October Sales Of Renault ZOE in France Higher Than Previous Two Months Combined


Renault ZOE sales in France

Renault ZOE sales in France

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

October Renault ZOE sales (registrations to be accurate) were far from records, but at least France’s best selling EV is again gaining momentum.

Last month, 503 ZOEs were registered in France, which works out to be a few more than August and September ZOE sales combined.

Total Renault electric car sales are in France were an order of magnitude higher than sales from any other manufacturer:

“At end-October, Renault remained the leader in the electric vehicle market (PC + LCV) with over 8,500 EV registrations, of which 4,945 ZOE and 3,578 Kangoo Z.E.”

While we’re still waiting for sales figures for all vehicles in France, we see that Renault ZOE is chasing the “Top 80” in France over the past ten months (currently at 82 with about 0.3% market share of total passenger vehicle sales).

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Glad to hear. If they finally find a solution that the onboard charger can take a Granny Cable (and include them with the car) without wasting 60% of the energy, they might sell even more cars.

If I drive to my parents who don’t have a chargepoint, I want to be able to plug it into a 240 volt (european) household socket