Official Tesla Motors Video – Model S P85D Reveal And Autopilot


“After weeks of speculation Elon Musk finally reveals ‘The D’, along with autopilot capabilities for Model S.”

Here’s the official Tesla Motors video from last night’s event, focusing on the Tesla Model S P85D and Tesla autopilot features.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks for over 13 minutes, highlighting the P85D and the advanced autopilot features fitted to today’s Model S.

For some added reaction to the new performance on the P85D from the “after show” rides (hat tip to James):

Tesla Model S P85D Panorama

Tesla Model S P85D Panorama

Robotic Arm Brings In P85D

Robotic Arm Brings In P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

Autopilot Functionality Now On Model S

Autopilot Functionality Now On Model S

P85D Cutaway

P85D Cutaway

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What he describes about increased efficiencies via two motors and optimal run points is exactly what the Volt already does. 🙂

Also, the auto pilot stuff he describes is pretty awesome stuff.

The Volt is also GM’s most reliable product.

Lesson learned from Tesla: Buy a Tesla with a 1 Year LEASE.

Been to several times. For a time it was down – then the new splash page with Dual Motor All Wheel Drive System and Order page installed.

I was surprised to see no “News” section yet and no obvious space for this official Model D intro video. Tesla tends to be slow on it’s webpage updates – but you’d think this would be all spooled up and ready to fly…

Great work Eric for finding this and getting it here when I can’t even access it from Tesla’s own website t 5:20am PST! Maybe Twitter and Facebook were Tesla’s main priorities.

There’s just a whole lot here to digest. Can’t wait to see “SEE THROUGH’S” negative take on the D and new autonomy. Surely she’ll make snarky comments on risky dangerous features, or how the price will be astronomical…:) Actually, I just looked and AWD seems to be $4,000 across the board. Nice! Especially since it’s unlike any other AWD system. And maybe “SEE THROUGH” can wrap her head around 0-60 in 3.2 seconds! Or not.

Yes! Thanks for posting all this material in one easy to find section, Eric!

Welcome guys…We try our best to be very comprehensive on big reveals. So much info out there.

I’m still awestruck at Tesla’s adeptness at capturing the world’s attention without a big ad budget – or ANY ad budget. The Apple-like anticipation was funny and fascinating at the same time. This is no hype nor blowing smoke. An article here a few days ago said some journalists touring the new X line spotted a whole area at Fremont labeled Autonomous Technology Center. It appears this is a very big deal. Before any anti-Tesla trolls get the chance, I would like to wonder out loud about legal liabilities. A car you can summon ( surely Tesla’s legal team has combed diligently over domestic and international laws ) can run over the cat, or grandma and surely spawn a litigious flood. Will goons soon get the idea to sue Tesla if they make the Model S change lanes into a bicyclist? Call me old fashioned, but this autonomous tech makes me nervous. Sensors can be covered by mud or any number of malfunctions… Me? I’ll save oney and drive my own car, thank you. I will say Elon’s take on it feels fresh, futuristic and exciting. One last observation: Musk jokes about wishing the car could plug and unplug itself… Read more »

Wireless is expensive (at high power levels) and incurs a loss. It can be made low, but there are always engineering tradeoffs to do so.

I actually predicted Tesla would mate autopilot garage entering with a mechanical autoplug (it’s a pretty obvious idea), and it’s good to see them do it.

James – It’s not all THAT autonomous. It’s more like “driver assist” on steroids. There is no “summoning” your car just yet. – Alot of that is for legal concerns. It’s not up to the point of the Google car with no steering wheel. All the “driver assist” stuff, is basically still requiring a driver, and that person is STILL legally responsible for the car. That’s not a technical “accident” or rational, that’s driven by legal considerations.. Long term, 20-30 years from now, autonomous cars will indeed happen (get in, no driver controls, and just play a game, watch a video, or go to sleep).. I’m quite sure that will happen in my kids lifetime. – But there is alot of “assisted” driving to happen first – to better refine sensor in snow and rain, deal with lost GPS signals, etc – Get the cost down, and having cars “talk to one another” to have collision avoidance. We’re at the “crawling stage” of this progression. But make no mistake, long term (2-3 decades), being a truck or cab driver, is not going to be a viable profession – Except for a few limo or special event drivers. So don’t get… Read more »

Tesla REALLY are making BMW et al. look like horse drawn carriages nowadays.

Gasoline cars really are today’s Steam Engines… 😉

Buh bye!

+1 😉

This is great Eric!

OMG, this thing steers itself on twisty roads [shown in the video]?

I was aware of lane-keep-assist, radar cruise, blind spot detect, speed limit sign reading, collision avoidance braking, gps aware ride height adjusting, lane change on signal; but the self steering makes me the most impressed for some reason.

Q: Was auto parallel-parking on the list? I was wondering if it was included and not mentioned.

What a great car. Well done Tesla.

Yes, auto parallel parking is included. I believe the real revolution will be when cars are allowed to drive themselves to come pick you up. At that point there will be no reason for people to own their own car, and we can reduce the total number of cars needed by 100 times, since the average car is parked 99% of the time. Of course only a car company that is small and driven by a higher vision than profit could ever make that happen.

I’m sure TESLA autopilot is a must for battery swaping station.