Oh What A Model 3 Tweetstorm It Was: Compliments Of Tesla CEO Elon Musk


MAR 25 2017 BY EVANNEX 98

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 on public road


It’s been fairly quiet on the Model 3 front… that is, until now. Yesterday, Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter in order to provide a few updates on the Tesla Model 3 (and a few other Tesla-related matters). Musk was quick to answer lots of Tesla Model 3 questions that have been on future owners’ minds. He even released a video preview of a Tesla Model 3 release candidate.

Above: Elon Musk gives us a quick clip of a new Tesla Model 3 release candidate (Twitter: @elonmusk)

Musk’s video snippet generated lots of buzz (and conjecture) that the design of the vehicle was tweaked ever-so-slightly. Were there changes to the tail lights, maybe a redesigned nose, or a higher back? It’s so hard to tell in this video clip. One thing is for sure — this is the first gloss back Model 3 we’ve ever seen… and it look stunning. Check out the video and see if you notice any differences between this release candidate and prior prototypes. More importantly, in order to organize Elon Musk’s rampant tweeting yesterday into a constructive summary for you, check out our ‘Tweet Storm’ round-up below…

*This article comes to us courtesy of Evannex (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Tesla Model 3 won’t beat the Tesla Model S

Musk went to great lengths to differentiate the two vehicles. He started off his Tweet Storm off by explaining that he’s been: “noticing that many people think Model 3 is the ‘next version’ of a Tesla, like iPhone 2 vs 3. This is not true. Model 3 is just a smaller, more affordable version of Model S w less range & power & fewer features. Model S has more advanced technology.” He also clarified the Model 3 and Model S positioning within the auto industry: “Model 3 is like a BMW 3 series or Audi A4. Model S is like BMW 5 and 6 series, but much faster, more storage space + Autopilot.”

Tesla Model S

The almighty Model S will still reign supreme in Tesla’s vehicle line-up according to Musk

Musk continued to discuss the Model S: “The Model S produced today is arguably version 4 [of the car]. Let me put it this way: it is the car I will keep driving even after Model 3 arrives… Only Model S will have the seven seater option, more cargo space, plus higher range, acceleration, two screens vs one, auto extend handles.” And, in terms of speed, Musk responded to a question regarding sub-11.0 second 1/4 mile runs, and remarked that you’d still need a Model S to achieve that kind of speed: “Yes. Model S will always be the fastest Tesla until next gen Roadster, which is a few years away.”

Clarifying why it’s named Tesla Model 3

He clarified why Tesla’s newest, lower-priced vehicle is called Model 3: “Model 3 was going to be called Model E, for obvious dumb humor reasons, but Ford sued to block it, so now it is S3X. Totally different :)” So, why’d he name it Model 3 if there was bound to be brand confusion? Musk poked fun at himself and answered: “Because I was a dumb idiot and didn’t realize at the time that it would cause confusion.” And, the upcoming Model Y will take the line-up to a whole new level…


Tesla’s line-up will soon spell S3XY (Image: Elon Musk News)

RWD deliveries first, then dual motor options (up to 75kWh pack size max)

One of the biggest pieces of news came from Musk’s revelation that rear wheel drive vehicles would be launched first stating that there would be a dual motor option but deliveries on those configurations would follow later: “Yes, but not until next year.” Hmmm… but why not launch with the dual motor configurations first? Musk explained, “we are minimizing configuration complexity to keep the production ramp on schedule. RWD only for early production, just like Model S.” How long will it take for those that want dual motor configurations? Musk forecasted that those who were “first in line for dual motor [will get their cars] as soon as we can make it, which is probably in 6 to 9 months.”

When would the “P” performance versions of the Model 3 start deliveries? Musk explained: “Yeah, probably a year from now. [Model] S will still win on acceleration though, due to having more space for a larger battery.”When asked if there could be a Model 3 P100D, he replied,”The shorter wheelbase only allows for a 75 kWh pack in Model 3 at current cell/module energy densities.” Another follower asked whether Model 3 would match Chevy Bolt’s range (238 miles per charge). “Oh so little faith,” Musk snickered.

No HUD, it’s gonna be one-screen in the Tesla Model 3

Many (including ourselves and top brass at the Model 3 Owners Club) have predicted a head’s up display. Musk seemed to shoot down this possibility as a follower asked: “so does this mean no heads up display in Model 3? How will Tesla handle speedometer and Instrument Cluster information?” Musk answered: “The more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need. How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?”

Above: Trev Page from Model 3 Owners Club provides an informative overview of yesterday’s news (Youtube: Model 3 Owners Club)

When asked about new tech in the 3, Musk again played it down and stated, “Nothing majorly new that a consumer would notice. Lots of new tech in the design and production process though.” He emphasized, “It [the Model 3] still has one display.” However, Musk did reconfirm that Autopilot will be available on the Model 3. With autopilot sensors on all new cars, he noted: “All Tesla cars built since Oct last year will be capable of self-driving as software improves.” Although not tech-related, Musk confirmed that Model 3 would be compatible with roof racks that could carry items 60-100 pounds.

What else is coming from Tesla

If you were wondering when the Tesla Model Y would be coming, Musk forecasted that “Model Y is coming too in a few years.” And another follower told him, “can’t wait to see a Tesla Semi truck beat sports cars at 0-60.” Musk replied, “No problem :)” And although it’s not Model 3 related, Musk did confirm software update 8.1 was coming next week and Tesla would “start taking orders in April” for its Solar Roof product.


*Source: Elon Musk / Twitter

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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No instrument cluster for sure then? Well, he just confirmed that I won’t be buying one.. I’ll stick with my 2017 Volt..

So much bluster, over the lack of a Tesla model 3 instrument cluster. Many will happily step in front of you in line, as we patiently wait. Your Volt will serve you well, and thanks for giving up your spot!

“Clustet Bluster”. 😉

“David is a MAD Musker Fluster!”

What’s with the 1?

Just don’t happily step in front of a Model 3, when you see its driver looking to the right.

To me, this is as compulsive a self-dare as the falcon wing doors. He’s fostering an image, and giving people who like to drive, and drive safely, a swift kick.

It is frustrating to see a guy like Elon Musk reinforce the negative image people already have about EVs. They can do so much more than he allows.

This seems unnecessarily negative to me. Other cars, notably the Prius (or at least some versions) have a center-mounted instrument cluster. Do you think all Prius drivers are unsafe drivers?

Personally I don’t like the idea, but so far as I know most people can get used to flicking their gaze to the right, instead of down, to check the speedo and other instrument cluster gauges.

Personally I’d rather have an instrument cluster in the traditional location, but Prius sales don’t seem to have suffered from a center-mounted instrument cluster, and I see no reason to think sales of the Tesla Model 3 will, either.

Still hoping for an optional HUD in the M3.

Update: Just saw another of Elon’s tweets on Electrek:

“It [the Model 3] still has one display”, in context meaning only one display.

It now appears pretty definite the M3 won’t have a HUD, or at least not initially. 🙁


I was responding in kind, to this:

Elon, “The more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need. How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?”

Says everything about where his head is. Each of us has the baggage that makes us want a car. This seems an unnecessary test with the feedback he had. I admit part of it may be the realization he needs Model S demand to stick around. With more models in the line, this is exactly the kind of thing that helps inspire upgrade. But, again, we see he isn’t treating the desire for driver tools as anything to aspire to.

I think you will find in a Prius the console cluster is still in line with where it would be traditionally, so the eye level movement is still very minimal and peripheral vision still has eyes on the road. The M3 appears to have the central screen significantly lower than traditional console level, so peripheral vision definitely would not be on the road. It will be interesting to see and drive.

Don’t forget that the Prius has a HUD since 2009….

That could be a deal breaker for me too 🙁

Any one looking at instrument cluster when pedestrians are walking around is already a menace. Remember your vision is not just about direction. It’s focusing distance as well

It’s there, you just have to look to the right and down, instead of just down.

I guess I’m still young, as I can handle change. 😉

I love the whole ideal of minimalism in Tesla’s. Every time I rent a car, there are so many nobs and buttons all over the instrument console, and the steering wheel. It’s a mass of confusion. But the moment I sat in a Model S, and looked at that amazing screen, everything was logical and easy to understand.

Elon like Steve Jobs, is a genius in my book. He created something that should have been transformed a long time ago. This is the way it should be. Just like Space X’s landing rockets.

It also simplifies the car manufacturing, and way less items to break down, but with the major downside that the single screen is most likely a critical part to the function of the car.


Why not just buy tokens?

Seems like the Model 3 is basically like a striped version of the Model S (like a cheaper iPhone being launched after the expensive one)

The 3 hype rocket lost some altitude and came closer to earth and all those Bolts driving around the surface. 🙂

Really? I don’t see any stripes 🙂

Maybe he likes to have his vehicles given the once-over by a car striper. 😉

While I was disappointed in the lack of a HUD, I had to step back and look at my priorities again.

1) All Electric Vehicle
2) One of the best, if not the best battery chemistry out there for performance/degradation
3) Long range (option for roughly 300 mile range pack)
4) Price low $40K range
5) Fun to drive (will be Camaro fast)
6) Great safety (we’ve been given assurance that it will be)
7) AWD (All Wheel Drive) for winter
8) Nationwide SuperCharger network
9) An appealing “normal car” design, not some crazy door configuration with an ugly exterior
10) Hatchback flexibility

9 out of 10 isn’t bad, and #10 is more of a want than need. Anything outside of 1-9 is icing on the cake for me. I even consider AutoPilot a gadget aka icing.

I agree Rich, with everything you said, except #5. To me, the HUD was not going to be icing though. Even as an Option, it would have been worth paying for. Just have to wait and see what the final product is like.

I’ve been watching this feedback happen across several sites. I think there’s a huge opportunity for an aftermarket solution.
Musk certainly has a high priority future feature to add into his models.

Musk is keeping it simple with model 3 to produce many units quickly.

For Europe not to forget long distance wireless charge. If you can have OTA updatte, why not charge also ? As for the Balkans, Tesla, make sure to include CD radio, we like to have a hard copy , of everything !

Well, David Murray, the whole point of the “3” was similar to the BOlt EV: Make a decent BEV for an affordable price: – even $50,000 for the first loaded RWD only models is still cheaper than their other cars.

They want one small circuit board that has (I’m guessing – but that’s the way I’d do it) all the fusing and relaying for the cabin and, essentially other than the parking brake button and 4way flasher button, absolutely everything else will be on the touch screen, since software is free once you amortize that over 330,000 vehicles.

If you don’t like the plain dashboard you can always paint flowers on it or something.

Looking at that huge monitor jutting out on the dash makes me wonder about it blocking climate control vents on the dash

Have you heard of DashCommand? It basically allows you to take any apple or android device (phone or tablet) and make it into a fully customized instrument cluster. It pairs to a bluetooth or wifi odb2 connector. It’s pretty cool. There’s a community where you share your dashboards http://www.dashxl.net/forum/index.php

I don’t really believe all this crap about riding in a taxi and no proper console. Autopilot is an option, ergo not all will have it.
Ok, so they don’t want the M3 to take away from MS, so at what point do they introduce the next big thing? Mazda has a heads up display that they added to their vehicles, all at the same time, pretty simple, but effective. So M3 is a new platform that has the potential to do something wow factor, and sounds like they missed it, all because they couldn’t do a heads up display update into the MS/X? Sounds a bit weak, actually.
Some commentators have suggested the M3 could have a new toy to wow us, this could easily have been it, and relatively easy to update into MS/X at the same time.

I also don’t get that self driving taxi thing, I want an ev car not an ev taxi and if I ever take the auto pilot option it is to serve as a backup not as a main mode. So yes some speed info is needed to keep track of the car speed according to the local limit and you need to look at it all the time not at all almost never like in a taxi.
This said, let’s wait till the final presentation and we will see what is exactly on it.

This is big news. I thought the first cars would be loaded …ie “P” and “D” with a fancy HUD as an option.

Looks like they will be slower non “P”, rear wheel drive cars with no HUD.

Hmmm…kind of a let down IMO.

I think the strategy is to get the early adopters to buy the no frills version to be “first” then in a year or two trade up to the loaded version. the only thing better than getting someone to buy your product is to get them to buy 2 of your products. I just hope used S and X prices start dropping hard as Model 3 lessens demand. One can dream

No, I think he hinted that the strategy is to release a simpler version of the car to cut development time and stick to schedule.

Also a good move to reduce the number of issues reported.

“I just hope used S and X prices start dropping hard as Model 3 lessens demand.”

I wouldn’t count on it, as Tesla’s strategy has generally been to keep adding new features every year without raising the price, rather than lowering the price.

If you want a lower-cost Model S or X, then buy one from Tesla’s CPO (used car) program.

I think you missed his point – he said used (which CPO is one way to get used). I fully expect used S prices to plummet once the Model 3 deliveries ramp up. Particularly anything pre-AP would have to fall in price compared to what they go for now.

Since he made the comparison to the Model S, that suggests that the first RWD’s will come with the largest battery option only. The same as the initial Model S cars.

It will be interesting what other options will be required in the first cars.

interesting thought Nix. It makes sense since he will want to ship the first cars with a higher price tag.

First buyers could get an almost 300 mile EV.

I wonder if the smaller battery versions will still retain 75 kwh’s worth of cells and just be derated .

Tesla would get hammered if it started with a car that costs more than $35,000 (which a 75kWh battery car would).

Tesla has stated, clearly and repeatedly, that it will give production priority to higher trim levels of the car. I don’t know if that means Tesla will start out by offering only the larger battery pack, as Nix suggests, but certainly it is not going to start with the stripped-down, no-frills $35k trim level.

As far as Tesla getting “hammered” for that, well we’ve already seen a lot of complaints that if you want a “base” Model 3, then you’re quite likely going to have to wait at least a couple of years or so. Tesla doesn’t seem very concerned about that, and why should they be? After all, demand for the car will almost certainly exceed supply, and exceed it by quite a bit, for at least the first two years of production, and quite possibly longer.

Seems like​ Elon made the decision to “simplify” (decontent) the launch of the Model 3 so that he could meet his ambitious timeline. People that waited in line expecting to be able to pick up their P75DLs must be disappointed.

No AWD, no HUD…. seems like the 3 hype train suffered a slight derailment.

How is the AWD and HUD in your car working for you?

Don’t need AWD, and my 2nd display behind the steering wheel (that the Model 3 lacks) works just fine thank you. 🙂

I see, so what you consider a huge deal for Tesla (simply a later production date for features) you think is no problem for your favorite EV that will never offer it.

Got it.

Please proceed, mr. foo-in-mouth. Don’t let me stop you, you are doing so well for yourself….



Wait, those people aren’t getting their cars?!

Maybe by next spring?

That’s funny, because you’ve been part of the FUD squad claiming nobody was going to get any Model 3’s until around 2019…


One good thing. If you don’t want one of the first cars but don’t want to give up your place in line then order the “D”.

I will, anyway, at least because of the improved highway efficiency, not to mention faster acceleration and better handling/traction control.

Musk said:
“Model 3 is like a BMW 3 series or Audi A4. Model S is like BMW 5 and 6 series, but much faster, more storage space + Autopilot.”

. . . and without the luxury interior of the BMW cars.

“And, in terms of speed, Musk responded to a question regarding sub-11.0 second 1/4 mile runs, and remarked that you’d still need a Model S to achieve that kind of speed: ‘Yes. Model S will always be the fastest Tesla until next gen Roadster, which is a few years away.'”

The BMW 3 Series is just as fast (if not faster in lower trim levels) as the BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series in the quarter mile and in 0 to 60 mph times. I can see how people expected the Model 3 to be as fast as a Model S.


You’ve seen the production interior?! Or is that an assumption from the nether regions!

I take it that you’ve been inside a Model S, but never been inside a BMW 5 or 6 Series.

I’ve been inside a Model S. I’ve been inside luxury cars. The Model S is a bit spartan compared to the typical luxury car, but the quality of the materials and the “fit and finish” were certainly what I would describe as luxurious.

YMMV, but let’s not mistake FUD from an anti-Tesla troll like Sven for an honest opinion.

I agree. I find the interior of the 6 series especially gaudy and poor in function. I’m not sure what the “luxury” is of having buttons everywhere, seemingly randomly placed. And I don’t know what is up with some of their interior color choices, like their bordello red leather that only a Russian mob would buy (to hide the blood stains).

You have to practically grope your passenger to reach over and run the iDrive controller. A system that has been widely panned by both owners and professional reviews, where the best compliment seems to be “the new version isn’t at all as horrible as it used to be”.

Besides, I hate run-flat tires. Whoever thought those were a “luxury” is crazy. I’ve owned 4 BMW in the States, and 1 overseas, but not in recent years because they’ve grown in a completely different direction than my tastes. The best thing about the i3 is that it at least doesn’t have those silly run-flats.

Very interesting indeed about the P and D cars coming later. My buddies and I who are all “car guys” bought Teslas because of the performance as much (or more) than anything else. Our motivation for Model 3 consideration was to get an electric BMW M3 variant of sorts…pushing the “highest performing cars” out later is a bummer.
It is, however, consistent with what other car makers do to keep interest high in new products throughout their life cycle (i.e. introduce the regular car first, sports and specila variants later, convertible versions, etc.).

It sounds like many of the fans that thought they were getting a smaller Model S at half price are going to be disappointed.

Who the hell buys a taxi?? If I’m driving, I want info. Anyhow, to each their own. Maybe someday Tesla will build a car that suits me, works for me and I can afford.

The Elon tweetstorm was definitely aimed towards tempering unrealistic expectations of the Model 3 fanatics.

Agree — there were some serious unrealistic expectations.

I’m disappointed about the dash, but we’ll have to see what the Real Thing is like. I have no interest in Autopilot, so now I wonder if drivers like me will be starved for information.

But I’m happy about the RWD since that’s all I want, and didn’t want to be forced to buy more bling than necessary.

Murrysville PA by chance?

Cop: Do you know how fast you were going son?
Driver: No, I don’t look at the gauges on a taxi so why would I in this car.

It is stupid comments like this that really irk me. Tesla doesn’t offer autonomous driving so you actually need to look at the instrument cluster periodically. Making you look right and down forces you to take your eyes off the road which isn’t safe. I wish this guy could put his ego away and build a car that coverss people’s actual needs.

When the speed is displayed the top left corner of that display, it’s inches away from where the front console would be, so I don’t see what the big deal is.

I just checked some pictures, and I think the speed is easier to see on the M3, than it is in many cars. The left top corner of the screen is even above the dash!

I didn’t like the off-center speedo of the Prius and I don’t like this either.

This is supposed to be a TESLA, not a car made by Mickey Mouse. Showing the speed on the flat screen is sooo amateur!!

The nose was redesigned no question about that. More integrated front fascia.
I think they did some work on the trunk too, but not gleaned from this video.

Musk was the driver, I think, in case anyone cares.

I need a car that has the ability to tow, can not see why the Model S does not tow. Hope the Model 3 will.

In general, sedans are not specifically built for towing. But just like most sedans, the Model S can be fitted for towing as long as you don’t try to tow too heavy a load.


But the X and S run on the same platform so Tesla should offer the Tow Pack on the Model S as well.
With Dual Motors and Air the S should tow as well as the X.

But the X and S run on the same platform…”

Well, Tesla started out by using the MS as the platform for the MX, but it seems to have diverged as it was developed. Bottom line: The MX is designed for towing, and the MS is not.

“…Tesla should offer the Tow Pack on the Model S as well.”

Or maybe Tesla “should” aim to upsell the MX to customers who want to do a lot of towing with their Tesla car. Whether or not we think they “should”, that is quite clearly their marketing strategy.

I was really hoping for the HUD. Elon’s comment about not needing much instrumentation with autonomous driving???? I don’t want the damn autopilot!! Elon needs to realize that everybody does not fit into one solution. If tht HUD is going to be standard, then make it an option!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would anyone in their right mind not want autonomous driving and prefer to drive a vehicle themselves?

Oh, never mind. 😉


The wreck was the fault of the car with a driver, not the driverless car. You’ve basically proven yourself 100% wrong, since it was the car with a driver that was at fault…

Well, alternative facts do TRUMP real ones from the “fake media” in ALT-RIGHT circles!

Yeah, I’m not sure driverless cars are that good at being “defensive”, yet. Knowing fault won’t save your life, but seeing what looks like 60mph approaching your green light from the left, or right, just might.

I’m glad Uber suspended its program. We don’t need this stuff, like we need electric drive.

Keep trolling sven and you will end up like the Trumpets from yesterdays latest right-wing fiasco.

The HUD will happen down the road.

Because of the off the charts demand for the Model 3 and the critical nature of getting this car into mass production the entire timeline was moved up to the point that it makes more sense to launch without some of the technology planned for this car and add it in later.

Also, they need to roll out the HUD on the S and X first anyways so they don’t erode their own flagships.

Just like the Dual Motor and RHD, HUD will be added as part of the Tesla method of continuous improvements without waiting for the artificial constraints of a “new model year” like the laggard OEMs do.

This compelling car and the follow on cars will continue the process of disrupting a highly static industry and will be the car that really gets the ball rolling in a big way towards the mission of sustainable transportation.

“The HUD will happen down the road.”

Yeah, Musk seems to be in serious denial about the need for something better than displaying a virtual instrument cluster on the central screen. I expect either an HUD display or a dedicated instrument panel will be offered as an option within less than a year after Tesla starts actually selling the M3.

I find it bizarre that Musk has this concept that people will buy a car this year, or next, that’s intended for fully autonomous driving. Even if State laws allowed the average person to drive a fully autonomous car with no special training, people tend to be conservative when it comes to making major purchases like automobiles. It’s going to take awhile for the idea of a car specifically designed for autonomous driving to catch on, even after we have cars which can drive themselves 98%+ of the time on public roads… and we’re still quite a ways away from that. We’re still at least a few years away from that, and probably several, despite what Musk seems to think.

Get a life Get Real, your wacky conspiracy theories are getting real old. I didn’t troll anyone

Not just “anyone”; you constantly troll everyone with your alt-facts and your constant attempts to drag useful discussion about Tesla’s cars off into the weeds of conspiracy theories and FUD.

Just like the scorpion in the fable about the frog and the scorpion, you can’t help it. It’s in your nature to be a troll.

No, you’re the troll

I see Sven has latched onto the “No puppet! No Puppet! You’re the Puppet! No! You’re the Puppet!” defense.

This is actually good news for people not upgrading aggressively initially–it may improve their standing reservation.

Not surprised that they are streamlining the production from the beginning to ramp up. That’s smart.

I think the same with the Bolt happened; no frills gizmos to get the year 1 model out.

Just shows how many humans are wimps. No HUD display

*whine whine cry whine some more*

You can’t force people to like or want a car by telling them “You’re a wimp if you don’t like this car”. There are plenty of cars on the market. People who see something they don’t like will just walk away and buy something else.

My prediction is that Tesla will get a market place reality check pretty rapidly, and will be forced to offer either a HUD or a instrument panel display as an option, if not standard equipment.

I predict Tesla is going to get an even worse public reaction against the lack of instrument panel than they did when they tried to pass off the “bricking” problem in the Roadster as being the fault of the driver, and not covered by warranty.

Another ill-informed post: The “bricking” of the Roadster battery WAS the customer’s fault – One customer even got a NEW battery free from Tesla, and then he DID IT AGAIN!!!!

Tesla was absolutely not at fault, and gave plenty of warnings both in the owner’s and warranty manual.

To “BRICK” a roadster battery required SEVERE abuse – and part of the deal with the Roadster is – it had to be plugged in at least every OTHER day in weather extremes.

The owner was warned in several places that purchase of the car required concern over the battery and a Cavalier attitude toward it was not acceptible.

Perhaps the “Voices in your head” you keep hearing and accusing others of, are all yours.

So just because the model 3 doesn’t have a dashboard, now Pushi is Anti- Tesla?

And making defamatory, unsubstantiated comments like they were trying to “PASS OFF” a bricked battery, when it was 100% the customer’s fault, as I just explained? Since Tesla is TOTALLY BLAMELESS in this matter, how could they even begin to do that?

Silly – not any more intelligent than used Toilet Paper.

If the issues were entirely logical and we were Vulcans, then you might have a winning argument. But human beings aren’t Vulcans, we are emotional creatures. More to the point, marketing is as much about perception as it is about facts. You can argue until you’re blue in the face that the Roadster drivers/owners who had their cars “bricked” were at fault. If one of them managed to brick it twice, then in that instance I’d agree with you. But Tesla was in the wrong not because of logic, but because it’s bad for a company’s image to blame the customer when something goes wrong with the car due to a flaw in the car’s design. Since Tesla did extend its warranty to cover “bricking”, then Tesla was forced to take the public position I’m advocating here, Bill. Tesla did not do so willingly; its original position was the one you’re advocating. The fact that I was proven right in this case, and you wrong, has nothing to do with logic or facts, and everything to do with public perception and marketing. And if criticizing Tesla (or Elon) for doing something stupid makes me “anti-Tesla”, Bill, then I’ve been “anti-Tesla”… Read more »

You’ve proven nothing – except as a Kindergartner that thinks he is smarter than the entire school system he is in.

Tesla didn’t EXTEND the warranty to customer caused battery damage. In plain english they stated it is *NOT* a warranty item – the fact they (perhaps too generously) extended GOODWILL ONE TIME is only seen as being too generous in retrospect.

Your attempt to “pass off” ill will toward Tesla really is amazing. If Tesla intends on keeping costs down, they cannot forever subsidize Customer Abuse. No corporation can.

You with one statement have shown:

Your total unfamiliarity with the issue.

Your eagerness to attribute ill-will to what was, a one time generous offer from a substantial corporation, which Tesla is.

You CERTAINLY do not understand the ramifications of customer responsibility of the care and feeding of BEV’s expensive batteries.


Ok, this is a Hot One:

Big expert, GREAT ENGINEER Pushi : “…But Tesla was in the wrong not because of logic, but because it’s bad for a company’s image to blame the customer when something goes wrong with the car due to a flaw in the car’s design….”

What went wrong, OH GREAT ENGINEER that you claim is a FLAW? Since you know so much better, exactly what would you have done to fix this supposed FLAW?

Yup, Just another air-head Gasbag that won’t answer my reasonable questions.

Speaking of the ‘other gasbag’, I’m still waiting NIX for details on that “Higher Voltage Transformer” you talked about.

So, again pushi? What was the Flaw you claim existed in Teslas that cause them to be bricked? If you can’t put up, then the rest of us are forced to ignore all your other drivel as well.

I’m hoping that screen gets modified or incorporated into the dash in some way. Sticking out in that manner, may raise eyebrows among safety inspectors. Especially being so close to the steering wheel.

Yeah, “so close to the steering wheel” seems a little cramped for unrestricted hand movement. Looks like tight quarters for the right hand. A “little” more space, away from the wheel, would make the screen perhaps a bit more user friendly.

in one way but not the other (being able to see it as quickly and easily as possible)

I’m kinda surprised at the comments on range. Back before we knew the Bolt’s range, IIRC, the Model 3’s range was stated as 215 miles — and I guess that was an “at least” figure, but it’s well under 238, so it seems like a fair question.

It seems to be the consensus of opinion among industry watchers that Tesla is taking advantage of being the “fast follower”, following the Bolt EV to the market, by tweaking the M3 design to edge out the range of the Bolt EV. I don’t think there is much question that the original plan for the M3 was for it to have just a bit over 200 miles of range, and the older ~215 miles figure supports that.

Now, that’s not to say everyone agrees with this consensus. I don’t see any comments in this particular discussion thread, but in other current threads here on InsideEVs you’ll find at least one or two claiming that it’s only the larger ~75 kWh battery pack which will give the M3 a range better than the Bolt EV’s range.

At this point it’s still speculation, or at best educated guesses. We’ll have to wait to see who is proven right about the M3’s range.

Without a doubt.

All one has to look at is how the the concept Bolt shown had a glass roof that as soon as they dropped this luxury the Model 3 reveal had ,…. a glass roof.

This is pretty clear evidence that sales have stalled for the S and possibly the X. It’s going to be a bumpy 24 months, especially once people learn that the early 3s will not be available for $35K.

More complete BS FUD from serial anti-Tesla troll 4E.

There is however serious evidence that you and your fellow shills, shorters and haters are getting desperate as the weeks tick by to large scale production of the Model 3 and Tesla Energy products.

Instead of a HUD you may clip your smart phone into the center position. This then will work as your second screen. You may start immediately with simple apps which give you the speed, based on GPS data. Once you want more data like battery status, energy consumption or range left, etc. , I am sure there will be apps available in the future which connect to the central computer of mod 3 by bluetooth or similar to copy all the data you find significant for tracking during driving.
Thus, you can customize your center instrument cluster due to your needs and use the latest technology of smart phones (or small iPads) and apps, while keeping the price for mod3 low.

That sux about the later release of the AWD. I don’t want to try to get by on just RWD in Michigan. Guess my wait time just got longer 🙁