Number Of DC Fast Chargers In California – CHAdeMO, Supercharger, CCS


According to PlugShare, the state of Californians is home to 652 DC fast chargers.  Of the 652, CHAdeMO accounts for nearly half at 324.  Tesla’s Supercharger tally (stall count) stands at 224 in California, while CCS takes up the rear at 104.

It’s not surprising that CHAdeMO leads the way, as it got a jump start on the others, but what is surprising is that there are now over 100 CCS chargers in California.  Much of the CCS growth occurred in 2014 and early 2015 and looking at the growth curve shows us that CCS installs are picking up pace.

The state of California is claimed to be home to 6,597 public Level 2 chargers in addition to the 652 fast chargers, making it the clear leader in the U.S. with Texas far behind in second with 1,547 public Level 2 chargers and 96 fast chargers, according to PlugShare.

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It’s pretty sad that in Texas we have probably around 50 Chademo and zero CCS in the entire state.

A better question is how many DC QC installed in Texas since SAE CCS became a certified standard in early 2014?

Many CHAdeMO stations were installed in 2012-2014. A contrast is MO where places like St. Louis & Kanas City have great SAE CCS coverage.

California and Georgia are is similar situation with many new DC chargers being deployed in 2014; unlike Oregon and Washington deployment that mostly occurred in 2012-2014.

Best bet is not to complain about lack of SAE CCS; but to request additional DC QC locations be deployed.

The charger stall count doesn’t tell the whole story- CHAdeMO chargers tend to be clustered around a small number of metro areas while superchargers are spread out along the interstate highway system. I recently went on a supercharger-powered road trip from northern California to Illinois and I considered getting the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter. Then I looked at a map and realized that there weren’t any CHAdeMO chargers in places I wanted to go that were out of range of superchargers. Luckily I was able to charge overnight at level 2 chargers when I ventured off the supercharger route.


Yup! This is one of several reasons we’re switching to a Tesla Model 3 in 2017 when our Leaf’s lease is up.

Teslas also don’t have a silly upper limit on level 2 charging. If the charger can output 15 kW, then the car will charge at that rate, not at 6.6 or even 3.3 kW. It’s an even cheaper solution to widespread charger infrastructure than quick chargers.

It’s a bit soon to know whether the Model 3 will have a charging limit and at what level… I don’t know the technical implications * cost of the associated HW in the S, but if having such a high charging ability on AC is expensive to provide, the 3 may not have it.

I keep seeing people assuming that the Model 3 will be exactly like the S, but a bit smaller and a lot cheaper. No way. Tesla will need to reduce costs by a variety of means, as well as create feature differentiation between the model lines. It won’t be limited to the battery size.

Most of the new CCS chargers are dual standard with CHAdeMO.

A big chunk of the CHAdeMO installs are at Nissan dealers and they’re often both poorly maintained (overheat condition) and hostile towards non-Nissan products.

you pop up to charge and you better have purchase at that dealer or boy or boy are you in for it .the shit they say is out of this world.

That’s a very general statement lacking facts.

For California, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, & Washington ere are more non-dealer DC QC locations than dealer DC QC locations. (there may be more states, haven’t checked all … just count numbers using Plugshare data)

Lacking facts?
Well, I’m in Northern California.

The CHAdeMO stations here are mostly at Nissan dealers.
They are usually blocked. You have to go in and ask them to move their cars. They usually won’t say “No” but it’s a hassle.
Oh, and eVgo charges you daylight robbery rates to use it.

I’d like to see the count of truly public chargers. Forget the Tesla “destination” chargers or the CHAdeMO or CCS chargers at car dealers.

I lost it.

Jay! Haha, good old SNL Celebrity Jeopardy. Love it.

“Good Lord, you answered Indoors… Are we filming this…”

Number of Chademo chargers between LA and
the Oregon border:


Even though this is the most heavily traveled interstate in California.

I’m guessing you mean either the Bay Area or Sacramento. There are plenty of CHAdeMOs between LA and Oregon…

Yeah, he definitely has to mean between Sacramento and Oregon.

The first DCQC in the U.S. was installed in Vacaville, halfway between SF and Sacto.