Number Of Combo Chargers In Europe Up 20% In 6 Weeks

JUL 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

BMW i3 using CCS at Fastned quick charging station

BMW i3 using CCS at Fastned quick charging station

Is about six weeks after the milestone of 1,000 Combo chargers in Europe in early June, the total number now exceeds 1,200.

Thanks to a strong June and a good first half of July,the number of places where you can charge using DC Combo increased by 20%.

That’s a really good upwards shift, especially if you live in UK, Germany or Norway – countries where the Combo charging infrastructure is growing fastest (nearly two thirds of all new chargers in last several weeks).

Combo chargers in Europe usually are 50 kW or less and we estimate that about half of them, maybe more, are multi-standard with CHAdeMO or AC Type 2.

All the outstanding data about what’s going on with Combo in Europe is from the CCS Charge Map.

CCS Fast Chargers By Country (source: CCS Charge Map)

CCS Fast Chargers By Country (source: CCS Charge Map)

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How many of the 20% increase in CCS Combo Charging locations are new station locations, and how many are upgrades at existing DC charging locations?

In Germany the discounter ALDI has installed 50 multi standard stations CCS/CHAdeMO/Type2 in June/July at his stores. These are complete new locations.

All of them are new locations, or at least locations that previously didn’t have a CCS charger, but I’m not aware of any that had CHAdeMO before and were upgraded recently (this happened early in the year in Denmark, but all recent additions are completely new).

At this rate reaching parity with CHAdeMO doesn’t seem too far off, esp. if there is a significant portion that are not dual standard. I assumed that almost all would be dual standard, but if only half of them are, then that is a different story in terms of reaching parity with CHAdeMO.

Only in Germany or dealerships are Ccs only chargers installed.
Everywhere else, they are dual (chademo/Ccs), as it doesn’t make any sense for an investor to cut yourself out of 80% of the Quick charging capable cars on the road.


There really is no competition.

Just install the ABB dual-type chargers which have a CHAdeMO and Combo plug on one unit.

Of the 1208 locations on the site, 923 also provide a CHAdeMO plug and 1029 provide a Type-2 AC plug.

And 847 provide all three plugs.

Thanks for the details by outlet/plug types.

Wish this comprehensive overview of charging infrastructure was provided in the article above.

Meanwhile, in the USA . . . . .