Ohio Joins In On $3,000 Discount Offer On 2018 Nissan LEAF

Electric Car Rebate


AEP Ohio, American Electric Power (AEP) company, also announced a $3,000 off discount on the Nissan LEAF price for its Ohio-based customers.

The deal comes from Nissan North America, who promoted its electric car in this way with other electricity providers too:

In the case of AEP Ohio, the rebate is available through June 30.

2018 Nissan LEAF (wallpaper 2,560x – click to enlarge)

“AEP Ohio customers are eligible to receive a $3,000 discount on the purchase of an all-electric 2018 Nissan LEAF bought at participating Ohio Nissan dealerships. The promotion expires June 30, 2018, or while supplies last, and cannot be combined with any other Nissan special lease, APR or rebate.”

Customers will need to show proof of eligibility by providing a copy of a current AEP Ohio bill.

“AEP Ohio has proposed expanding the availability of electric vehicle charging stations through its grid modernization efforts. The proposal includes a mix of public, workplace and fast chargers to be installed as part of the Smart Columbus project. This demonstration program will inform efforts to expand charging availability in other areas.”

“For a list of participating dealers and more information on the Nissan LEAF, click on AEPOhio.com/DriveElectric.”

Julie Sloat, president and chief operating officer of AEP Ohio said:

“Recognizing the success of last year’s offer, Nissan is making it easier for our customers to make the switch to an electric vehicle. Getting more people behind the wheel of all-electric vehicles will help our customers save money and helps create a healthier environment. A win-win.”

Mark Patton, vice president, smart cities for The Columbus Partnership said:

“AEP Ohio has been a leader in showing our communities that electric vehicles are the vehicles of the future, demonstrating that they’re exciting to drive, convenient to use, affordable to own and better for the environment. We’re delighted to see Nissan and AEP Ohio once again join together to make the Nissan LEAF an even more attractive option for Ohio residents.”

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Fkers, come a little bit north to First Energy area.

Baltimore’s BGE also has the $3,000 discount from MSRP. Nissan dealers are discounting from MSRP already so do you still get the $3,000 if the local dealer is offering a $4,000 discount already?

Yes, the $3k discount comes off whatever best price a buyer can work out with the dealer.


It’s my contention that Nissan decided on V2G battery due to the way utilities, governments, would receive it. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that only the Leaf is getting these extra incentives from the utilities. It makes sense, it could help to stabilize the grid and with more chargers you sell electricity, which is what they are really after.

Nissan is desperate to move metal as their sales are way down in the U.S. almost 50%.In addition they are equally desperate to dump as many older model 2018 Leafs, the ones with the battery throttling design problems, and lack of ATMS, plus a battery pack due to be replaced, as they can. Thus the rather fast approaching deadline. Their cover story was always diaphanous, but now even their staunches defenders, should be able to See Through, their methodology.
Collusion? You decide, but in a good way.

If you really want a Leaf, wait, like many are for the Fall.
Or not, as your circumstances, mild climate, few long runs, and you live in CA, OH, Canada, [(14k) not mild though] or any other states that give you extra incentives.

Whats OH? Cause to me thats Ohio

It’s not only the Leaf getting these extra incentives, utilities are glad to give it to whichever company feels like putting cash on the hood for their cars. For example, the $10k off an i3 is still ongoing.

Not sure the utility actually pays anything in the end. Given you can’t use other Nissan rebates along with the utility rebate. I assume Nissan must pay the utility something, otherwise this would an addition to anything else Nissan offers.

Of course it’s from the dealer, why would a utility do that? Even the $450 Edison rebate for owning an ev in CA actually comes form the state if you follow the money.