Here’s (most of) the press release:

“The band has earned worldwide attention for its music as well as for the release of unique music videos, including the 2007 Grammy-winning video for “Here It Goes Again.” In this latest music video, OK Go members ride Honda’s innovative UNI-CUB β in totally synchronized maneuver in harmony with dancers to thanks to free and omni-directional moves unique to the UNI-CUB β.

“The UNI-CUB β is a new personal mobility device featuring balance control technology and Honda’s proprietary driving wheel system that originates from the research into humanoid robots, represented by ASIMO. These technologies allow a UNI-CUB β rider to move forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally as freely as walking, simply by shifting body weight and leaning toward the intended direction. OK Go members, famous for their creative music videos, were inspired by the unique concept and maneuvers of the UNI-CUB β, leading to the realization of this collaboration.

“OK Go filmed this video in Japan for the first time using entertaining video filming methods such as the non-stop filming of the entire video as well as use of a multi-copter customized especially for the filming of this music video.”

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6 responses to "OK Go Video Features Honda UNI-Cub β, Rocks Our Socks"

  1. Anon says:

    Sorry, but the Segway still has better range (24 miles), speed (12.5 mph) and an ability to even take LA potholes full speed and remain balanced.

    1. Ted Dillard says:

      Segways are soooooo 2001 😉

      1. Anon says:

        The gen ones, are 2001. The i-series are 2008, and the SE series are 2014.

        Try the Lean Steer. You’ll love it. 😉

    2. Ted Dillard says:

      If you’re serious about comparing specs, (and let’s throw cost in too), something as basic as the Razor Ecosmart Metro trumps Segway, all things considered. See this chart:


      …and this story I did in ’07


      1. Tyler says:

        I just purchased a ’14 Zero SR. They are up to 131 miles (combined) with 300,000+ miles estimate before battery drops to 80% capacity. Was a hefty $16K, but well worth it as a commuter in my opinion.

  2. ffbj says:

    Cool, and a tip of the hat to Busby Berkeley.