NRG eVgo Assists Renters In Charging Electric Cars In California

MAR 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

Cable too short?

Cable too short?

NRG eVgo announced a new offer of charging stations for those who live in multi-family housing communities in California.

This is rather interesting as charging a vehicle at an apartment is often challenging

Under the Take Charge program, plug-in electric car owners can get charging stations installed at no cost (at least in qualified apartment communities), and then pay a monthly fee thereafter – although we don’t see a price list a this point. A similar offer was launched earlier for employers.

If programs like Take Charge are successful, it could for sure open electric cars to a broader market.

To learn more, visit website or attend the Take Charge tour:

“The Take Charge tour launches on March 27 and runs through June 2015, with stops planned in cities across California, including Fremont, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Torrance, Long Beach, Huntington Beach and San Diego. Live events in each city will provide residents with an inside look at owning an EV, and hear about the special opportunity to get EV charging capabilities at home. Interested community members can request charging where they live and enter for a chance to win prizes including a 3-year lease on a new Nissan LEAF® or $12,500. Kia® Soul EVs will be on display in each city for attendees to get a firsthand look at the brand’s first-ever fully electric vehicle sold in the U.S.”

Terry O’Day, vice president of business development at NRG eVgo stated:

“Renters could be left out of the EV movement unless they have a reliable option for charging their cars at home. As demand for electric vehicles rises in California, we believe that everyone should have access to at-home charging. For a limited time, multi-family housing communities are eligible for upgrades to support electric vehicle charging at no cost to qualified property owners.”

“Driving an EV saves time, money and the environment, and we want this opportunity to be available to everyone. For rental property owners, we find that offering charging on-premises raises property value and creates competitive advantage.”

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Having a “home base” nighttime parking spot with a charger is really a necessity for an EV. Gotta wake up every morning to a full charge and that covers 95+% of charging needs.

Nope. I would charge to 80% to go easy on my pack, and that still left me able to skip a night or two’s charging.

…and I know someone in a multiunit building, relying entirely on public charging. What, you think everyone picks a place in a different county from their job?

I’ll be interested to see their pricing/monthly fees for this. So far in my experience they are putting their chargers at good locations but are one of the most expensive charging options out there.

Yup, those guys charge top dollar to charge. Imagine waiting 30mins, paying $10 in order to travel 50-60 miles. No joke, that’s their rate for L3 charging in California.

I’m pretty sure their L2 rates will negate whatever savings a renter may get by going with an EV.

I agree, the monthly charge would probably eat up any savings an apartment dweller would have in purchasing an electric car.

MDUs are a problem. They need to assign costs, but a bunch of separate chargers going in one by one seems like an expensive way to do it. Personally, I feel that it needs a good solution that’s plans for enabling all spots, but allows groups of spots to be enabled att once, using a shared charger that can smartly apportion charging. Otherwise, installation costs will be higher, there’d be a need for more extra service and you’d end up with high management fees for something that could be mansged locally.