OC Robotics Series II X125 System Could Be Elon Musk’s “Snake-Like” Automatic Tesla Charger – Video


Could it be just coincidence that this video was released on December 17, 2014 just 2 weeks prior to Elon Musk announcing that Tesla is working on a solid metal, snake-like charger that automatically connects to the Model S?

Elon Musk Tweets

Elon Musk Tweets

We doubt it.

Looks Snake-Like To Us

Looks Snake-Like To Us

Behold the future of snake-like automatic charging.

OC Robotics is pleased to introduce the Series II – X125 system. This Series II system builds upon the successful JetSnake product deployed on the Miami port tunnel boring machine.

The Series II – X125 system delivers a 6kg payload, arm bend of over 225 degrees and a highly flexible tip. The 2.2m arm has passed a series of extended operational tests and been designed for increased reliability and easy maintenance to reduce through life costs.

This particular Series II – X125 system has been successfully deployed with a high pressure water jet and inspection camera. Different tools can be selected to complement the snake-arm, depending on application.

Link to OC Robotics website.

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Think inductive charging with a coil that lowers onto the pad is a much simpler and usable means to charge. Would allow charging stations to be installed in parking spaces with n chance of vandalism.

That’s too expensive and/or have too slow charge rate.
So not really an option.

Will work well for private use, as efficiency is already at 90+ % without lowering system.
But it is ill suited to handle the 120+ kW of the supercharger. Current systems are at 3 to 7 kW.

I think the goal is something that would work without modification to the cars. And the wall charger for Tesla is a 20kW charger which is a lot higher than inductive solutions out so far (which are in the 3-6kW range).

Plus the inductive solution will need either to be recessed (expensive) or it would stick out from the ground.

Seems like having a Tesla “self-park” itself right over the top of and inductive charger in your garage, and then have an arm drop to be in direct contact with the inductive charger would solve most of the inductive charging losses.

Let the car itself do all the aligning, sort of like cars that parallel park themselves. No need to invent an arm to do what something a car can already do today with very little new development work.

The robotic arm is great for both the convenience and security for Tesla owners. Long live the EV. Viva EV. The EV revolution has begun. Viva La Revolution

————-“The Revolution will not be televised”, but it will be Electrified————– ——–As I say you can pay for the Evolution or Jump straight to the Revolution——— ————-Hybrid lose because EV RULES —The EV Revolution has begun————– —Spend money on THE SPIN, EV’s still WINS.—- EV RULES for the EV REVOLUTION—-

A medical endoscopy can do that and way more, I don’t see anything ground braking here!

The difference is size; from a small fibre optic light-pipe, to HD camera, to carrying a heavy length of copper wire.

One advantage of a snake is it doesn’t need to be mounted on a charging island. The robotic snake could be mounted above (in solar canopy), or below ground to eliminate the charging island. This also removes horizontal connections, so walking around a Tesla would not have cords to trip over.

It’s like a sloth 😛

Seems heavily complex just to save a few seconds for connecting a plug.

Wireless charging, when better that what we have now, seems to have more future.

Its just an option that will be available for rich people. Plugging in works fine.

Wireless . . . meh. It wastes electricity and is not very fast.

I’ve got a feeling this is geared more towards the self driving car. When you drive it to work and it drops you off at the door, then parks itself…you won’t be there to plug it in, it has to be automatic.

I agree with everyone here. Why mess with such complexity and expense to re-invent the wheel when inductive, wireless charging is already here? Just use a robust, commercial grade, in-ground version. Much less vulnerable to vandalism.

The “Sneaky Snake”‘s a bust.

Inductive is too slow / too low power.

It goes like this: Instead of dealing with your garage; just pull up to the front door and send the car off around back and let it park itself in the garage and plug itself in. Next morning; your car is out front waiting for you. Welcome to the future.

This will surely not be used at home, then wireless charging beats it easily at price, simplicity etc.
And for overnight charging even a 3 kW wireless system would be enough.

This “snake” will be used at superchargers (if ever implemented) where a physical connection is critical to getting full power.

this is cool but how about looking after the small things first like I just got my p85d and am very disappointed so iam in the snow belt of ont. Canada and you cant put on the defrost from the app or the steering wheel or the mirrors or the wipers so I had to sit in the car for a 1/2 hour waiting for everything to defrost then another 1/2 hour for the wipers to get free cause you cant lift up the wipers to clean so your stuck waiting in my opinion the car is not meant for winter yet I did not even get the the seats or the counsel promised so for me 150,000 I payed up front and its not ready
I would have waited if they had just told me that its not ready yet I could have left my 150,0000 in my stocks and made another 15 to 20 grand I could go on any way my 2 cense

Good points be sure to email them to Tesla customer support. It will take a while for new features to be added to the app (defrosting from the app is a great idea!) and car but they are pretty good about addressing complaints.


You may have a legitimate gripe, but I think you need to work on your punctuation, spelling and grammar.


Elon already showed us his ‘D’ . . . when do we get to see his snake?

Dude, you been driving in “Insane Mode” a bit to much, me thinks.

Good reminder! Everybody over 50, get your colonoscopies done to prevent cancer!

Pretty sure this technology will create a new genre of porn / horror fiction…

Anyone reminded of the movie “The Abyss”?

So How much they want for the Snake and how much is Tesla invoicing for it?