The Oatmeal Tesla Electric CruiseBeast Review


The Oatmeal - Tesla Model S

The Oatmeal – Tesla Model S

If the image above isn’t enough to convince you to check out The Oatmeal’s cartoonist’s review of the Tesla Model S, then I’m not sure what is.

The Oatmeal - Tesla Model S

The Oatmeal – Tesla Model S

Maybe now you’ll check it out?

Webcomic artist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal nicknames the Model S as an “Intergalactic SpaceBoat of Light and Wonder” and he’s asking Tesla CEO Elon Musk for $8 million and he hates the name of “Model S.”

Musk Offers To Help Fund The Tesla Museum

Musk Offers To Help Fund The Tesla Museum

Now you’ve just got to check out The Oatmeal’s Model S Electric CruiseBeast review right?

Hat tips to all those who blew up the InsideEVs email box with links to this one!!!

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Wow.. quick response by Elon. Matthew is probably saying “I should have asked for more”. 🙂

Didn’t think Elon had 8 million in liquid assets… If gen III is late, I will blame this museum. 😉

They now have a name for Gen3.. Model F, for Falcore!!!

When you push the horn it sounds like “Atreyuuuuu!”

You kid, but “Falcon” isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

From SpaceX, to your garage…

I really like several of the Tesla-based references for names, but hey, that’s a really cool idea, too.

The name “Falcon” is owned by Ford. I don’t seen them giving it up. Brings back memories of my high school days. Baby blue Falcon, rusted out floor, clutch so worn I could start it in 1st gear … yeah, good times.

Doh…right…forgot about that…presuming that Ford has kept it active (like the Model T).

I saw this last night – I also saw the link to the TSC. I donated to the effort, and then saw that you could also become a member of the organization, so I paid for that, too.

I had remembered that there was a deal going where an organization was trying to buy the property of Tesla’s old lab, but I do not recall knowing what had actually happened. I was glad to see that it worked out.

Also glad to see, of course, that Elon Musk will contribute. Down the road, in a part of the museum where they might have exhibits on Tesla’s influence today, maybe TMC will donate a Roadster or something. That would be cool.

I also really like the concept of the museum – not solely a set of static displays, but also having interactive and rotating exhibits, activities and events. It should be as dynamic as Tesla was.

8 million to convert a superfund site into a Tesla museum,


8 million for a superyacht full of strippers.


I would go with the boat.

And this is why history would remember you as no more significant than dust.

I’d go for the Museum in a second. And Anon is right.

How does his friend manage to live one million miles closer to the sun than I do? (this is not a mistake xkcd would make).