NRG eVgo Lays Claims To Largest Commercial Charging Station Installation

OCT 30 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

eVgo: 80 Fast Chargers in California

eVgo: 80 Fast Chargers in California

NRG eVgo announced completion of its largest corporate installation project in Southern California.

60 charging stations were installed at Sony Pictures Entertainment’s historic lot and its offices in Culver City and are available for employees.

Besides installation, NRG eVgo will also manage the charging stations with support 24 hours a day.

“Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) elected to participate in the eVgo Ready for Electric Vehicle (REV) program. The REV program provides qualified workplaces with turn-key EV charging solutions, in addition to providing charger maintenance and driver support 24 hours a day. The Level 2 chargers, dedicated for the use of individual employees, are compatible with all EVs, fully charge most during the workday and integrate seamlessly with eVgo’s comprehensive network of home and on-the-go charging stations giving range confidence to EV drivers wherever they choose to charge.”

Noteworthy is that Sony Pictures Entertainment since 2008 has offered eco-incentives to employees who choose to purchase a qualifying hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric or electric vehicle through its Alternative Vehicles Incentive program.

More than 300 EVs were purchased through AVI and, according to the press release, a daily average of 90 electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are parking at the studio’s headquarters in Culver City. Charging stations will definitely be useful.

Terry O’Day, Vice President of NRG eVgo in California stated:

“Working with SPE, an iconic brand in entertainment and technology, demonstrates that EV charging at work is no longer a novelty; it is a necessity for the best employers. As the largest corporate electric vehicle charging program in Southern California, SPE is joining the largest comprehensive EV charging network in the greater Los Angeles area. NRG eVgo stands ready to partner with other companies like SPE that are committed to making a difference for their employees, their community and our environment.”

Craig Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Global Facilities at SPE commented:

“The studio is always looking for ways to empower our employees to be sustainable both at home and at work. Thanks in part to the Alternative Vehicles Eco-Incentive, demand for EV charging infrastructure was high and increasing. Our partnership with NRG eVgo has been critical in helping our employees choose these eco-friendly vehicles with the confidence of access to charging at work.”

eVgo is expanding its fast charging network in California and already announced 80 DC fast chargers installed.

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Cool. I wish more employers would do this.

Too bad Sony’s Culver Facility has become an outsourcing hub– most of the CG Artists they used to hire for their films, were forced to work in Canada. 😛

Many of those charging spaces, are there for Green PR, only.

That used to be MGM studios lot, wasn’t it?

From above … “The Level 2 chargers, dedicated for the use of individual employees, are compatible with all EVs” makes use of incorrect terminology.

We should not be calling the equipment “Level 2 chargers”, they’re charging-stations, charge-points, charging-spaces, or charging-stalls … all EVSE (EV Support Equipment). The electric circuit inside the EVSE is essentially an extention cord and a switch with enhanced safety features. The safety part is to not energise the circuit switch unless an EV has established a handshake with the EVSE.

The “charger” that gets plugged into a Level 2 circuit is installed in the vehicle (EV). The conversion from AC-to-DC occurs in the on-board “charger”, not the external box delivering AC power.

DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) are actual “chargers” where AC-to-DC conversion occurs outside the vehicle. The higher current delivered with DCFC make them too large to carry on-board an EV.

This is getting tiring.. Absolutely everyone knows this…. Why keep mentioning it other than just to hear yourself talk? To avoid continual harangues from you guys I now always call it a CDSC (Charging Docking Station Connector).

What is much more interesting to me, is what is the current rating of the individual 60 units? Even at 16 amps a piece, that’s a lot of juice.

Brian, you’ve now certifiably joined the realm of the “BIG EXPERT”.

You can’t even get the information in your post correct, and you have the nerve to criticize others on such a trivial thing?

EVSE is Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.

The Googleplex has got to have more chargers total than that but they are spread around. But there was one lot I saw that had to have around 40 chargers.

it would be interesting to see how many are at Google. It strikes me that there are more than 80 in one or more parking lots.

Regardless this is great news!