Now You Know Test Drives Tesla Model 3 – Video

DEC 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 34

Now You Know gets to know the Tesla Model 3

Now You Know had a chance to test drive the Tesla Model 3 and now they know that it’s a special car. The initial impressions are very positive.

Tesla Model 3 (source: Now You Know)

We gathered some of the insights from the driver and three passengers:

  • looks stunning
  • spacious interior
  • quick acceleration
  • you can see they sky through glass roof
  • comfortable driving position
  • back seats fits tall guys
  • Autopilot
  • screen is readable
  • brakes works strong and smooth

Well, we believe that similar feedback should be expected when Model 3 owners present the car to their friends, but still the overwhelming majority of Model 3 “reviews” thus far have been of the positive variety.

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So many “famous” automakers but still no one has made or even announced an electric car that can beat a tesla which is just a “startup”.

That’s because they are too busy raking in huge profits on their current products, which is their primary responsibility to their shareholders.
As a young company (they are no longer a startup), Tesla is not in a position to do this, but rather to push to be relevant as a mainstream automaker. They’re on their way.
The incombants’ EVs are also on their way, and no doubt we will see come casualties in this upcoming battle. Anyone claiming they know who should use their crystal ball on the lottery.

You are right. I hope tesla also starts making profit so they can make many more products in the long run.

Another Euro point of view
Exactly, it is completely normal for a fast growing company to post losses but a 2 billion loss (full 2017) for increasing sales from like 75K cars (one bag of peanuts) to 100K cars (2 bags of peanuts), something is to adding up right. Growth we are witnessing here is good but nothing to write home about. Other car companies are growing their EVs business on a fast lane too (BMW, BAIC, Renault) and not posting billions of losses. Out of Elon’s self admittance he is mainly interested in engineering issues with financial aspects having to take care of themselves (and it shows…). Arguably the best way to start as a car maker in the EV business is to design the EV and have it built by someone else, like Jaguar or NIO does. What Tesla is doing the exact the opposite of what business books says, it is awesome to watch though. Now if against all odds it succeeds it would be an amazing feat. That doesn’t mean that what Elon Musk has achieved so far is not extraordinary, it is, but it doesn’t mean that it can be monetized in the long run by Tesla as a company.… Read more »

Tesla isn’t the only to grow share, at the expense of profit. I think what you’re saying is true. “Peanuts” aren’t the story, right now. I don’t think it’s whether 1,000, or 4,000, Model 3’s are delivered in Q4, either. The story is whether that line is running.

On = ~5,000 per week
Off = production karaoke

“Growth we are witnessing here is good but nothing to write home about.”

As has been said: “You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.”

Here are the actual facts regarding Tesla’s growth, which is astonishingly rapid for a heavy industry manufacturer, and certainly far, far faster than any other auto maker of any size:

Tesla’s global automobile sales totals:
2012: 2650
2013: 22,300
2014: 31,655 (+41.95%)
2015: 50,580 (+59.8%)
2016: 76,230 (+50.7%)

Actually most old players fall to new technology. The best example is Eastman Kodak. They invented the digital camera, and yet their entire business got rolled by it anyways.

Hewlett Packard said it best (I believe it was them) that if you are going to get rolled over by new technology, its best if you do the rolling, even if that means half your company is killing the other half.

Its easy to say, hard to do.

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

Or look at Xerox. They had all the technology to jump into the new world of personal computing, back in the 70s and 80s. They could never execute. Partly because they were ahead of the curve, but partly because they had a lot of legacy to carry, unlike Apple.

Daniel, you are so right.
Tesla has the Technology and easily adapt the worksto any shapeorsizeof vehicl.
A manufacturer should get into bed with Tesla and we could have a new generation of electric cars for use in all sorts of conditions.
Tesla’s tech trickery can be simplified to produce an Eco Car for every market in the world.
However tech Trickery is Profitable!

I was just kidding. Sorry

“Why buy an S?”
“Even if it were the same price, I’d buy this”

That’s great news for EVs, not such great news for Tesla. There’s some info to suggest they’re is about to launch a new/revised S. I hope so.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“you can see they sky through glass roof”

You’ll also feel the baking/roasting heat in the summer.

No, you won’t, at least not if it’s anything like the glass they use in the Model S.

Chargepoint makes a Tesla-style charger?

Does anyone have a dimension for the width of the trunk, say for hauling a large flat object (think TV)?

Trunk opening: 18.5×42 inches

Trunk dimensions:

Rear seats up (normal).
44″ front to back. 19″ high to parcel shelf level at the rear.
38 1/2″ width front, 64″ width rear.
Well: 39″ wide, 20″ front to rear, 10″ deep.

With the rear seats folded down, the cargo space is cavernous:

ERROR! Oops… 😳

Please disregard the “Trunk dimensions” specs. That is from a 2013 post, so obviously not for the Tesla Model 3.

“…the cargo space is cavernous…”

I know it’s just me, but when I put a 27″ TV (tube type, not flat screen) in the back of my ’02 Hyundai Elantra GT, while still in the box, and could close the hatch; to me, that was cavernous.

Yes, I know I’m an outlier, I know I “could buy a Model X”, but I’ve had my fair share of SUV’s when I was younger. I understand that if want a hatchback, the Model 3 isn’t for me. Elon won’t build a Model 3 hatchback “just for me”, although some fellow had his S turned into a station wagon just for the benefit if his dog.
That ain’t me, either.

Sorry dawg, can’t fit that 57″ tv but you can fit a surfboard.

Surfboard in Michigan? Road trip time.

I give Tesla credit for their innovative spirit, but once BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, GM, Toyota, VW and few others have their own “Tesla-killers” it will be all over for Mr. Musk.

Tesla will be bought by one of the big/global car manufacturers, becoming a faded division maybe, then again Tesla, as a company will die sooner rather than later. It’s sad to read and watch videos of people listing the endless quality issues … problems everywhere; I will never buy a car with that price tag, to have to deal with endless issues, forget it!

Have you seen the Porsche Mission E specs? it’s amazing, it’s a Porsche, it will kill the Model S in no time. How about what BMW, VW, Toyota, Mercedes have planned between now and only 2 or 3 years away? as a pretty much a single player now it’s barely making it; they will not stand a chance when bug players join then soon, very soon …

And how many of these automakers have functional autopilot with their own supercharger network. Tesla is hard to kill

I am more worried about “Waymo” killing Tesla rather than any other automaker.

Another Euro point of view

In all logic it should indeed fail but right know I think Tesla is somehow deemed “too entertaining” to fail. People would gladly put some more money in this venture to watch yet another episode of Musk’s “Jules Verne” type of story. It could carry on like this for many years. I mean people spend money for film making, why not into some large scale industrial reality show ?

That’s quite an unusual perspective, but maybe closer to the truth than many would like to admit.

Certainly 400k people were willing to crowdsource the Tesla spectacle with less than they spend on their annual cable bill. And people like Pi-Pi spend all their waking hours fact checking and commenting, so clearly it’s worth more to him than any Pay TV subscription.

And last month’s theatrical reveal episode brought two new spinoff series: “Revenge of the Semi” and “The Last Roadster”.

Most of us hope Tesla is successful transforming from a boutique to a mass market manufacturer, but regardless of what happens to the company, your previous point that Tesla already has a place in history as the prime driver of vehicle electrification, is spot on. And that was worth the price of admission!

“Have you seen the Mission E specs?”

You can’t drive “specs”. I think it will be incredibly hard for these companies to catch up. Tesla, and to a lesser degree Nissan and BMW , have close to a decade of the minor refinements in the design and construction of EVs. This head start is critically important when it comes to getting the last 10% of the performance/efficiency/durability out of an EV drivetrain.

Just look at the range of the Bolt vs M3. The base M3 is a mid-size car with a smaller battery and its range and acceleration will probably as good or better than the compact-car Bolt. The iPace has a 90kWh battery and low 200 mile range. My wife’s 2016 Volt is 20% more efficient than my 2012…. All the legacy companies are way behind and I don’t know if they will be able to catch up. Companies like Fiat could become the Nokia of the 2020s

Model 3 is longer than Bolt, but is there more passenger room?

The problem with iPace is the shape. It looks much better than the bloated Model X, but it not nearly as aerodynamic. We’ll see what the market likes.

If nothing else, competition will force Tesla to fix their fit/finish problems.

@Doggydogworld, Model 3 is a sport sedan vs a hatchback Bolt therefore interior space will not be as roomy. But the passenger room in Model 3 is 97 cf vs 74 cf for Bolt.

Bolt EV has 95 cf of passenger space and 23 cf of cargo space vs 97 and 17 respectively for the Model 3. All numbers based on US DOE website. Pretty close.

@Scott Bsgley, “Have you seen the Mission E specs?” ?

What’s specs ? Porsche doesn’t have actual Mission E yet, it is under development right now. Whatever the numbers they are talking about are not with production copies. Remember, Porsche doesn’t expect to have production Mission E until 2019.

“…but once BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, GM, Toyota, VW and few others have their own ‘Tesla-killers’ it will be all over for Mr. Musk.”

Yeah, Tesla haters have been predicting that since 2012. How is that working for y’all? 😆

Tesla’s competitors keep promising to get to where Tesla is in 3-5 years… ignoring the fact that by then, Tesla is going to be 3-5 years ahead of where it is now!

It’s working quite well, actually.

In that relatively short time period all those companies have gone from “electrification won’t happen” to “it’s happening and is now our top development priority”. And all of them have the ability to build Quality & Volume, something Tesla is now heroically trying to achieve on its own.

Electrification momentum will beome Tesla’s greatest legacy, regardless of whether the company succeeds in its own right or not.

@Scott Bsgley, “How about what BMW, VW, Toyota, Mercedes have planned between now and only 2 or 3 years away?”

How’s is BMW i3 compares with Tesla Model 3 ? Faster acceleration ? Better handling ? Better styling ? Mercedes B-class electric is better than Tesla Model 3 too ? VW e-Golf is better ?

Tesla has several huge advantages over legacy automakers, the supercharger network, auto pilot, but most of all in-house battery manufacturing. Other automakers may have competing models, and they may even be as good or better than Tesla, but they will not have enough battery resources to build them in the numbers Tesla can.

So far none of the big automakers have had the courage to build their own gig-sized battery factories and the battery companies, LG, Samsung, etc. are barely keeping pace with the demand.

I think the biggest problem with the mass adoption of EVs will be battery sourcing, and Tesla is way ahead of everyone else in this regard.

Even if it turns out that there are plenty of batteries, once mass adoption of EVs commences there will be enough market for Tesla to prosper, even in the face of competition.

Right now EVs have what, around 1% market share of global sales? That means 99% of the market is still wide open. It may take decades to fulfill EV demand, even if all manufacturers build as many as they can. Once the market is saturated, the real competition will begin.

The volume winners will be the manufacturers that make a cheap BEV at price range between 10 and 20k.

And those winner are from China.

AP level5 and carsharing will not be included.
People will own there cheap manual BEV and commute much cheaper then today.