Official Tesla Motors Video From Nevada Gigafactory Announcement (25-Minute Video)


Elon Musk Takes To The Podium

Elon Musk Takes To The Podium

“Outside the State Capitol in Carson City, Governor Brian Sandoval and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announce that the Tesla battery Gigafactory will be built in Nevada.”

Our extensive coverage of the official Tesla Gigafactory announcement includes 2 short videos capture by attendees of the game-changing event.

Here we present the official Tesla Motors’ video of that announcement in Nevada.

This video, at nearly 26 minutes, covers the entire, including 5 minutes of Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the podium.

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Go Nevada………….

Texas what a shame…

Shaped like a diamond? Then the rendering avaliable today must be completely wrong since that one is like a box.

This is good reminder how important manufacturing is for the local economy.

It really does make sense that local governments are subsidizing significantly the labor costs of factories in order to fight with other economies from manufacturing jobs.

Manufacturing jobs are creating new wealth into economy where as most of the service sector jobs are just redistributing existing wealth.

Therefore, although the contribution of manufacturing jobs and service sector jobs is counted as equal in GDP calculations, they are not equal because without manufacturing jobs there are also no service sector jobs, because there is no new wealth generated that can be redistributed.

This may be little hard to grasp, but you are good if you just use common sense.

This is just plain myopic.

You fail to realize that everything in the economy is connected, and are using the same flawed thinking that right wingers use when saying the rich create jobs.

Manufacturing jobs cannot exist without the collective income of service jobs allowing people to buy manufactured goods. The US is so productive per man-hour of labor that it only needs 20M goods-producing jobs (manufacturing, construction, and mining combined) to provide for 330M people.

Economic growth in the modern era can only come from one driving source: people with plenty of money (i.e. not those in debt) need to spend more. What they spend on will determine how much growth is in manufacturing and how much in services.

When people spend, wealth (e.g. houses, factories, technology, knowledge, etc) will be created.

Shaped like a diamond means nothing, unless they mean a baseball diamond which has a specific shape. Diamonds can be cut to many shapes, like in the song square cut, or pear shaped, these rocks won’t lose their shape.
Could be an emerald shape for instance, with that oblong box shape. Others are round, pearl, and some others which refer to specific shapes. So saying something is diamond shaped is insufficient to know exactly what it will look like.

Maybe he just should have said, “rhombus” shaped?

Herr/Signore/Mnctep/Misuta/Mister kdawg,

Prima! Don’t know how you do it but spot on. Your replys, comments and posts here and over there, too, haven’t disappointed yet.

Best regards and looking forward to your next post.

Elon mentiond GigaFactory Tours… Do I get a free t-shirt, if I go on one? 😉

Is concrete being poured? Is the building on site? Times a wastin. Someones slipping. Who’s dropping the ball? Progress on Model X? What’s going on?

What’s the current production rate on Model S? You want one today? December.
I thought they were going to build 500,000 a year?

Oh well. Business as usual. Resume.