November Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius Plug-In Sales Strong in Japan

DEC 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – November 2017

Thanks to the introduction of next generation Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius Prime (early in 2017), the Japanese plug-in market revives itself and grows toward 1% market share.

Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime

The new Nissan LEAF, in its second month on the market, was able to register 1,912 sales (up 109%) despite the fact that Nissan was forced to stop all its plants for a while due to issues in the final inspection process for vehicles produced for the Japanese market.

In October LEAF sales began with a record of 3,629.

That would put the LEAF tally for the year at 14,619. As it’s just a few hundred units less than record year 2016, December will bring a new record for yearly LEAF sales in Japan.

In total, Nissan delivered in Japan more than 87,000 LEAFs since December 2010.

In the case of Toyota Prius Plug-In (aka Prius Prime), sales amounted to 1,670 in November and EV Sales Blog estimated 25,060 for the year. Sales in U.S. stands at 18,516.

In total, roughly 4,000 plug-in were sold in November in Japan and 46,000 so far this year.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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I know this means nothing but it still caught me off guard. Follow the link to the EV Sales Blog where you will find the 20 iMiev outsold the TOTAL of Model S and X. I think the US is waaayyy too lenient with many of our trading partners.

Space in Japan is at a premium, and the Tesla vehicles are quite large for densly populated areas.

Also note that the silly iMiEV is a Kei-car which implies you can buy it without requiring a mandatory parking space in Japan. Nothing from European or US manufacturers fit that class.

The Naked is a hilarious car. First time I saw it, I thought ‘how very Japanese’.

The Diahatsu Naked, with a “mini me” aftermarket Hummer kit.

Hilarious Mini-Hummer Fun!

Ah Japan. Taking weird to a whole new level.

You are free to sell whatever you want in Japan. Actually it much easier to pass all the conformance regulations with small scale imports in Japan. In the US you need full fledged conformance even if you import just few cars.

German automakers do relatively well in Japan. American ones… how to put it nice.. have long standing and justified reputation of POS makers and no interest whatsoever to meet quite specific local market requirements. Tesla is no exception. You can sell junk quality “American tank” size called cars, pickups and SUVs in America, but not in the most of the world. Especially in Japan where they don’t even fit into parking spaces.

Weird non-standard plugs that can’t plug into public DC chargers you can find every few miles in Japan don’t help either. BMW adopted their i3 plugin for Japan with local standard connector and they managed to sell few cars despite high price.

High end European cars do relatively well in Japan.

No one else does.

Not Hyundai Kia,not American, nor mainstream European cars.

IN the US and Germany foreign branded cars make up about 50% market share. In Japan it is less than 10%. And many of those are made by Japanese companies. Just rebranded.

Japanese non tariff trade barriers are massive. There is at least one brand of American cars that sell well in all major automotive markets. Except Japan.

It depends on your definition of well. Relatively speaking Mercedes does the best with a market share about 2/3 of its share in the USA, BMW’s is 56% and Audi’s is 46%.
VW has about half the US market share, and VW does poorly in the USA.

So, premium imports can do OK, though not well, and mainstream imports, not so much.

yeah, go make america great again

Last time I checked it appears Israel is 1st and America 2nd. Think Americans need to work out and really apply 1st to America to make it great again. Having said this – it doesn’t apply to export of Cars where GM for example have their head in the sand on RHD export versions and have given up. Japanese do it so much better in catering to export individual market requirements and tastes.

Note that the middle of the country (United States) had almost no Prius Prime available. Supply appears to be limited to the coasts until 2018 models become available. Sending new 2017 inventory to dealers right as clearance sales were taking place didn’t make sense.

South East US coast has almost no Prime in stock either.

Weird. At this very moment, I can look out the window and see half a dozen Primes on the dealer’s lot and several of them are approaching a month in that spot…

So the Prius Prime is, and has been available for over a month, thanks for the update from….which “middle of the country” state?

Doing a search within 500 miles of Kansas City, MO for Prime, only 15 are found. That’s an inventory count so low, it basically can’t be considered available.

Sliding east over 650 miles to Columbus, OH and repeating the 500-mile search for Prime, only 1,046 are found. That pocket actually has choices.

Going down to Atlanta, GA and searching 500 miles again, there are only 13 found… another large area without any.

In other words, the wait for 2018 models is necessary. We simply didn’t see 2017 on a large number of dealer’s lots. Demand cannot be properly gauged until then. Fortunately, even with limited availability, Prime still ended up with decent sales counts for the year here.

Worldwide, it looks like total sales will end up hitting the 50,000 mark. That’s pretty good for start.

Because of the inspection issue, Nissan had to stop the sales for 12 days in October and many days in November and that’s why the fewer sales. I am expecting December to have much higher sales.

True, the irony with fake or training safety inspectors where the products of Nissan, Subaru etc. were still higher in quality and safety compared to other countries results says something.

“In total, Nissan delivered in Japan more than 87,000 LEAFs since December 2010.”

Many more Nissan Leaf cars will be delivered in 2018 and 2019.

Less than 1% market share is a JOKE.
There’s no leadership coming from Japan.
China will plow them under.