October Nissan LEAF Sales In US Spooked By Slow Arriving 2016s

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Halloween Wasn't The Only Scary Thing In October - Nissan LEAF Sales Were Too!

Halloween Wasn’t The Only Scary Thing In October – Nissan LEAF Sales Were Too!

Expectations entering October was that the expanded range, 2016 model year LEAF (107 miles AER – full details) would arrive at some point during the month – helping the brand end a sales losing streak, and pushing the entire EV segment in the US higher.

Wait? January 2016 You Say?

Wait? January 2016 You Say?

As Halloween came and went, those expectations were dashed, leaving only the ‘old’ model year LEAF left on lots to be sold.

Of those, just 1,238 were moved – off 52% from October of 2014 when 2,589 were sold – but roughly equal to the 1,247 moved in September.  For the full year sales are now off 39%.

Then late in the month, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn took the stage at the Tokyo Motor Show and pretty much said the 2016s would not arrive in the US until January, a date that conflicted with what we were seeing from Nissan’s Smryna production.

Thankfully, after getting in touch with Nissan USA, it turns out it was just some mis-communication/crossed-wires, and the new LEAF was still on track for “fall deliveries”

Narrowing down that “fall deliveries” window, InsideEVs has been tracking the new 2016 build, and we can tell you that 2016 LEAFs (with assigned customers/VINs) have been built and are currently in the process of being released/transported to dealers.  So it won’t be long now.

We (more confidently) expect them to arrive in the second half of this month.

Nissan IDS Concept

Nissan IDS Concept

New 60 kWh Battry Found In IDS Concept Fits Snugly Into Almost The Same Space As Current 30 kWh Version (new pack is slightly taller) - photo courtesy of Daily Kanban

New 60 kWh Battry Found In IDS Concept Fits Snugly Into Almost The Same Space As Current 30 kWh Version – Click to Enlarge  (photo courtesy of Bertel Schmitt/Daily Kanban)

Separately (and ultimately more importantly) this month we got a look at Nissan’s new IDS Concept  from Japan – which was basically a ‘nod and a wink’ to the new e-technology that will be found in the next generation LEAF.

The IDS Concept houses a 60 kWh NMC battery pack good for more than 200 miles (320 km) of real world/EPA driving.

The new battery (as illustrated by this photo taken by Bertel Schmitt of the Daily Kanban on the right) illustrates how this new 288 cell, Nickel Manganese Cobalt 60 kWh battery (with a graphite anode) fits snugly into the same basic area as the current 24/30 kWh pack does.

So while we were disappointed with Nissan LEAF sales during October, we certainly weren’t let down by what Nissan has in store for the future of the car.



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Nissan really needs to get the 2nd generation out the door, the more limited 1st gen even with the new 30kWh battery is not enticing to the general public with the Bolt and talk of 200mile range so near. Think once we have the 200 mile range, people will be less inclined to wait for the next 300 mile version as their range anxiety will be lower.

not as bad as I was expecting!

Me too. T thought Oct sales would be about 1000. I’m hoping the next gen Leaf will be available in a stripped down version with just the range intact at a lower price.

“Fall deliveries” still might happen in January – not that it matters, for I agree with the first post… the 30kwh LEAF is too little, too late, and too expensive.

What I find dumb about Nissan is they now have the ability to give the existing leaf a 200 mile range that of a Tesla with this new chemistry as if now. But Nissan is trying to still market their crappy range range EV with only 20 miles range for a extra few thousand dollars. If it was me running Nissan I wouldn’t even waste my time with the crappy 107 mile range if I had a proto type for a 200 mile range Leaf.

Prototype to series production are 2-3 years. Why not release something better than MY 2014 now?

Inventory? How many 2015 Leafs are left?

Perhaps Nissan is sitting on 2016s to help move the remaining 2015s.

I tried to lease a 2015 leaf to replace my 2012 leaf because my lease is coming to an end but I didn’t get a very good deal so the deal did not go through. I have a few more months to work a deal but if Nissan expect to keep me around till the 200 mile leaf comes out they’re going to have to do a decent deal. In 12 months the bolt comes on the market and and five months I get a look at the Tesla model three and if I wish place an order for it . Nissan needs to do a better job of trying to retain its current leaf owners .

Nice picture of IDS battery, thanks!

I dispute that it is “Almost The Same Space”.

It is hard to estimate the relative volume of the two packs, but I think the IDS pack is about 25% larger in every dimension.

If you run the numbers, that means the volume is 2x, which means the IDS capacity would be 60kWh vs 30kWh in the Leaf.

I would love to put these super powerful cells into the Mitsubishi i-miev and create a 300 mile range range franken i-miev.

Ouch! I think a 25% increase in battery width would result in one fat car. Say it isn’t so!

I noticed the mounting tabs on the front (right) end of the pack seem identical in both cases, making me think it could fit in a very Generation 1 Leaf-like space ( of course that says nothing about the actual scale, but one can hope).

Also the cover is missing from the new pack. But more height presumably only means one sits a bit higher.

From a previous story, it was claimed to have the same footprint, but to be maybe 2-3″ taller. This is disappointing to me, in a way. The current Leaf already sits much higher than I would like it to. Another 2-3″, and it will feel like a minivan/SUV which sucks.

Another possibility, which noone seems to have brought up, is that Nissan made the prototype battery specifically to fit into a Gen I Leaf as a test mule. We’ve already seen the Gen I Leaf test mule up on stage with a “belly bump”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the Gen II will have this arrangement of cells.

Agreed that Nissan’s release is a bit disappointing. 1). Same size battery is actually 3″ bigger. 2). 30 KWH model is too pricey. 3). Even $1580 for someone who only wants a bit faster charging (from 3.6 kw to not even a double 6.6) is unreasonable. So why can’t some chinese company produce a generic, water.-cooled 6.4 kw (32 amps at 200 volts, for instance) J1772 charger for several different brands of electrics similiar to the way it seems several different car companies use Prestolite – or Prestolite look-alike alternators to keep the price down? Speaking of which, I have a bit of a side project. My next door neighbor 2 doors down who I found we both graduated in the same class and same high school (didn’t know each other than because each grade had over 1000 kids in the school – what a change from today with under 250 per grade at the same school) – is selling me a CASE extra heavy-duty snow blower with no engine. My point is, Chinese stuff is getting to be of decent quality and very low cost. Harbor “JUNK” Freight Tools sold me a 3 hp, energy efficient, 3450 rpm motor… Read more »

Sounds like a great project. I still use an old fashion shovel on my driveway, but there comes an age when lifting so much snow is downright dangerous.

I agree that the up charge for 6.x kW charging seems way too high. I wish that it was basically a standard part on all plug-ins. Yes, even on my CMax with its measly 7.6kWh battery. If they all shared a common part, you could get to large-scale production much more quickly.

I also agree that the 30kWh model is still pricey for the mainstream buyers. I don’t pretend to know what Nissan is currently paying for their batteries, so I’m not ready to call foul on them. I do want them to make a profit on the car. Only then will they really want to sell it.

Perhaps for a silly reason, I’ve only recently been in the market for Snow blowers. I didn’t buy a gasoline one ever, since I just hate fooling with gas engines when it is cold outside. The only small gas engine I had was a simple 3 1/2 hp push lawnmower. The year before I bought my latest house I finally bought an electric snow blower, since I had an 80 ft driveway at the old house and thought it might just work. I should have bought one ten years before, I couldn’t believe how much easier the electric made it. I’d finish all 80 feet before my neighbor was done fooling around with a cheapie 2 cycle (mix oil and gas) trying to get it to start in the cold. But this last winter I burned out my first unit, then purchased another one which they had cheapened, and gave that one away to my tenant at my old house, and bought a 20″ 14 amp SNOJOE, which is the largest commercially made electric now available. But its still alot of plastic junk and you have to watch using it otherwise the belt will slip, be thrown off, or just… Read more »

It really does look like the same x and y dimensions… only the depth or height looks different. More density… more cells per pack etc… all great news. Can’t wait for the next few models.

No matter the official pretexts, bad EV sales in the US are consistent with the 20 years delay in fuel economy showed by the Tesla data.

The curve of sales should be exponential!

The what?

The arc of rhetoric could be hyperbolic!

2016s are now appearing on Cars.com, so it looks like they are ordered and on their way.