CHAdeMO Chargers In Europe – Numbers On Map Edition

MAR 20 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

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Nissan LEAF Grabs Some Juice

CHAdeMO Association instructed us to check out the latest map of CHAdeMO chargers in Europe.  So, we did.

From 1,000 in late January, now we have 1,072 in Europe and 3,643 globally. The US now clocks in at 592 units.

In Europe, the UK has 193 CHAdeMO points.  Estonia too is on the right track; where all of them were installed by ABB in a government sponsored project. Spain at 108 and France with 107 are fighting for a podium spot. But Norway (with 96), Netherlands (with 74) and Denmark (with 56) probably will win anyways counting CHAdeMO chargers via per capita.

Germany has 52 CHAdeMOs, so just 4 more than small Ireland. 34 are in Belgium and 30 for Switzerland.  The 10 unit level was exceeded by Sweden where we see 20, Finland and Portugal both at 17, and Austria – 13.

The rest of the pack has over 25 CHAdeMO chargers combined.

Another few hundred CHAdeMO chargers are under construction, most of them being in the U.K., France, Denmark, Netherlands and Norway.

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How does Europe have so many chargers when EVs are selling better in the USA?

I guess everyone assumed they would sell better in Europe due to their high gas prices. But instead they ended up selling better in the USA.

Nope, it is because distances between cities are shorter, so various organisations and motor manufacturers think that it makes more sense to install quick chargers on highways. At least that is the way it is in the UK. I’ve driven to both Edinburgh and Newquay from London in my LEAF, that is the US equivalent of driving from New York to Florida and LA.

Companies like that are dedicated to providing sustainable energy and installing DCFC. (pictured above)

Many EU countries are focused on moving to renewable, secure energy sources … and offer incentives for EV and infrastructure. A higher awareness to emissions, applying higher taxes and constraints to highest emitters. (fuel taxes & g/km of CO2).

In US DCFC initivitives have been grants to specific companies and not open competition to any organization deploying sustainable infrastructure. Oregon is unique at state level as it offers EVSE deployment tax credits for DCFC (not just Level2 AC).

The UK at least has so many chargers because the Government has paid for them, regardless of use.
Some have only been used a couple of times since installation.

Far sighted investment or Government throwing away money on ideologically motivated scams.

Take your pick.

Wow! Finland has the most? Why do we never hear about EVs being sold there?

UK has the most, but I think you looked at the 160 from Estonia, which is south of Finland but covered in hole by the number.
With Russia as neighbour and supplier of your oil and natural gas, Estonia did the right thing by pushing EVs. EV prices have to come down a little more and sales per capita will be great there. But it’s a small country after all (like Denmark or the Netherlands, not as whealthy but the economy seems to be fresh and healthy there).