Official Tesla Motors Model S P85D Walkthrough Video


Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

We’ve already seen a customer-filmed Tesla Model S P85D walkthrough video.  Now, here’s the official video that Model S P85D buyers receive from Tesla Motors.

At more than 16 minutes in length, this video covers the basics, as well as touching upon specifics related solely to the dual-motor P85D version of the Model S.

The video is put out by Advent Films and sent by Tesla Motors via email to buyers of the P85D.

Per the video description:

A video walkthrough of the P85D Model S, shot for Tesla Motors. This video walkthough features tutorials on the key, charging, and the 17″ touchscreen. The video is featured on, and is emailed by Tesla to all new Model S owners.


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It’s far more likely to be featured on, not 😛

I liked the first one. More relaxed and more directly relevant information. Also more awesome

Two editing errors. I may have to drop them a line.

My Gawd! I had no idea that the announcer for my middle school Biology videos was still available for voice-overs!