Official Images of Production BMW i8 Leak Out Ahead of Debut


While the BMW i8 is not to be officially unveiled until September 10, it looks like a media outlet (Autoblog Deutschland) in Germany jumped the gun and published out some images ahead of schedule.

We are here to now pass those images along to you.

Isn’t modern-day media sweet?  



BMW i8 Interior

BMW i8 Cutaway

BMW i8 Cutaway

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Very nice. Get the price down around $40,000 and I’ll buy one.

Wel… The i8 is the type of car that’s going up against the upcoming Infiniti EMERG-E and the new Honda NSX. They are all three times as much as that $40,000 estimate. Thankfully, $40,000 can get you an i3 before any of the reductions.

BMW has a habit of letting their cars leak before official announcement. The opposite of Toyota frankly. No one has no idea what the 4th gen Prius would look like and the 2015 mule is deceiving, as well as its interior. No a concept car named after the Prius. The Prius is complete mystery until it’s revealed next year. BMW just makes the i3 and i8 concepts years before with little change, which is an amazing thing resulting in cars that look as different and as attractive as concept cars, but there’s no teasing, no guessing or surprise at official releases.

Maybe because Toyota has nothing to be proud of where as BMW may be too proud 😉

It looks extremely complex and shows the disadvantage of large format batteries: huge cabin ingress despite low capacity.

But very beautifully designed…

BMW should have gone with a flat floor battery pack like Tesla. The way it is now…have the hump down the middle of the car. And they also cut down the trunk space and any pass through storage from trunk to interior.

Having the pack in the middle of the car has its pros also : in case of a crash, it’s the best place to avoid a fire hazard. But a flat floor is indeed a big advantage in designing the interior