Refreshed 2017 Ford C-Max Energi Gets $4,650 Lower Price, Now From $27,120

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Ford C-Max Energi sales in U.S. – November 2016

Ford C-Max Energi sales in U.S. – November 2016

Ford C-Max sales in U.S. (available as both a hybrid and plug-in hybrid) have been decreasing over the past few years in the US,:

  • from 35,210 in 2013,
  • to 27,595 in 2014,
  • to 21,768 in 2015,
  • and now 17,650 in 2016 through November
Ford C-MAX Energi

Ford C-MAX Energi

As part of that equation, the plug-in hybrid C-Max Energi has also seen some slight sales loss between its first full 2 years on the market and the last two (7,154 in 2013, 8,433 in 2014, 7,591 in 2015 and 6,668 so far this year).

However, because the conventional hybrid version is losing ground much faster, the C-Max Energi sales share for the model has steadily been increasing – reaching a record 58.9% in October, with the overall average for this year at 38%.

To date, over 32,000 C-Max Energi have been sold in the U.S.

For 2017, Ford is trying to stop the bleeding with the model, giving the C-Max a slightly new design tweak in the US…but still not on par with the recent more significant changes in Europe – where the C-Max rolls down a different automotive line.

Notes Car & Driver on the new look:

Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi

“Surprisingly, the U.S. C-Max’s exterior updates deviate from those of the European model. If the European-spec C-Max underwent a full facelift, then the changes to our model are more like a shot of Botox.

There’s a restyled grille, new wheels, and new headlights and taillights, all of which make for a tall hatchback that’s still not as handsome as the one Ford is selling across the pond.”

As part of the push to increase sales in the US, the 2017 C-Max Energi  adds a lower SE trim (over the Titanium), with pricing now starting $4,650 lower at $27,120 (+$875 DST).  After deducting the $4,007 federal tax credit for the 7.6 kWh battery, the final effective price is $23,988.

The 2017 C-Max Energi (like the recent 2017 Fusion Energi upgrade) is also slightly more efficient.  The PHEV’s 95 MPGe city rating gets a bump to 104 MPGe, and from 81 to 87 MPGe on the highway.

It’s not clear yet to what degree this new efficiency will have on the 2016 C-Max Energi’s 19 mile electric range rating, but as its stable made Fusion Energi moved from 19 to 21 miles, we expect to see the same all-electric range once the data is available via the EPA.

The current generation of C-Max production in the US is scheduled to end in 2018, and it is our belief that the current C-Max Energi will give way to new plug-in hybrid offerings in Ford’s lineup, and this slight refresh and price decrease is an initiative to get maximum value out of the established (nee paid for) production line in Wayne, Michigan before it winds down.

But whatever the reason for the move…it is good news for EV buyers in the US, as the C-Max Energi becomes one of the most affordable PHEVs money can buy.

Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi


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“Prius Prime, Prius Prime, Prius Prime.”
-A thing Ford CEOs should have never said out loud in front of the mirror.

When I picked up my wife’s CMax Energi, Ford was offering about $5k off MSRP (in addition to the $4k tax credit). It sounds like they updated the MSRP to build that in. Good for them. But the actual out-the-door price probably hasn’t changed much.

It will be sad to see the CMax go in 2018. My wife loves her “mom-mobile” as she calls it. It’s nothing fancy, but nor does it stick out like my Leaf. It’s a great family car, although it’s small by American standards.

I’m still hoping Ford will revive the Escape Hybrid, and offer an Energi option for it. That would sell very well IMHO.

I can’t tell from the article is the $27,120 MSRP or a number after a rebate??

New lower trim is $27,120 plus destination fee which gives the total of $27,995. It puts it directly against the base Prime price.

Thats a pretty decent price!!

“As part of the push to increase sales in the US, the 2017 C-Max Energi adds a lower SE trim (over the Titanium), with pricing now starting $4,650 lower at $27,120 (+$875 DST). After deducting the $4,007 federal tax credit for the 7.6 kWh battery, the final effective price is $23,988.”

I read that to mean that the $27,120 is the new MSRP. The tax credit is $4,007 due to the smaller battery, which makes it $23,998 after the tax credit. It will be lower still in states with other credits/rebates.

I was hoping for an Escape Energi also (a couple years ago).

I drove the Fusion Energi and was considering a lease on it, but the trunk was just unusable with baby stuff (stroller etc.). I didn’t give the C-Max a shot.

Now Bolt, LEAF 2.0, and Model 3 are too close for me to squeeze in a short lease.

Your last sentence points out an interesting detail in the EV world right now: How manufacturers, dealers, and customers step from gen 1 to gen 2 of electric cars.

I think a lot of people will be in the position you describe — they really want to get an EV, but the market is very chunky right now, with only a few product introductions of interest, and those are coming soon (but not soon enough). I’m happy that my 2013 Leaf is still working out so well for me, since it will easily let me bridge to my second EV, likely a Leaf 2.0, in 2 or 3 years.

As more companies get on the EV bandwagon, and those on it bring out additional models, this chunkiness issue will subside, but for now it’s a bit of a challenge.

I bought a 2016 back in August for just over $25K, plus the federal tax credit and state rebate made is less than $20K out the door

The C-Max always should have been a BEV. Hopefully the 2018 version will have an under floor BEV variant.

I hope so, too. Feel free to hold your breath, I won’t. Of course, if Ford was at all interested in doing something novel, they would do a full BEV Lincoln sedan. It wouldn’t be a Tesla, but if it were perhaps $50k, had at least 150 miles of range, there’s a market for that.

Only issue with it is a couple of bad blind spots (if you live in a city)

Yes, any car has some blind spots. The CMax has much better visibility than my Leaf (how’s that for a low bar? 😉 – if you have seen the Leaf’s A-Pillar, you know what I mean!) In fact, it is better than most cars I have owned.

Wow, nearly 40% of all C-Max are the energi model? I knew it was pretty high but I hadn’t realized by that amount.

The only choices are Hybrid or Energi, so I’m not surprised.

Two key factors:
– They need the ZEV credits so they’ve had some great deals on the Energis.
– With low gas prices, hybrid car sales have fallen, leaving the market more to enthusiasts, which should raise the take rate on the plug-in variants.

True, Mike I. and ItsNotAboutTheMoney Good points from you both.

I knew the rate was higher than the average conversion, I just had not realized it was that high. 🙂

Yep… I said a while back the Prius Prime would be cutting into C-Max Energi sales. It’s an all-around better offering. The Fusion Energi is not as likely to be affected since it is quite a different offering and was never in the same price range to begin with.

Truth is there was no focus group that told Ford to put 7.6kwh in their next Energi model. The discount shows where Mark Fields is coming from. His ilk decided to under-battery a car, that they still had to put an engine in…for 2017.

At least some more will get their PHEV feet wet. And more power to them, if trying to avoid fat A-pillars. That’s a place where multiple GM models suffer. I’m starting to think all roads point to Pacifica 😉

What’s with the Nissan Leaf wheels they added?

This is largely a knee-jerk reaction to the Prime pricing. Unfortunately it won’t be enough. Other than the fact that it has a 5th seat, it comes up short of the Prime on almost all other metrics: electric range, MPGe, MPG, price after rebate.
At best they might stem the bleeding a little with the new price, but I doubt it will increase sales much.

2017 C-Max Energi gets active shutters, which may account for the 1 mpg increase in highway mpg and 1 additional EV mile now at 20 miles.

With the new wheels and lights, the 2017 C-Max looks more sporty.

C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi are getting close in sales, but C-Max Hybrid is still ahead YTD: 10,982 to 6,668. C-Max Energi outsold the Hybrid just once this year in October.

The 2016 had active shutters as well.

To match Prius Prime.

Nothing else to see here…

So you can buy a little plug-in hybrid for $23,988 which allows you to drive a good number of electric miles and still has all the “advantages” of a gas car.

If I were king of the world, I’d ban all conventional ICE-only vehicles at this point. You need to build at least PHEVS that have at least 25 miles of range. No excuses.

This is great news. Hope the plugin version of Ioniq and Niro will be priced accordingly so that they can compete with C-Max Energi and Prius Prime.

But we have to note that C-Max plugin has 119 cu. ft. interior volume and a 5-passenger seating while Prius Prime has only 111 cu. ft. and a 4-passenger seating.

If someone is ok with these limitations and feel that the 52 MPG of Prius Prime is more important, then they can go with this model. Besides Prius is very popular while C-Max may end in 2018.

The extra room is all in the passenger space (thus the extra seat). In cargo volume the C-Max is smaller (19.2 vs 19.8 cu ft).

Nissan has finally announced the availability of Leaf-2017 and it has only 3 trims all with 30 KWh battery and a 107 mile range.
All these prices exclude the destination charge of another $865.
S – $30,680
SV – $34,200
SL – $36,790

The S24 model with 24 KWh battery offered in 2016 is gone. Meanwhile Ford Focus-EV also is getting a 33 KWh battery which will give a range of between 110 – 115 miles and is going to be priced at around $30,000. Once again the price decrease for the electric’s has started, thanks to the launch of Chevy-Bolt with a massive 238 mile range and an affordable $ 37,500 price tag that pushes all others to reduce their price.

Still Electric versions of Kia Niro & Hyundai Ioniq are pending with the prices and both the models may have around 120 mile range.

We can expect the next big change to come when Tesla launches Model-3.

Leaf 2 will arrive before M3

If that was 100% Electric it would steal Leaf sales bigtime.

I test drove a c-max once but scratched it off my list due to it’s short EV range and the intrusion of the battery into the luggage compartment. Other than these issues, there’s a lot to like about this car. Now I’ve learned that it’s one of only a few cars that can be dinghy (flat) towed behind a motorhome, which has put it back on for consideration. I could use it for the dinghy tow vehicle, but I need to find some other uses for it to justify.