NRG eVgo Offers Free Charging at LAX Through Newly Launched Park ‘N Charge Program


For a Limited Time, Charging Will be Free

For a Limited Time, Charging Will be Free

NRG eVgo has announced that its new “Park ‘N Charge” program at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is officially underway.

NRG eVgo Logo

NRG eVgo Logo

The program provides free charging (at least until March 31, 2014) for EV drivers, but parking will cost you.

Terry O’Day, Vice President of Business Development for NRG eVgo in California, stated:

“Unveiling these first charging stations in the NRG eVgo Los Angeles-area network with Park ‘N Fly will make it convenient for drivers of plug-in cars to reliably charge their car while traveling in and out of Los Angeles International Airport.  NRG eVgo is proud to bring electric vehicle charging to the Park ‘N Fly LAX location and to offer travelers free electric car charging through the “Park ‘N Charge” program starting this holiday season.”

Those interested in taking advantage of the program will have to “download a coupon redeemable for complimentary eVgo charging online” at this link.

The lot chosen by NRG eVgo is a valet park site at “Park ‘N Fly LAX – located within walking distance of Terminal One.”  

It’s $21 per day (a reasonable fee for LAX) to park there, but charging is free.


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I wonder if they get more cars than chargers if they will rotate the EVs around.

EVgo and Park N Fly have this setup at IAH already. And they do ask for your keys to rotate vehicles at busy times. I was actually parked there all week while traveling over the holidays. Luckily parking is only $8 / day here in Houston.

How about 120V plugs. Cheap, easy, plentiful and can charge a Tesla fully in two days. Sounds like something that will fail like ECOtality.

I agree 120V charging would be fine for airport parking. My big issue would be leaving my charging cable unprotected for days on end. If someone came up with a cheap non-networked 120v J1772 plug, it would be perfect for airport and maybe workplace charging. Get the cost under $200 and allow it to be hard wired to existing 120 circuits.