Now You Can Rent A Chevrolet Bolt For $229 Per Week

7 months ago by Jeff Perez 16

Maven Adds Chevrolet Bolt EVs to LA Line-Up

Chevy and Maven now let Uber drivers, and other freelancers, rent a Bolt for $229 a week.

Maven Adds Chevrolet Bolt EVs to LA Line-Up

GM continues to dip its toe into the car-sharing business. Following February’s partnership with Lyft that promised “thousands” of autonomous EVs on the road, GM’s wholly owned car-sharing subsidiary, Maven, will roll out the new Bolt EV to freelancers working “independent driving gigs” like GrubHub, Instacart, and others.

The program is limited to residents of California at the moment, and is currently running live in San Diego. GM will launch in San Francisco and Los Angeles later in the year. Initial partners for the program include GrubHub, Instacart, and Roadie, as well as ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, naturally.

Pricing starts at $229 per week, and includes insurance (minus deductibles), maintenance, and unlimited mileage. If renters do decide to turn the car in earlier than a week, the service won’t charge you any added fees, which is good news. Already Maven has deployed more than 100 Chevy Bolts in California, and has racked up more than 100 million miles in total throughout its entire GM fleet.

“Maven Gig is enabling freelancers to earn income through multiple sources,” said Julia Steyn, vice president, General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven. “Maven is a smart, innovative platform transforming the future of shared mobility.”

The Chevy Bolt, which will act as the centerpiece to the partnership, comes with an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles (383 kilometers). If you don’t feel like paying $229 a week to rent the electric hatch, you can always pick up a Bolt brand new for $36,620. If you need some incentive, you can always check out our “Why Buy?” on Chevy’s new EV.

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16 responses to "Now You Can Rent A Chevrolet Bolt For $229 Per Week"

  1. Jon says:

    Or get an unlimited subscription ioniq for $300/month im with sure insurance it will come several hundred cheaper

    1. William says:

      That Hyundai Ionic deal is good if you drive a lot of miles! Anybody driving over 20k annually has to take a good look at the Ionic EV deal.

      1. Big Solar says:

        whats the range on the ioniq?

        1. jim stack says:

          range is about 120 miles for the IONIQ 100% Electric.
          Bolt is about 230 miles.

          So your needs will determine which can meet those needs.

      2. Tom says:

        Dude…wait a minute. I hadn’t paid attention much to the subscription thing until you just said that. I went to Hyundai’s website and it says they will also reimburse me for charging. So my commute it 100 miles (round trip) and it says it will pay me back $138/mo at that rate for electricity. Holy cow. Issue I have is winter…Note sure I can make it 100 miles at -15F

        1. Tom says:

          Crap. Limited to California

      3. menorman says:

        Seriously, especially since they’re promising to also reimburse an amount for the first 50k miles worth of electricity.

  2. William says:

    “If renters do decide to (?) the car”. Hopefully Lease, or buy, if they can’t wait for a Tesla Model 3.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Hey William,

      Should be a “decide to turn the car” in there, whoops. Fixed, thanks!

  3. jim stack says:

    cheaper but less range on the IONIQ, still a great deal.
    Uber drivers could make either pay for itself.

  4. Hans Wurst says:

    Bring Maven to Seattle already!

  5. Ross says:

    Hope you get it soon. We have it here in DC and it is great. Has saved me from buying a car because I wanted to start driving electric, but really don’t need a car since I take almost all trips by transit. Unfortunately here they don’t install charging stations for the Volt in most places (Bolts haven’t been deployed yet anywhere other than LA, I believe), but a garage near me as a free public charger so I just use that. Their customer service leaves a bit to be desired but the vehicles are very nice.

    1. Hans Wurst says:

      I’d just love to test drive the hell out of a Bolt, to see how it compares to my ’12 Volt.
      I’d need at least a few days for that, and unless my Volt needs to get several days worth of repairs, AND my dealer just happens to have a Bolt as a loaner for me, Maven’s probably the only way to do that.

      1. Ross says:

        Check out Turo (P2P carsharing). There’s someone offering a Bolt for rent in my area.

        1. Hans Wurst says:

          Interesting, although it looks like there is only one Bolt EV available in the US (in San Jose)

          1. Hans Wurst says:

            Messing with the filters some more, I found two more Bolt EVs on Turo, one in Portland, OR, and one in Los Angeles, CA.