Of Course Ford Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi Owners Charge More Often Than Focus Electric Drivers


This Guy Doesn't Plug in as Often as Owners of Ford's Energi Models

This Guy Doesn’t Plug in as Often as Owners of Ford’s Energi Models…Why Would He Want / Need To?

The Owner of This Ford Fusion Energi Plugs in a Lot

The Owner of This Ford Fusion Energi Plugs in a Lot

Which type of vehicle do you think would be charged more often?  A plug-in hybrid with 21 miles of electric-only range?  Or a pure electric vehicle with 80-ish miles of range?

One of those two vehicles would need to charger more often if its electricness (definitely not a real word) is to be exploited, right?

To us, it’s obvious which vehicle type would charge more, but Ford says otherwise.

Mike Tinskey, director of Ford’s Global Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, was quoted as saying this during Ford’ electric vehicle tour in Portland:

“What we are finding—and this is a little bit counter-intuitive—is that our plug-in customers appear to be charging more often than our battery-electric customers.  And that was a bit surprising, because you think that with a bigger battery, that those customers are going to want to top it off because they have no gasoline to back them up. But we’re finding the opposite.”

Surprised?  We certainly aren’t

Sure, a plug-in hybrid doesn’t need to charge, but why would one purchase such a vehicle without the intention of charging it as often as possible?

On the flip side, the pure electric needs to charge, but with more electric-only range than a plug-in hybrid, charging doesn’t have to occur nearly as often.

To us, this is common sense.  It just strikes us as odd that perhaps Tinskey isn’t aware of this electrified vehicle truth.

Ford’s electric vehicle tour in Portland was reported on by several news outlets, including Digital Trends, News Channel 8 in Portland, AutoBlogGreen and GreenCarReports.

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This is not the first such study on this topic, and all have come to similar results.

This just highlights how out of touch Ford is with the realities of the plug-in market. Yes, they have product (and fairly good options at that), but they are anything but leaders in the world of electrification.

Agreed…That was the point I was trying to make…Ford should know this already

Wow…just maybe all Ford was pointing out is that in the ‘real world’, with ‘real data’, plug-in drivers are ‘willing’ to charge or top off more frequently than their Focus Electric drivers. Essentially trying to get as much EV driving as possible.

While their pure EV drivers seem to have less ‘range anxiety’ than expected, as they have more faith in the ‘fuel gauge/mileage display than expected, like in a gasoline car, and drive it accordingly. Not filling up until they get low enough to need it. Not because a plug was available.

Which could mean that the use of public charging stations is primarily by plug-in hybrid owners, and not pure EV owners, who primarily charge at home. Which could also point to shorter charge times, and more availability at public charging stations than expected using 220volts.

Maybe that was the take away from the quote from Ford.

I plug in my C-MAX Energi every night… My goal is to not use gasoline unless I have to.

I have a 6 mile one-way to work every day, so I generally don’t need to run on gasoline during the week, unless I have to take a longer drive somewhere.

Today, I will be running errands at lunch, so I will charge at work after lunch, because I also have somewhere to be tonight. So I expect to get 45 miles or so of EV driving today.

Guess Ford will be baffled when they see that I’ve charged at three separate times today.

Apparently for quite a while “EV blog sites” were baffled that Chevy VOLT owners plugged in more often than Tesla Roadster owners. Since I own both cars I feel particularly qualified to answer this since my routine with both vehicles is controlled by the same person, namely me!

Since the Roadster can be driven alot without worrying about it, I only plug in once or twice a week.

The volt must be plugged in once or twice a day since it only goes 1/5 as far as the Roadster under ideal conditons. That is if you don’t want to use more gasoline than you have to.

Such a simple concept…. I don’t know why others can’t see this.