Ohio Considers $500 Sales Tax Reduction on Plug-In Vehicles


Ohio to Become More EV Friendly

Ohio to Become More EV Friendly

The state of Ohio is now considering joining the growing list of US states that offer some sort of incentive for purchasing plug-in vehicles.

Ohio to Slash EV Sales Tax by $500

Ohio to Slash EV Sales Tax by $500

In Ohio, the plan is to provides a $500 sales tax break for purchasing plug-in vehicles.

Sure, $500 isn’t much, but it’s way more than $0.

As Biz Journals reports:

“State tax breaks are in the works to boost purchases of vehicles that run on natural gas or electricity, much to the delight of alternative fuel fans in Ohio.”

“State Reps. Sean O’Brien, D-Hubbard, and Dave Hall, R-Millersburg, said they will introduce a bill to provide tax incentives for buying or converting vehicles to compressed natural gas and a $500 sales tax reduction for purchasing an electric vehicle.”

“The incentives would be funded by taxes already paid by oil and gas companies operating in Ohio.”

“Hall and O’Brien said there is bipartisan support for bill with 60 legislators indicating they will sign on as cosponsors.”

We think Ohio ought to ax the natural gas incentive and maybe just forge ahead by doubling the plug-in one.  That’s not gonna happen, but natural gas surely ain’t as green as the plug.

Source: Biz Journals

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Looks like sales tax is more complicated in Ohio. I wonder who will get less $ now, the state or the local municipalities?

“The Ohio (OH) state sales tax rate is currently 5.75%. Depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as high as 8.0%.”

chump change. why even bother?

Every little bit helps. That would take about $10 to $15 off of your monthly payment on a 36-month lesae.

Only seen ONE Leaf in NW Ohio after being here for three months. Then again, there is absolutly NO public charging infrastructure here to promote their increased use. Used to see 10-15 of them a day, in Santa Monica. *Sighs*

Ohio is unfortunately run by short term thinking conservatives, so I’m actually shocked at the $500 tax incentive.

Better a tiny bit than nothing. But still, $500 is a bit insulting. I got a $250 rebate on my washing machine from the water utility. Ohio can’t afford more than this? Is it really going to make an EV prospect say, “Boy, this rebate makes the difference, I’m going to go ahead and buy the EV and save $500.”

The point of a rebate or tax credit is to provide an incentive to purchase. This provides no incentive.