Not Your Typical Head-To-Head Matchup: Tesla Model S 90D Versus Nissan GT-R – Video


The extensive video description basically lays it all out quite well. What we have here is a matchup featuring the Tesla Model S 90D versus the Nissan GT-R, but this is not your typical drag race sort of event. It’s rather comical to say the least, featuring the pull the tablecloth out from under the dishes/glasses that’s not so common in automotive matchups.

Tesla Model S 90D Versus Nissan GT-R

Tesla Model S 90D Versus Nissan GT-R

“This is no ordinary head2head. This particular version pits electricity against petrol. The Telsa Models S vs the Nissan GT-R, in no ordinary challenge either.

In this video I measure acceleration between the two cars, but how I hear you cry! Well, I put together two very special tests to demonstrate just how quick these two cars are off the mark.

One involves plenty of broken glass, the other features some core strength. So which one of these cars will reign supreme? Will the electric charged Tesla Model S take the crown, or will good old fashion fossil fuels reign supreme? Let’s find out.”

Now, you may be wondering why the 90D version of the S was selected over the more powerful P90D or P100D. Video uploader CarWow explains the selection process below:

“TESLA FANBOYS TAKE NOTE: In this video we have compared the standard GT-R against the Model S 90D as they are the SAME price. We haven’t used the more powerful P100D as it costs half as much again and this video is about which gives you the most acceleration for your money: Gasoline or Electric – so the cars MUST be compared on price! Not power. Otherwise we could have just got a tuned GT-R with 1000hp for the same money as the P100D!”

Not Your Typical Versus Matchup

Not Your Typical Versus Matchup

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GT-R is a legend, little sins are allowed or?

They should mention the Tesla has four dots and front and rear trunks. How’s that for bang for the dollar?

Gudmundur Thor Reynisson

…and if you put the cost of petrol for the GT-R towards a proper P100D with ludicrous mode – the results would be somewhat different πŸ˜‰

Pretty sure you can’t get brand new GTR in the USA for much under a 130k unless you are ‘in’ with the car dealer.The GTR is the best car Nissan produces, and you can bet that all dealers have a massive mark-up on this car. MSRP is a BS figure on the GTR.

~130k is what the Tesla P100D with ludicrous costs.

I was at a Nissan store the other day getting free juice, and there were 3 GTR’s outside and 1 GTR inside. I bet you can crack a great deal on one currently with a little effort. Might have to stay away from the Stealerships that never discount. They all look great. The one inside is a White Nismo w/ a big red bow on it. πŸ™‚

You pretty much have to use MSRP when comparing Tesla to other automakers. Some dealers will have extra markup, while other dealers will have discounts; Tesla has neither.

The f are you smoking? Discounted gtrs are very common.

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That’s a 2016. 2017-to-2017.

I’d take a 100% Electric GTR over the Model S.

Maybe in 5 years there will be such a car.

Not me, if it was designed by the same people as the Leaf. No battery TMS is a deal-breaker.

Like Nissan would not put the best components in thier flagship. And Leaf 2 is about to be publicly revealed.

The GTR all Electric would rock!!!

Well they had 6 years to fix it and they didn’t.. so my hopes aren’t high.

Six years is typical lifespan for a car between major redo.

I expect the Gen 2 Leaf to be quite a leap forward for Nissan.

They did try some things in those 6 years, but didn’t add a TMS. Let’s hope they’ve learned a hard lesson.

Nissan? Weren’t they, in pre-historic times, a player in the electric car market?

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Nissan is just beginning.

Carlos will bring it @ CES !!!

My 2017 wish is that these idiotic drag race comparisons will finally come to an end. OK, the Model S is quick, we all KNOW THAT. Why keep doing this week after week? When they start doing some true road course lap times that mean more than just straight line speed, please wake me up. Drag races are BORING!

Well that dude from d_agtimes most likely pays for his car with all the hits he gets. He just upgraded to the P100DL.

Hmmm DL do you have a Dual Motor with Ludicrous ?

“More bang for your buck” …maybe, but NOT when you compute the total costs of upkeep and fuel with the GT-R vs Tesla.

And I am not sure how you got such a SLOW Tesla….oh I now see. You did not get the P90D Tesla with MUCH MORE POWER than the “90D.” You compared the “family runabout” version of the Tesla with a sports car. I have seen MANY quarter mile runs at our local drag strip here in Sacramento with the P90D version and I have run my own P85D with Ludicrous version, and we all run in the low 11 second territory. the newest P100DL Tesla appears to consistently run in the 10.7 second territory which would put it as THE performance Tesla to use. In the United States, one can easily pay upwards of $140,000 for a fully loaded GT-R and that is exactly the same cost territory of a loaded P100DL Tesla. The 5 year actual cost would be much, MUCH, less for the Tesla compared to the GT-R here in the US, at least.

I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call the 90D a “non-performance” EV sedan. It has the same 0-60 performance as the P85+ (4.2sec), which is certainly a performance-targeted sedan.

I agree Nissan fanboys who couldn’t get hold of a P100D with ludicrous mode.

Not to mention forgetting to talk about the petrol cost and the higher insurance for sports car vs a sedan. Lack of rear seat space in the GTR. 3 door vs 5 door etc!

But the best part is they compare them now when lets face it combustion engines have has funding and research for 50 years or so as the most popular fuel. On the other hand electric has only really been invested in and research pushed into it in the last 5 years with advancements in technology.

Give it another 5 years and watch the disappointed petrol junkies cry over their novelty car. Electric engines haven’t even been pushed yet because of the fuel, wait until the new era of batteries arrive and bye bye petrol.

Seats 7 passenger, silent, autopilot…

There are many reasons for owning a Tesla

Not trying to make excuses for Tesla since Nassin ran 10.9, but what was battery capacity when the tests were done? If low, that would make the car slow, 50% mark would be “typical” street condition, and close to 100% would be “race condition”.

We know Tesla overheats if run at high speed for too long. Doing multiple high acceleration would also accumulate heat. Then how much of a break (or normal driving time) was there between the tests? If very little cooling period, that would skew Tesla in worse condition, and not likely in the real world.

And finally, was launch control used on Tesla? Or was it disabled from too many and new firmware?

Right. Typically it will be a second faster, if optimal. You can see at 7:54 10c fairly cold which favors the ice, and 40% battery on the Tesla.

What they have shown is that they have to resort to choosing a petrol 2-door sports car in a gas vs. EV showdown, because they couldn’t actually find a large 4-door gasser to take down even the pedestrian non-performance version of the Model S.

If you have to resort to a 2-door sports car to find a gasser that can beat a large 4-door non-performance EV sedan, that pretty much says it all…

In a way, this reminds me of the motorcycle vs. sports car bang for the buck comparisons. Yea, if you have less vehicle to drag around, you go faster. Thank you Captains of the Obvious.

Exactly, they know their test is BS, but instead of admitting it they insult Tesla owners.

Typical Nissan fanboy nonsense… when you spend more than 100k on a car you still talk about price because you bought a Nissan. Also the GTR is pretty much priced between the P100D and the 90D so it shows how biased they are. Plus, one is specifically designed as a sports car, the other isn’t. As mentioned very poor comparison by fossil head nissan fanboys…

Final word– ICE is at the end of it’s development; EV’s are mere infants, with decades of improvement ahead.
In practical terms, range increase will kill the ICE, with mass production of EV’s reducing prices by large amounts.
IF only the NanoFlowcell or something similar becomes a reality [i.e. not just claimed performance] then battery limitations would be overcome…

In 10 years the ev has surpassed the ice powered vehicles in development for over a century.
Certainly the handwriting is on the wall for the ice as we enter the twilight of that engine.

Unfair test. The Model S battery is depleted under half strength. Typical results would be close to a second faster for the S.

The swipe the table cloth is funny but a draw and not a scientific test. Then saying that by charging at sc it costs less to operate is obvious since sc cost nothing or in future 1000 miles free and a minimal cost to charge. Also relatively inexpensive/easy home charging, is not mentioned. A fairly obvious slant and bias to the article.

Who cares about fair vs unfair? Really, you can argue all those things as nauseum. What I liked about this video was the different take on some tests:
1) pulling out the table cloth. Does 90D have launch control? I think that would make a difference, both cars did a pretty good job of it.
2) over taking test. This really shows how quickly the Tesla can change speed, and they rightly describe how the GT-R can go faster, but significantly later and much higher over the speed limit.
While Tesla does take off very quickly, by one using launch control and the other not, it is not really a fair comparison. Either both should use it or neither should use it.
Some other road race type tests would be interesting, would Tesla quick acceleration make us for higher weight in cornering? That could be interesting.