Number Of Plug-In EVs On Roads Worldwide Now Exceeds 3 Million

hundreds of Tesla cars in factory parking lot

DEC 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

2011 Nissan LEAFs. Nissan LEAF accounts for more than 300,000 or 10% of all plug-in cars.

Through the end of November 2017, we are certain that the world’s fleet of plug-in electric vehicles have exceeded a level of 3 million.


Tesla Fremont factory flyover

This year;s plug-in sales alone already exceed one million, which means that with expected sales of well over 1.7-2.0 million in 2018, we should top ~5 million by the end of 2018.

Currently, EV Sales Blog tally mentions 3.3 million through the end of November.

Many new, better models are coming to the market – while incentives keep gaining strength; this is why we shouldn’t expect anything other than rapid growth … on average of 50-100% annually for quite some time.

With around 80 million cars sold every year worldwide, plug-ins are becoming more and more important.

Here is how The Guardian visualises growth of sales driven mainly by China:

Plug-in car sales (source: The Guardian)

Source: The Guardian, EV Sales BlogEV-Volumes

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6 Comments on "Number Of Plug-In EVs On Roads Worldwide Now Exceeds 3 Million"

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Sweet news.

Its a cause to celebrate.

Our next target is selling 1 million BEV (pure electrics) / year and that is likely in 2018 led by Model 3, Leaf and of course the BAIC EC180.

And BTW, 95 million vehicles are sold worldwide and not 80 million.

So in 2017, the plugins (BEV + PHV) has crossed 1% share for the 1st time. Let’s see whether it can cross 2% share in 2018.

It probably reached 2% in November already.

3% next.


That’s correct. 141,000 (light duty) + 36,000 (heavy duty) adds up to 177,000 plugin vehicles and this is 2% share.

Let 3% be the next target. This time, we can see a bigger participation from EU & US because of Model 3 and Leaf.

So what’s the fleet share then? How many cars are there, about 1.7 billion..?

3 million is a mark worth celebrating, but make no mistake, the transition to electric takes time. Even with new sales share hopefully continuing to grow swiftly.

Toyota has sold 11 million hybrids, Honda 2 million and others 2 million and that brings the worldwide hybrid total to 15 million.

Now the Plugins (BEV + PHV) stands at 3 million. And this year the sales of hybrids stands somewhere around 1.7 million while the Plugins may hit 1.2 million, so the gap is narrowing.

And BTW, out of 1.5 million hybrids sold by Toyota this year, only 220,000 are Prius. So anyone hoping that the Prius Plugin will take the lead has to forget that idea. Toyota is losing interest in Prius and boosting the sales of other hybrids.

And they will not let the plugins come near hybrids and that’s why they reduced the price of Lexus RX-Hybrid by nearly $7,000.

You guys should do 3 million minus one. i got in crash and my car is not in operation for months. It was a plug in hybrid