Number of CHAdeMO Chargers in US Passes 200-Unit Mark; 300 Mark to Fall Soon


On May 22, Japan held the annual CHAdeMO General Assembly 2013 event.  Almost 250 members were on hand to discuss last year’s CHAdeMO achievements and the future outlook of this standard.

CHAdeMO President Toshiyuki Shiga presented some interesting data about the CHAdeMO network, including information that stated CHAdeMO reached 2,500 charge points worldwide earlier this year.  Most of those chargers  are in Japan.

CHAdeMO expects that before end of the 2013, some 4,000-ish will be installed worldwide.

But on the slides below, which were also presented at the CHAdeMO General Assembly, we see additional maps of the US and Europe.  From these slides its seems the US is now home to 227 CHAdeMO charge points.  Europe is home to roughly 800.

We do know that most CHAdeMO installations in the US comes courtesy of ECOtality (approx. 80 –  but still far below the 200 that should be installed by now under ECOtality’s EV Project) and AeroVironment (another several dozen CHAdeMO chargers).

The US seems to be on track to have 300 CHAdeMO charge points by the end of 2013 (courtesy mostly of the 48 added by Car Charging Group) and possibly 400 by the close of 2014.

US CHAdeMO network

US CHAdeMO Network

Europe CHAdeMO network

Europe CHAdeMO network

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6 Comments on "Number of CHAdeMO Chargers in US Passes 200-Unit Mark; 300 Mark to Fall Soon"

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Chademo is great.. But I just wish we had the cheaper 240V chargers in every parking lot and the need for Chademo would be minimized.

Isn’t Tesla going to have 2000-3000 charging ports at a few hundred locations in the next year or so. They put several at each place to charge. How many ChAdeMO chargers are at each of their locations?

Cool animated GIF picture:

via CNN Money article: Tesla tripling supercharger network for LA to NY trip

scottf200 – in response to your question – ‘How many CHAdeMO chargers are at each of their locations’ – the answer – is NONE! Each of them will be a Tesla ONLY (At Present) Supercharger station – built for those that pony up $70K – $100K for their babies!

There has been some point mentioned or rumored that they may licence their system to other OEM’s – but I am Sure Only the Tesla’s will get the Free Forever Charging at them!
They may be in the neighborhood of other Level 3 CHAdeMO installs in some instances, though.

Oh – one more thing – that animation file is already out of date – it shows 8 charger locations, and there are already two in Washing Ton State, one in Illinois, and one more up on the East Coast set, for the 8 now being 12 locations to Go Free!

Chademo is now starting with a big leap against the CCS consortium.

The GM/German auto manufacturer block hasn’t even left the gate. Tesla and CHAdeMO seem to really be gaining momentum. For folks buying a Frankenplug car, just hope somebody makes a CHAdeMO adapter.