NRG eVgo and Simon Property Group Unveil First SAE Combo, CHAdeMO and AC J1772 Charging Station in US

SEP 30 2013 BY MARK KANE 18

Combo charger plug for NA

Combo charger plug for NA

NRG eVgo, along with Simon Property Group, announced the official opening of US’ first electric vehicle charging station compatible with all plug-in vehicles on the road (excluding Tesla…sort of, but not really).

This latest Freedom Station features SAE Combo, CHAdeMO and, of course, AC J1772 (compatible with Tesla by using an adapter) connectors and is installed at Fashion Valley in San Diego.

What is interesting is that the DC fast chargers with CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors are separate devices.  The supplier of the SAE Combo unit is ABB. DC fast chargers typically are able to recharge up to an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes.

Terry O’Day, Vice President of Business Development for NRG eVgo in California stated:

“California accounts for one-third of all electric vehicle sales in the US. The NRG eVgo Freedom Station at Fashion Valley gives California drivers freedom to go anywhere they want in the coolest cars on the road and at lower prices than gasoline cars. With charging options at your home, apartments and work combined with on-the-go charging, our mission is to make it even easier to choose to drive an electric car.”

George Caraghiaur, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Simon Property Group added:

“Announcing our first NRG eVgo Freedom Station site at Fashion Valley Mall reinforces our commitment to sustainability while also providing shoppers with unparalleled service and convenience. This continues our leadership in developing a more sustainable shopping experience.”

What is interesting is that NRG eVgo is ready to upgrade its Freedom Stations if EVs numbers will grow:

“Freedom Station sites are also wired for the addition of a second DC charger which can be done virtually overnight.”

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I was talking with a representative of EVGO just a few days ago in Dallas at the national plug-in day. He said they were going to be installing stations at Simon Malls. This seems to confirm that. Which is great, I’ve been saying for years that malls should be the number 1 place to install charging stations! They need a few DC quick charge stations and a few dozen L2 stations at every mall.

Yeah, malls seem like a great place. You can spend a lot of time there and they have the electrical infrastructure to make installation of chargers easy. And I agree . . . put in lots of L2s there . . . it helps make the mall a destination that EV owners will go to.

It was nice to meet you there. 🙂

Just visited a simon mall this weekend – didn’t need a charge, but a dozen or more J1772 as well as a reasonable set of quick charge would be a welcome addition.

It’ll be interesting to see what $$ model they use. I’d suggest 20A J1772 be free, higher power J1772 have some per kwh fee. Make the DC quick charge a per kwh too. (all this after an appropriate free intro period)

wait – I forgot- it’s Simon along with EVGO -I’ll guess it’ll be their standard pricing. oh well.

Free does not work – you will end up with employees parking there and hogging the spots all day. So unless you plan on filling the parking lot up with charging stations – no go.

Perhaps 1 hour free with every $10 spent at the mall would work.

I prefer a time of stay charge. Otherwise folks will hang on a charger needlessly.

We just seriously need for one of the parties to this to just give in, at this point.

Oh, yea, and we need an agreement on charging standards as well….. 🙂

This is for you Scott. No budget, no pay petition.

OK GM and BMW, it is time to start shipping Spark EV and i3 cars with the SAE-Combo charger input. You too, Chrysler with the Fiat 500e.

And Ford, you need to add it to the Focus as well (assuming you continue to sell it).

I’m in the market for something that will replace my pickup. A Rav4EV would really do the job if it had a QC port…

yep, The BMW i3 pictured with a sae combo plug charged at that location on Saturday morning. The car took on 80% of its capacity in 15 minutes.

Serious game changer as they begin to roll these out,

I don’t know – doesn’t seem like most of the CHAdeMO stations that have been deployed really change things all that much. There are still too few DCQC stations – and most locations that have a single DCQC station really should have 2 or more of them to increase availability.

Sure quick-charging is awesome, but how is this more of a game-changer than the thousands of (just as powerful) CHAdeMO units deployed a bit everywhere, already serving close to hundred thousand EVs?

It’s not – unless you plan on buying a car that will use the combo plug.

What is really a game changer are the free Tesla Supercharger stations, especially combined with the 85 kWh Model S.

Up to 120 kW charge rate and “free” for life for Model S owners.

I just really wish there wasn’t 3 different DC charging standards being deployed and only one that all cars could use.

For example – could you imagine if anyone could use those Tesla Superchargers? Even if Tesla charged non-Tesla owners well above market rates, simply knowing that they were available if needed in a pinch would help grow the overall market.

Similarly, the fact that Tesla owners can’t use currently deployed CHAdeMO stations not only hurts people trying to deploy CHAdeMO networks, but also hurts Tesla since in many areas there are quite a few CHAdeMO stations and not any Superchargers.

This standards war is choking the growth of the EV industry.

Supercharging network is not free to Tesla owners- the cost is included in the purchase price of the car. It will not be included in the Model E price.

“What is interesting is that the DC fast chargers with CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors are separate devices.”

Really? If two cars with the same connector arrive at the same time, one will need to wait for the connector to be free, even if there is two fast chargers at the same station. ABB just release a single charger with both connectors, which is much more flexible.

Yes. I should write “strange”. NRG probably have deal with Nissan to use Nissan’s CHAdeMO units.