November Brings 2,500 EVs Registered In UK (1.36% Market Share)

DEC 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 9

A new EV registration rate increase of just 7% year-over-year in the UK makes us fear that one of the longest uninterrupted periods of growth in all of the global industry may soon come to an end.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

But hopefully not.

In November, the British market saw 1.36% of all new registrations to be plug-in vehicles (1.31% year ago).

In total, 2,510 plug-ins were registered.

Breaking down the numbers further shows that BEVs are mostly to blame for the lower than expected result:

  • 605 BEVs (down 22%)
  • 1,905 PHEVs (up 23%)

The decrease on the all-electric side suggests the locals are waiting of much anticipated, longer range models – such as the Renault ZOE 40 ZE (41 kWh), BMW i3 (in 33 kWh trim), Volkswagen e-Golf (35 kWh), new generation Nissan LEAF, new Hyundai IONIQ Electric (200km/124 miles of real world range), and even Tesla Model X – of which a large wave of RHD units arrives shortly.

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – November 2016

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – November 2016

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9 Comments on "November Brings 2,500 EVs Registered In UK (1.36% Market Share)"

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Well if they get their fingers out and hurry up with the longer ranges by this time next year that % should double at least, EV’s have just had a massive boost with the latest OPEC (price rigging) cuts.

If Carlos Ghosn is out there and looking in, some of us are in our 50’s and not getting any younger !

Get a move on !

I think Nissan has thrown in the towel in on electric vehicles for now. It appears they are just trying to squeeze as many sales out of their current models as possible without investing any more money.

Is this total market share or market share of new vehicle registrations?

That is a dumb question. I re-read the article and got my answer.

Even Norway with its very high EV new car registrations has only achieved a few percent of the total fleet being EVs.

The only other country to break the 1% of fleet barrier for plugins is the Netherlands. Possible also Iceland?

1,36% of the total fleet in the UK would have been a great victory.:)

1.36% is of new car registrations whereas Norway is well over 30% of new car registrations.The new car market is huge in the UK compared to Norway and I am not sure the present manufacturers could even make enough plug in cars to satisfy a market share of 30% new sales in the UK.

That would be about 800k plugins per year in the UK. Of course it could be done if the demand was there.
It would take some time to increase production though, it would probably take two years to get there if that demand was there today.

China is at 1.4%. Thats kindnof a big deal.

If supply of the new longer range evs can come the UK may well be 3% next year.

The one to really watch is germany. Not yet at 1% but when it does the entire euro market is set for launch.

Germany has had surprisingly low sales figures for plugins. I really hope they start to get their act together.
The new incentives haven’t really had much of an effect yet, even if November numbers are at least very close to 1% (0,96%).
Considering them having BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen who all sell a number of plugin models you would expect the german market to be in the 2-3% area and leading the way.

It’s time for Merkel to really put down the iron fist. EVs is a perfect way to keep those coal plants open a bit longer and not having to go head to head with the coal lobby and coal workers in regions depending on coal for jobs and their economy. It would be a win-win situation for the government.