Officials From 8 States to Meet in Washington With Automakers, EPA and CARB Officials to Hash Out Details for 3.3 Million ZEVs by 2025


These 8 States Will Work Together for a Common Goal

These 8 States Will Work Together for a Common Goal

On Thursday, official from the 8 states involved in the 3.3 million ZEVs by 2025 Memorandum of Understanding will meet in Washington, D.C. to ink out details on how the agreement will pan out.

Those eight states, led by California, will discuss possible course of action with automakers, the EPA and CARB officials.

The two-day meet-up includes several one-on-one meeting between individual states and automakers.

According to Annemarie Pender, a spokeswoman for the Association of Global Automakers, the automakers to be present at the meeting “all share the common goal of ensuring the success of [ZEV] technology going forward.”

It’s not yet clear which, or even how many, automakers will be in attendance.

The states involved are:

The Common Goal Will Likely be Very Similar to California's ZEV Action Plan

The Common Goal Will Likely be Very Similar to California’s ZEV Action Plan

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

The main objectives are:

  • Harmonize building codes to make it easier to construct new electric car charging stations
  • Lead by example by including zero emission vehicles in their public fleets
  • Evaluate and establish, where appropriate, financial and other incentives to promote zero emission vehicles
  • Consider establishing favorable electricity rates for home charging systems; and
  • Develop common standards for roadway signs and charging networks.

Getting 3.3 million ZEVs on the roads in those 8 US states will be challenging, that’s why this meeting in Washington, D.C. is of utmost importance.

More coverage of the original MoU can be found be clicking here.

Source: Detroit News

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How about allowing/requiring their states electric utility companies to rollout public charging stations capable of billing customers directly on their current utility accounts at a kWh rate comparable to their home rate.


Nice idea – I’d like that.

I concur. This would be a huge leap forward.

I’m be happy if California would simply rationalize the rates according to time of use. What we have now in NorCal is a complex rate “formula” that changes completely if you “go over” a preset limit. The only thing EVs change is that you get a new complex formula that they tell you that you have to “just try it and see” if it saves you money. It does not incentivize power savings, it incentivizes aspirin use. A simple time of use pricing would work for everyone, including EVs, and tell you clearly when to set your charge timer.

PG&E has a new EV rate that does just what you ask. (That’s for San Jose). No more baseline, 130% of baseline, etc.

My current EV-A rate is valid until the end of 2014, then I will have to go to the new plan.

I live in Virginia we won’t ever support progress, but we can go to Maryland and feel the 21 century. Virginia will support coal Trains standards for sure.

I live in Alabama and we aren’t blazing any trails here either. So I understand and can sympathize.

You’d think every state with a coastal border would certainly want to consider what will happen when the sea level rises even a little bit and try to postpone or reverse the tide, so to speak.

I live in Atlanta and we already have 2 of these, A generous state tax credit and a great TOU-PEV rate from Ga. Power, though the outlying counties have a patchwork of EMCs providing their power and their rates are all different. I agree that the charging network thing is a mess, I have 3 different cards in my glovebox and even with that can’t be sure I can charge anywhere! Why can’t they just accept credit cards? Gas pumps do. The Chademo/Frankenplug thing was stupid as well, SAE should have just adopted Chademo. All new houses should have a minimum 30A 240V prewired circuit to the garage unless the panel is already in the garage, this is just common sense and would add very little cost.