November 2018 U.S. Plug-In EV Sales Report Card

2019 Chevy Volt


November U.S. plug-in EV sales will climb again, but how high?

November 2018 will mark the 38th month of consecutive year-over-year monthly sales gains for plug-in vehicles.

Each month InsideEVs tracks all plug-in EV sales/deliveries for the United States by automaker. The last four consecutive months are now the top four best-selling months of all time. In addition, March 2018 completes the list, meaning all five top months have happened this year. We have no doubt November will make the list, but where will it fit in? Is there a chance it could shoot to the top?

September’s results will be tough to beat since it’s so far ahead of the others. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for December U.S. EV sales to crown a new champion? But, that doesn’t mean that November sales won’t be top-notch!

More Info: How about a deep dive into our estimates and methodology?

Top Months for U.S. EV Sales to Date (estimated):

  1. September 2018 – 42,548
  2. November 2018 – 33,994
  3. August 2018 – 36,380
  4. October 2018 – 34,094
  5. July 2018 – 29,514

As of the end of October 2018, an estimated 268,729 plug-in electric vehicles had been sold in the U.S. this year. We’re two-thirds of the way through the final quarter before the record-setting year goes into the archives. There’s a chance we may see over 350k EV deliveries in the U.S. in 2018 by the time the year comes to an end.

Check Out: Contributor Josh Bryant’s 2018 yearly sales predictions here

In November 2017, an estimated 17,178 plug-ins were sold in the United States. In both September and October 2018, we saw well over 100-percent gains from last year’s numbers. Will November be another repeat of this trend?  Will we see deliveries pass 34,500? There’s little doubt that this will be achieved. Over 34,000 EVs were sold in the U.S. in October, and November numbers are historically better. We think the month will easily see over 40,000 electric vehicles delivered on our shores.

In September, we saw a monumental effort by Tesla to get as many Model 3 sedans as possible delivered since the automaker was working diligently to show a profit. In addition, U.S. Model S and Model X sales were solid. For the month of October, the Model 3 push wasn’t as significant, and being that it was the first month of a new quarter, Model S and Model X sales were lower, as expected.

Fast forward to November and it seems there’s a different story to tell. Keep in mind that Tesla is also delivering Model 3 vehicles to Canada. Also remember that many Model S and X vehicles (as many as 50 percent) were delivered outside the U.S. last month. Nonetheless, Tesla Model 3, S, and X sales are outstanding based on our research and data.

According to our estimates, Tesla sold a fantastic 2,750 Model S sedans and 3,200 Model X crossovers in the U.S. in November.

Our research and data puts November Model 3 deliveries at 18,650 in the U.S.

Since GM has decided to discontinue monthly sales reporting, we provide you with estimates each month and then reconcile (if needed) at the end of each quarter. We’re happy to report that our research has proven successful and our monthly numbers have been pretty solid.

Based on our estimates, the automaker has kicked it way up this November. It seems Chevrolet Volt sales have set an all-time record at 3,930 delivered in November. Previous to this report, the Volt’s best month was December 2016, with 3,691 sold.

While Bolt EV sales didn’t soar as high — based on our research and data — Chevrolet delivered an estimated 3,025 this November, which is not too far from its all-time high in December 2017 (3,227).

Nissan LEAF sales grew in August and escalated even further in September. However, October brought a mild downturn.

Moving on to November, LEAF deliveries are down again, at 1,128

The Toyota Prius Prime has made positive strides in the last few months, following a significant drop in sales in June and July.

According to Toyota, Prius Prime deliveries in November reached an impressive 2,312.

The Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid hit a high point in May (1,639). It also pulled pretty promising numbers for June, July, and August (about ~1,500 for three consecutive months). However, September was the month that broke records for Honda’s new plug-in as it crossed the 2,000-mark for the first time. October continued that momentum, as our estimates pegged Clarity Plug-In Hybrid sales a 1,935.

This November, Honda sold a total of 1,903 Clarity vehicles. Based on our estimates, 1,857 of these were of the plug-in hybrid variety.

Keep yourself tuned in and refreshing the pages during the coming days as we put the numbers to the dialogue.

Questions entering November (with answers in italics as they come in):

  1. Will Tesla Model 3 U.S. deliveries rise or remain flat? (Up again. While not as high as the huge September push, we see Model 3 sales up again, at 18,650 in the U.S. this November.)
  2. How much was Tesla able to ramp up U.S. Model S and Model X sales due to the upcoming expiration of the U.S. federal EV tax credit? (Lots! According to our estimates, Tesla sold 2,750 Model S sedans and 3,200 Model X crossover in the U.S. in November.)
  3. Did the Toyota Prius Prime finally make a significant delivery surge, or is 2,000 the new magic number? (Yes. Toyota upped its inventory and reported Prius Prime deliveries at an impressive 2,312 for November.)
  4. What do our estimates reveal about Chevrolet Volt and Chevrolet Bolt EV sales, which seemed to completely flip over the last two months? (GM wowed us this November. According to our estimates, Chevrolet sold 3,930 Volts and 3,025 Bolt EVs.)
  5. While not incredible, 2018 Nissan LEAF U.S. sales have been solid in the 1,200-1500 range for eight straight months. Can the LEAF close out 2018 with a few strong months? (Nope. LEAF sales were down in October and have dropped again for November. Nissan delivered 1,128 LEAF vehicles last month.)
  6. Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid sales have been impressive all year, but especially over the last two months. Can November deliveries set a record for the Clarity? (Our estimates don’t suggest a new record, but a solid number nonetheless. Honda reported 1,903 Clarity deliveries in November. We believe 1,857 were plug-in hybrids.)
  7. As far as we understand, Jaguar sold its first five I-Pace vehicles in the U.S. in October. Will November show exponential sales growth? (Yes! Jaguar sold 165 I-Pace vehicles in the U.S. in November.)
  8. Did GM cross the 200,000-mark in November? (According to our estimates, it appears that’s the case, but we’ll wait for GM’s quarterly report to verify.)

Also of note this November:

  • Honda sold an estimated 9 Clarity FCEVs.
  • Toyota delivered 194 Mirai fuel cell vehicles.

Last update: December 5, 2018 @ 1:05 PM ET

*Keep in mind that we use the words sales and deliveries synonymously. In order for a car to count as SOLD, it has to be paid in full (or leased) and be in the possession of the consumer.

***InsideEVs’ journalist Wade Malone provided in-depth, detailed, and heavily researched sales estimations and related analysis.

(Previous year’s monthly results can be found on our Historical Charts page)

2018 Monthly Sales Chart

Tesla Model 31875248538203750600059021425017800222501775018650114,532
Toyota Prius Prime1496205029222626292422371984207122132001231224,836
Tesla Model S800112533751250152027501200262537501350275022,495
Tesla Model X70097528251025145025501325275039751225320022,000
Chevrolet Volt*71398317821325167513361475182521291475253017,248
Chevrolet Bolt EV1177142417741275112510831175122515491975282516,607
Honda Clarity PHEV*59488110611049163914451440149520281935185715,424
Nissan LEAF  15089515001171157613671149131515631234112813,048
BMW 530e*22441368951872994253674975673310127,301
Ford Fusion Energi64079478274274060452239648045311317,284
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid**3754504804256507104506546376238956,349
BMW i3 (BEV + REx)  3826239925034245804644184614244905,761
BMWX5 xDrive 40e*2615966275634993214312642252242134,224
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV3003233732732973903503663783093763,735
Kia Niro PHEV*1552462271202182812253463133236193,073
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron*1451992141892672382202402302101802,332
Fiat 500e**  21023528521525022522075941001482,057
Volvo XC60 PHEV*1091551671412142261852102151802252,027
BMW 330e*1011422021661501381061921952293731,994
Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid*12493362751681952002101702001,806
Mercedes C350e*291722081581661761651708275801,481
Hyundai IONIQ PHEV*2217821818021714318043111281361,456
Mini Countryman SE PHEV*12710074106163211210128140117741,450
Volvo XC90 T8 PHEV*9910693901261331151251201001301,237
Volkswagen e-Golf  1781981641287632183214622301,132
smart ED  84901038011012610310898951001,097
Kia Soul EV11516315715213357130331861611,080
Honda Clarity BEV20310448523712612075122116371,040
Porsche Cayenne S-E*11312119726559121545602535947
Kia Optima PHEV*8610315614298839039175179944
Mercedes GLE 550e*44701819383758590422835826
BMW i832394757644572675564133675
Ford C-Max Energi23414210557186441200582
Ford Focus Electric  7073137838850467401559
Hyundai Sonata PHEV*52547838676260201555456
Mercedes GLC 350e*5575964666065272024447
Volvo S90 T8 PHEV*2729522930353040453540392
Hyundai IONIQ EV49360732473521122134321
BMW 740e*1823316017164018254518311
Cadillac CT6 PHEV*624174230182623111213222
Jaguar I-Pace5165170
Mercedes B250e  40493373001010134
Mercedes S550e*1331197781085485
2018 U.S. Sales Totals12,04916,84526,37319,55624,31025,01929,51436,38044,58933,99442,548311,177
2017 U.S. Sales Totals11,00412,37518,54213,36716,59617,04615,54016,51421,24214,31517,17826,107199,826
2018 Worldwide Sales*82,00081,000141,000128,450159,346157,933144,975172,400200,500208,800237,5531,713,957

Above – 2018 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers – *Estimated Sales Numbers – Reconciled on Monthly or Quarterly Totals, ** Estimated (Based on State/Rebate Data and other reports). BEV models are designated with the icon.

To view our Individual Plug-In Model Sales Recap For Major Models, click here. It contains an individual run-down of each vehicle’s monthly result and some analysis behind the numbers.

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I waited at DCFC for many i3 but not much for Leaf in Nov. i3 sales up, Leaf sales down. Very interesting…

I think people are holding off on the Leaf because they want the 2019 model with its bigger battery.

Now, Ghosn’s fraud may have shelved a thermally-controlled, 60 kwh LEAF. Nissan is no different from all ICE OEMs, they have no intention on producing BEVs that don’t return a profit. Over at Toyota, they’re going backwards to NIMH batteries in Prius.

Did they every switch away from NiHM for the regular Prius? I knew they converted the plug-in version to Li-Ion. By what I understand, Toyota had long term massive contracts for NiMH batteries that gave them an advantage.

Guessing 2700 Model S and X each + 21K Model 3 and that everything else we don’t have the numbers yet match their October performance and you’re already at 44K for the month. This is going to come very close to overtaking September if not easily beating it.

21 k Model 3 – US only sales? That would be a challenge.

I’d put US Model 3 at a tetch under 15K.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Let’s split the difference!

Well, you were right at 18,650. No way to set a new record total will be about 42k.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I wasn’t predicting. 😉

I was way off (-4K) on the model 3.

I don’t see the Karma Revero, or whatever the Fisker morphed into. It looks like you could buy one, but it doesn’t get counted.

They refuse to give numbers, and we have no way to estimate them. Sorry.

There’s no evidence that a single one has been sold, is there?
Is there even evidence that any have been built?
I’d guess that zero have been sold.

There’s certainly evidence that they have been built and sold, as they have dealers with inventory and they had a recall of some of their commercial production. Some dealers making advertising posts have said they have sold some, as well. Certainly it’s not a lot of units going around, though.

I’ve seen one driving around San Francisco.

I finally saw one of them on the road the other day. The thing is just unnessarily big and not that good looking in real life.

18650 can’t be right for the Model 3….are you sure it is not supposed to be 21700? 😉 hehe…

Yeah that was my number. Last months of the Volts will be big.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The Volt had the “Gun Law” effect.
When a President talks about tighter gun laws, sales of guns skyrocket.

GM announces the end of the Volt and people scrambled to get one.

Funny, sad, and true all at the same time. Obummer was the best gun salesman, and DUMP might turn out to be the best EV salesman.

So true

Already beat last year’s November sales and we still don’t have the Tesla Model 3 numbers. Amazing.

I think you mean Tesla S/X numbers. What’s weird is it’s not even end of the quarter. It’s exciting to think what’s ahead for Tesla in Dec!

Not weird, their tax credit is running out, so November and December will be record months.

Yeah, they are clearly focusing shipments on the US (and Netherlands) right now, at the expense of other European countries. That was totally expected — but of course the shorters are trying to spin it as Tesla’s demand tanking in Europe 🙂

They haven’t focused in US since they hit 200K in June. So it is weird why they’d do it now. I’m glad they are (if they are) but just weird. Man, I hope they kill it in Dec. How about 100,000 combined? Fantasy, yes, but still exciting!

Since this is kind of the spot to talk about general EV models, I’ll note that I got the “damage to catalytic converted and/or fire” recall handled on my Pacifica Hybrid. It was easy and quick, and they found no damage.

49K miles and zero issues with the catalytic converter on my Model S. Nor do I anticipate one… /s

Hey if I could afford a Model X I’d have one, but I can’t.

Was thinking about a Pacifica Hybrid, even though I have a poor opinion of Chrysler/FCA. Looked at the website and the gasoline model has towing up to 3600 pounds. The hybrid is listed as zero. We have a small (1500 lb) popup that we haul 6-7 times a year for 50-100 miles. Bummer. Has to have towing as it would be our only vehicle.

Several people on PacHy forum and facebook group got a tow hitch installed. You can even have Uhaul do it, and one guy got his Chrysler dealer to install.

I know a hitch can be installed. I’ve installed several bolt on (Curt) myself. The vehicle could surely pull our little popup, considering the vehicle itself would only have two persons in it. The question is would it void the warranty? I guess I could always say it was for a bike rack.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They can only refuse warranty repairs on things affected by it.
It doesn’t void the warranty.

Outlander can do that

The question is- is the Bolt finally gaining steam and catching on with the general public? It seems like it’s on an upward trajectory. It’s almost the most promising trend reported here. Model S and X gains are likely spill over from the popularity of the Model 3. People go to the Tesla store to check out the Model 3, but then get sold on an S, or X instead. The spike in Volt sales is likely a fluke and maybe related to the news of cancelation. Sort of a “Get one while you still can sort of thing”. Everything else seems kind of flat. Of course we don’t know Model 3 yet.

GM has been focused on international sales for the Bolt, but earlier this year they announced a planned increase of production by 20% in Q4 (now).

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Q4 x GM 200,000 PEVs.

I’m frustrated with GM more than usually. They will only sell ONE BEV outside of China (where they have to make them), and it looks like the only reason they are keeping the BOLT ev is so that they have something for autonomous ride sharing they expect in the future – having already released a BOLT ev variant with no Steering nor pedals.

Of course – when sales tank in the next recession, they’ll discontinue the BOLT and just automate some other car.

I doubt they will ever use combustion cars for robo-taxis. The difference in costs of operation is just too large for this use case.

Pre-tax fuel cost for regular 50+ mpg hybrid isn’t much different from US average electricity rate. No, taxis are not like commuter vehicles that spend nights in surbuban garage. They expect to operate overnight, and time at charger is time when money is lost. Much more than any fuel savings even if you would get electricity and chargers for free somehow.

Well GM may not initially, but I don’t see what will stop them since Ford for example has robo-pizza delivery vehicles (that open up the window and show the pizza) that are ICE based. I don’t see it as a big stretch to contract with a certain nationwide brand of gasoline, and just have the attendant refill the car another 300 miles when it stops in the self-service aisle.
Obviously the BIG cost savings is the elimination of the DRIVER since you don’t have to pay for him. The cost difference – especially in locales where the electricity ain’t so cheap is of much less concern.

Where’s that Buick Bolt?

The same place the MPV5 Volt is.

GM quietly shelved the Buick version if the Bolt EV.

There were 5 Bolts all black at my dealer in Elyria Ohio . I got the pics. Don’t know how to post them

Model S and X gains are obviously because of tax credit running out.

Plus they said they would redirect some production meant for China.

I think this will mostly benefit Europe, which would have been starved even more otherwise… I’m pretty sure they were going to prioritise the US anyway.

I know I’m in the minority here, but my opinion is that for Nov and Dec, Chevy should have just kept shipping Bolt volume to Korea and Canada and same with Volt to come in end of Dec still under the 200,000 mark and then diverted all volume to the US for the next 6 months. The 2019 Volt is much improved/better value and if nothing else they could have run the line at full strength to the end of June and leave enough inventory out to the end of 2019. Same issue with increased production of Bolt. It’s just coming online. Seems even GM’s timing and marketing of these products is out of sync/not a top priority.

I don’t think GM actually cares about maximising US shipments before credit runs out. Priority is avoiding regulatory fines in various markets. Trying to “optimise” shipments for the tax credit phase-out would just cause extra costs for them.

All of the leadership characteristics of a TRUE EV leader.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Model 3 still not averaging over 5,000 per week.

(I appreciate the irony of concern at a BEV only selling 18,650 during the month. Now over 114,000. At November’s rate, in April the Model 3 will break 200,000 by itself.)

Ooh another 203 FCVs. That makes it at least 5,666 leases in the USA so far.

This is deliveries, not production.

Should be very close to the same.

You must be new here. Due to the extended time it takes to ship a car across the country or across the world, coupled with Tesla’s 3-month rotation cycle, there is often a large difference for Tesla models between any given month’s production and that month’s deliveries.

Almost all Model 3 production has gone to USA + about 1,000 to Canada and a dozen show cars for Europe etc. Cars in shipment to eastern states should be about the same this month as last month, give or take a couple of hundred, not several thousand.

The point is November deliveries include a lot of October production, and miss a lot of November production. If production in late November was significantly higher than in late October, we should see a pretty large discrepancy between production and deliveries.

There is always a large discrepancy, aside from the end-of-quarter push, when Tesla does everything it can to get all those vehicles delivered.

Should be less pronounced for the Model 3, since they don’t ship internationally yet…

They ship to Canada, and they focus delivery efforts in the first two months of the quarter on the most distant markets. Then, in the final month, they focus on more local deliveries and ramp up delivery staff, extra help, and increased efforts on getting the remainder of production delivered before the quarter’s end.

ummmm FYI way more than 1000 Model 3 have been delivered in Canada… We’re well over 5,000 delivered so far. We should hit 10,000 in a couple of months.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I know. Just impatient, wanting to see them in the 20ks again.

I hear you.

These are US numbers only. I thought I heard Canadian deliveries of Model 3 were over 5000 for the month, bringing them to ~24K for the month, or about 6K per week?

5000 to Canada? Can anyone verify that?

24,000 per month is ~5,500 per week.

(That would still be a very good result… I have a hard time believing in 5,000 Canadian deliveries for the month, though.)

Canada is closer to 750 for the month.

Canadian Model 3 deliveries just passed 5,000 TOTAL (all time), it’s currently less than 1000 deliveries per month (now that Ontario cancelled their EV rebate).
That being said, we should hit 10,000 delivered by the Spring. Mostly in Quebec where there is legitimate fear of our own EV rebate being cancelled by the newly elected CAQ government which recently stated that they are only guaranteeing its funding until March 31st 2019 for now. We’ll only know in the Spring what will happen with it when they table the next annual budget. Huge unknown for now so I think we’ll see a LOT of mid range model 3 being delivered to Quebec in the next few months, since most ppl here who were waiting for base model 3 will just get the mid range now in order to be guaranteed to receive the 8k EV rebate.

In 2017, BMW sold 305,685 cars in the United States. Link:

Tesla is on its way to passing BMW for annual sales in the USA. Seems like Tesla should do it in 2019 as production for Model 3 continues to ramp up and as Tesla takes sales away from BMW.

Model 3 production will ramp in 2019, but many will sail the high seas. I don’t see Tesla selling anywhere near 305k cars in the US next year. More like 50k S/X plus 160k Model 3 for a 210k total.

The rest of the world is going to soak up a LOT of 3’s, but I think they will still be selling 14k a month in Q1, ramping up fairly quickly in Q2, up to 20k a month in Q4 but that is just a guess. So my guess is just over 210k 3’s sold in the US. plus about 60k S/X (around 15k a quarter and pretty stable).
Not a huge difference from your estimate, but I am hopeful!

When $35,000 model 3 out, they will sell 30,000 a month if Tesla will make them.

Somehow depends on subsidies. If their tax credit is not extended, the $35k model 3 will basically cost the same as the current MR model with lower range, so they definitely cannot sell 30,000 of them.

I wonder if sales of TM3 remain high in US, high enough to absorb around 7 K per week of production, would Tesla still be in a hurry to export overseas? Except may be some token numbers?

Yes, they will want to export as many of the higher-priced variants overseas as they can, rather than selling more lower-priced variants in the US.

However, if international demand turns out strong enough to affect their ability to fill US demand, I would assume they will just increase their production goal…

Do the math….

Cars Tesla sold in the USA in November 2018:

Model 3 – 18650
Model S – 2750
Model X – 3200
TOTAL – 24600

24,600 EVs total sold in the USA last month. Multiply by 12 and we get: 12 * 24,600 = 295,200.

Tesla really doesn’t need to do a whole lot more than what they’re doing now to beat BMW in the USA in 2019.

Now, when does Model Y come out?

But that ignores the tax credit. Tesla is keeping things in the US this quarter for obvious reasons. Q1 2019 will be a down quarter in the US most likely. And a pretty significant down.
Now – Tesla could decrease price and keep the volume going but it would make more sense to sell to the world at a higher price.

2 factors to consider….

1 – As Tesla’s volumes continue to increase, their ability to sell at a lower price point gets better

2 – While the tax credit might be a major issue in your next EV purchase, it isn’t that big of an issue to everyone else

its a 20% issue for anyone interested in the 35k TM3.

Not exactly, that’s overstated. What’s at stake is the amount the tax credit will step down, not the full amount, and the risk only applies to those who will lease or who will have substantial tax deduction appetite. The reduction in income tax credit from $7500 to $3750 is 10.7% of a $35,000 price.

And let’s not forget a person has to make enough to qualify for the full credit as well. People who claim they don’t have enough income to spend more on the car are most likely (if they are being honest) to not be eligible for the full 7500 as well.

I’m pretty optimistic Tesla will sell more than 160,000 Model 3 in the US next year. With the cheaper variants coming and leases coming, demand shouldn’t be an issue; and if international demand turns out strong enough that 7,000 per week production won’t be sufficient to satisfy both, I’m sure Tesla will go ahead ramping production beyond that…

Based on Model S/X sales in the past few years, I don’t think there is demand for more than 200k Model 3s in US. That could change, however, if they start selling Model Y. The other problem with Tesla is that their market share in Europe and China is falling, and this is before main competition start delivering their cars yet.

That confirms Bloomberg’s estimate of about 4,600 Model 3 production per week. I really thought it would have been over 5k. 7k/wk still on the horizon as a goal and 10k/wk now seems unlikely ever.

Production probably exceeds deliveries for November, but your 4600 is probably in the ballpark. It will reverse big time in December.

The new plan for 10k/week is 7k in Fremont and 3k in Shanghai.

Yeah, but they have been very vague about going or not going beyond 7,000 in Fremont — I think it’s on purpose, since they want to see how demand holds up before making the decision.

You’re confusing production with deliveries. InsideEVs counts deliveries, not production.

As above I see no reason why there should be a lot more or less cars in delivery status this month vs last month. Its a wash. However Taylor above, suggests that 5k were delivered to Canada, seems very high to me, but if that is true then production would be about 5k/wk.

If production picked up in November (especially late November), there would be a good reason for discrepancy between production and deliveries.

Won’t beat September’s number but will be #2 month all time. December will certainly bring a record!

But of course!

Toyota and now Honda still finding buyers for their fuel cell cars. How can anybody still think that is a viable option? One thing I check on every once in a while is used Mirai on Almost a year ago they were 30k to 34k for 2016 versions, now 17k to 23k as more come off lease. I assume the off lease versions no longer have free fuel? Does anybody know if 3 years of free fuel is still provided for new Mirai?

I have a theory, diehard Toyota customer who would never consider another brand walks into the Toyota dealership and asks what does Toyota have equivalent to Tesla Model S? The salesman proudly show him the Mirai, and explains how BEVs are just a stepping stone to fuel cell cars (a lie that has worked so far). These are the only people who would buy a Mirai. BTW all the Mirai advertised on are advertised as electric with no mention of hydrogen for fuel. Under the fuel type it says electric.

I, too, cannot understand how Toyota and Honda continue to find new buyers for their fool cell cars, especially in the U.S., where the government isn’t pushing the “hydrogen highway” as the Japanese government is.

I guess P.T. Barnum was right. 🙁

Many people who do not follow the market as we do still believe the fairy tale of hydrogen being the eco-friendly choice for the future…

It’s be dealer workers or Honda USA

Maybe some people just like and appreciate the technology, despite the less than ideal refueling situation. I’ve bought cars before just because of the technology it used and will do in the future. Applying logic and common sense to things isn’t always the most enjoyable way to live.

It’s probably not too different to the situation the first EV buyer’s found themselves in. A little bit of range anxiety, lack of refueling/recharging points, having to plan every journey and a little novelty. We know the infrastructure will likely never match the EV charging network but at the the time nobody knew what direction EV’s would go either. We shouldn’t mock those people for doing something different.

Mirai started 3 year leases (90% or so of sales are leases) on October 21, 2015. Of course you can only see realistic used car prices when leases have started to end just now.

Yes Toyota still provides fuel card for 3 years up to $15k, as well as Honda. Hyundai will provide up to $12k/3 years for Nexo. Used cars don’t have it, nor free Toyota maintenance, and neither lane stickers I think. So it doesn’t really make much sense to buy used car at these prices unless you drive low mileage only, when new lease with free fuel is something like $350+taxes/month.

It still half or less of the Tesla autopayment or TCO, and you don’t need to waste your valuable time at chargers, so what is not viable about it for a customer, without resorting to typical “Holy Cow!” fanboy arguments? And they didn’t even started to sell FCEVs seriously, it is just very limited few thousand per year run before scaling up production with higher volume models at around 2020. Both Toyota and Honda/GM are getting production lines ready for it, and station throughput is expanded.

It is 5th month in a row when Tesla Model 3 has higher sales than all EVs same month last year 🙂

Do Not Read Between The Lines

We need to see the updated LOL chart

Goodcarbadcar claims 165 I-Paces.

9 FC Clarities and 194 Mirais?

Expect half the California H2 dispensaries to be out of service for breakdowns due to overwork. Such a reliable technology.

Wouldn’t be surprised if all those Volts and Bolts are people looking at the Tesla M3 and liking the electric, but finding that too expensive, make their way to a Chevy dealer and realize that 70% of what they liked in the Tesla you can get in an eChevy for way less. Certainly happened to me.

Yes, I have always said the Bolt was viable option to the Model 3, but the Bolt never really got GM, or most of their salesforce, behind it. The niggling things such as poor seats, and poor suspension, are not all that big of a deal if you just drive it gently.

It’s the LOOKS! I would love to have an electric. I’m not a big believer in man-made climate change so my draw to electrics is technology. I am a geek but even I will not be seen driving something as ugly as most EV’s. I may get an M3 soon if nothing comes out I like. I test drove a Volt once and liked it but back seat room was a deal breaker.

I agree with the looks, and I believe 70% of the market is the same. I don’t want a clown car like a Leaf and I think Tesla’s look bland and unimaginative (my personal opinion only). If Audi brought out an A4 EV that looked identical to an ICE A4 i’d be much more interested. I think a lot of people are the same. They just want regular transport without making a statement, they don’t care what powers it as long as it gets them there. The homogenization of EV’s will be the turning point IMO.

Don’t think it’s many. By far the top thing I see people saying they like about the Model 3 is how fun it is to drive — no way does either Chevy EV give them 70% of that…

Unless in a hurry, people who like the Model 3, but don’t want to pay the current price, are much more likely to just wait for the cheaper variants…

Do Not Read Between The Lines

There could be M3 SR waiters giving up, there’s a reasonable number of possible lease renewals (2 or 3 year), but I really think that this being Q4 and the last one with the full credit will have brought them more sales.
Anyone know if GM turned up the incentives this month?

There’s prisoner bolts selling as much as the sales price of mid range 3

3200 Model X is very impressive for a mid-quarter sales mark. Tied for third highest monthly sales all-time for the Model X, following the last two Decembers (end of year and end of quarter push) and tied with 2016’s September end of quarter figure.

As others have said, it’s likely that the Orange One’s blustering about ending the federal tax credit for EVs (as if he was dictator instead of President) has caused some on the fence to pull the trigger about buying a Model S or Model X.

Too soon for that to take effect.

The threat of removing the credit altogether is not likely to have a significantly larger effect on bringing forward Model S or X purchase decisions, than the halving that will happen for Tesla anyway next quarter…

Is this chart USA or North America? There’s no way that there were 230 e-Golfs sold in the US in November. Canada is getting the new model year, but USA isn’t getting them. November sales in the US should have just been a small handful that were hanging around on dealers lots, not the large uptick shown in the chart.

Dealer purchases.

It clearly says US. And the VW numbers seem to be official, not estimates.

What I’m saying is that I doubt their source for the e-Golf data was US-centric. I think they have Canadian numbers infecting their chart for the e-Golfs specifically, which leads one to wonder how many others have similar errors.

3 on a lot in my area, after previously being 0 for many months.
The number is a mild surprise, but still pales when one looks at the other models selling 2-300 in the month.
230 represents good acceleration, but still slow speed.

Why do we have numbers for the BMW i3 but not for the 530e or the X5?

BMW doesn’t provide any splits. We’ll have those estimates out tomorrow.

That doesn’t really answer the question?…

(What you mean is that BMW doesn’t provide splits between combustion-only and PHEV variants, I presume?)

remarkable for me:
Ford Focus EV October sales: ZERO,
Ford Focus EV October sales: ONE,

mighty ford.

secondly when EM said that he would wager that gm won’t make more than 30k per year, simply just to rake carb credit but nothing really serious, for GM’s size, he was mocked. 2 years later he’s proven right by cold numbers..


Currently, Bolts are sitting in dealer lots due to not enough buyers. That will not change even if GM made 1 billion Bolts a year. Elon Musk is a fool for saying such stupid thing. If you’re going to blame lack of sales, blame the public, not GM. Or blame Musk for making such compelling EV that’s killing Bolt sales.

It looks like that last new Focus Electric the dealer was asking twice the sticker price for finally sold. What is surprising is that most of the used FFEs are gone too. I know the FFE market is really strong overseas, the overseas market must be draining the US supply.

Another month of 40,000 + sales, hooray, thanks again to Tesla for putting a sales of 24,000+. Model-3 is #5 in sales volume and #1 in sales value. This is the 1st electric car to sell 100,000 units / year. Bravo. With this 24,000 sales in USA and few 1,000 more in rest of the World, Tesla is likely to retain World #1 thru November ahead of its rivals BYD & BAIC. While 2017 fell little short of 200,000 mark; 2018 blows past 300,000 in 11 months with 1 more (BIG) month left. Yes, Tesla could not make it 5,000 / week; but very close to it and more than the production, there are delivery problems. All this will be resolved over time. Hope the Worldwide november sales overtakes that of october. Nice to see such a big # from Volt. This is not because of the decision to pull down the model because that was announced only on 26th Nov and there is no way, the customers rushed in to pick up the car in just 5 days. In fact, the rising sales of Volt could have made GM stop it since they don’t like to sell plugins. Bolt… Read more »

165 units of Jaguar I-Pace was sold last month in USA which was the 1st full month. So they are not allocating enough units to USA because they are short of battery, motors and related parts. Usual excuse. Still this is better than many models out there.

Honda believed in fuelcells and what happened, can they sell only 6 units of Clarity. Oh no, its because the Crossovers has taken the sales of fuelcells.

By Toyota’s own standards, they should realise that Prius plugin is beating Mirai at 11:1.
They realized the failure of Prius hybrid with such a low sales and decided to change the front fascia for MY-2019 and they are introducing AWD version which could attract some offroaders.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

No AWD plug-in mentioned though.
Prius has dropped so far that Prius+Prime is under 80,000 rolling 12 months.
The AWD Prius has been available in Japan for 3 years.
Would have been big news releasing it in the USA 3 years ago, but now it’s just an aside.
With the Corolla Hybrid being released here next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Prius HEV FWD is soon dropped and there’s just the Prime and AWD left.

Prime V should be making by now

How come Ford sold 1,131 Fusion plugins and this is a record for this year. Are they trying to sell the remaining units.
# of trims of Fusion plugin is reduced from 2 to 1 and what remains is the expensive trim. Did the 26 mile electric range give it the much needed boost.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Might be that and end of year incentives.
Got to get those credits.

Has the commentary on vehicles with >500 sales been axed, or is it still forthcoming?

I’m curious why Ford jumped 100%+ this month. Is that availability of the 2019’s?

Just below the chart there’s a big green link for it. Or you can use this.

But it doesn’t provide any analysis on why Fusion Energi sales went up so much.

Thanks! I missed that.

This is the last batch of a Fusion Engeri

Top Months for U.S. EV Sales to Date ranking is identical to Model 3 sales ranking…

1. September 2018 – 45,589 compare to 22,250 (Model 3)
2. November 2018 – 40,406 compare to 18,650
3. August 2018 – 36,380 compare to 17,800
4. October 2018 – 34,094 compare to 17,750
5. July 2018 – 29,514 compare to 14,250

Valid point.

Another announcement from VW, but this one makes more sense, since it indicates they have a clue:

Indeed. Pessimists keep saying no way EVs will take over before 2040 or so — yet this shows that even conservative VW doesn’t believe any more that combustion cars will be relevant beyond the early 30s at most!

And the same people who say ICE will be gone by 2030 are the same people that say VW/VAG doesn’t care and that they’re going to drag out ICE sales as long as they can, even when they make announcement like that.

The truth is that nobody actually knows what will happen.

That’s equally true, but it’s part an parcel to our ability to conjecture, based on information and own innate ability to process it. Is it all bluster and bravado, certainly there is that, but at the time it’s clearly the realization that it’s better to be a farmer than a pig. Pigs get slaughtered. Tesla is the farmer and legacy auto are the fat pigs, lolling around in the mud and slime of the ICE..
The pigs see the light, get up on their hinds legs, clean up and dress and talk like farmers, and all the other animals are amazed at the transformation.

Disruption makes for strange bed-fellows. We already know Ford and VW are buds, and now they can scratch each others backs, and not just metaphorically, but in actuality.
Probably not a bad idea. Necessity being he mother of invention and all:

What’s going on with Tesla? They been doing buy now or you not going to get the tax credit slogan for these past couple months and then come back weeks later with buy now. Is inventory up or deliveries are down or the cars they making now are not what people want? Just curious

Seems pretty standard sales tactic. “Buy now, it might be the last chance!… Oh well, you get two weeks more, but now it’s *really* the last chance… Well, unless you can find some inventory waiting for you…”

Thanks. I was confuse with this tacit

Attitudes are clearly changing for EV’s in America and we are in the beginning of the S-curve for EV adoption. However we still have a long ways to go… I had an argument with a guy yesterday who asked me how I like my Tesla. He said EV’s are not for him because it takes too long to charge. I told him do you sleep at night? He said yes. Are you using your car? He said no. That’s when you charge the car. He replied back but you have to plug it in and it’s a hassle. I told him so is getting gas every week. People have some thick skulls.

Pollution directly effects brain development, and does harm to the brain at any age. So your interlocutor may be so affected.
As the world gets more polluted the worlds population as a whole gets stupider specifically, and more susceptible to negative health impacts in general.

Hey you need to read the table on Bolt and Volt sales vs what you put in the text of this article. It’s reversed.

The BMW sales on that chart increase more than 30%, October to November, while the U.S. Sales Totals only increase 26,5%!
Good BMW! It’s a example to other typical ICE companies!
And, “…the all-new BMW X5 and the all-new BMW 3 Series have been announced and will begin sales in the U.S. at a future date.”

Since this board like tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, here’s one I made up that I hope is true (sorta). GM is hoping at one or more levels of federal, state, local govt level they are bribed into keeping the Volt factory (and also Lordstown) open. Oh fine…we’ll take your $billion bribe and start making a Volt based Buick crossover there. Love the look of the Velitte 6. I think they could sell that quite nicely here. One of the many dings on the Volt has always been branding issues vs price. $45,000 Chevy? You are smoking something. Remember when they first came out and even the base model was north of 40? My brother bought one of those.

GM won’t be able to sell any EVs once the federal rebates go away for them. They have a hard enough time selling now with them. The system will have to be changed for them to sell EVs.

Especially since they don’t want to sell them.

With 7 models left, (the Hyundai, Kia, and Jaguar) I’m guessing the total is going to come to between 43,700 and 44,200. Close to setting a new all time monthly US sales record, but no cigar.

Also, in the article it says there were 45,589 sales in September but in the table, it says 44,589. I’m guessing the table is right and the article has a typo.

Stuck it right in my range. I am good. The article still has the typo I mentioned earlier – that or the table has a typo.

Fixed. Thank you.

Ah, I remember the prediction the Bolt would crush the Model 3 with it’s one year sales lead. Sigh, this month alone the Model 3 out sold Bolt’s entire year. I hope GM keeps making them though.

60K in December would be great

Wow – over 1/3 of all plug-ins delivered in the US were model 3.
~5% of world-wide sales were model 3 as of October.

18650? Really? Getting cute there with a guesstimate? 😉

Next month it will be 21700. Hehe. Let’s hope it’s much better than that.

VW sold 230 e-golfs and 180- e-trons … they have a long way to go to fill their 15Mu capacity for EV’s they just announced …
As Tesla ramps – its going to put a lot more demand on the charging infrastructure – hope that can keep pace. 1 charger at the local city parking lot is not enough !

With a Level 2 charger at home, charging at off peak times, I might only have a few trips a year I would need to charge away from home with a 400 km range. I’m speaking entirely hypothetically of course. While we don’t have an EV, our 5 year old Mercedes B250 will be our last ICE vehicle. We just need to move somewhere we can plug in.

People in condo’s would need that charging capability for sure though! Grocery Store Fast Chargers please…

Jean-Francois Morissette

Any Range Rover PHEV yet?

Worldwide totals is still wrong.
It should be 1,476,404

Fixed. Thank you.