Why Not Open Tesla Model Y Orders Now?



Too early, you say? Well, let’s see. Model X pre-orders began in February of 2012. Meaningful volume production began four years later, much longer than expected. This time around, a four-year incubation period would actually be expected, true? With Model 3 about to launch two years ahead of its original forecast, Tesla is proving to be a fast learner. Those four years might really become three.

Remember the erstwhile Tesla resale guarantee? Tesla could offer a similar guarantee to Model 3 buyers: If you turn it in for a Model Y in _________ years, you’ll get at least __________ trade-in value toward a Model Y assuming __________ miles on the odometer and wear/tear under ______________ dollars.

This would keep today’s Model 3 reservation holders from defecting to the Model Y queue. The 3 would become an early reservation for a Model Y. A nutty, slapdash idea? Probably, but don’t forget which website you’re reading.

Here’s a Model Y rendering leaked directly from a source at Tesla.

Tesla Model Y Rendering…Lol

But seriously, Tesla now has such brand cachet that anything will trigger $1,000 deposits en masse. So Y not open the spigot?

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I am still wondering how Elon said that quick response to the early Model 3 complaint about the small trunk: “Fixed!”

If they are not selling the Y at the same time, did they have 2 different rear ends designed, but only show the one with the narrow opening?

I saw the other one. The legs or spindles are much longer and the trunk opens higher.
Also the trunk looks bigger.

I think if you go back and look, Elon was responding to a query about the size of the trunk opening. I seriously doubt Tesla has enlarged the amount of space inside the Model 3 trunk, which would — as you say — require redesigning the entire back end.

Would be a great April’s fool joke

“With Model 3 about to launch two years ahead of its original forecast”

Let’s see. Original Model 3 forecast was roughly middle of 2016. So they are already 9 months BEHIND. Current prediction puts them about 1 year behind, and everyone knows it is very aggressive (and therefore unlikely).

As for opening reservations for the Y, I assume that would imply some sort of prototype. Didn’t the Model X exist in prototype form before deposits were collected? I hope Tesla doesn’t give us a Model Y prototype before they deliver the Model 3.


Tesla needs to get the Model 3 released and scaling.
Then release the AWD version.
Then get the Performance version working.
Then they can focus more on the Model Y.

Obviously some simultaneous work can be done, but they don’t _need_ the Model Y right now.

The reservations for the Model X just became a stick to beat them with.

I do not necessarily agree. The drive unit will ve the same for the Model 3 and Y — only thing that will be different basically is the “body”. Unlike the Model X who was very complex — I expect the Model Y to be fairly simple in comparison. I would expect a similar timeline for Tesla for the Y — do a prototype reveal (maybe fairly soon….) and delivery in 1 1/2 years. They would need another assembly facility and maybe GF3 though…..

It’s not they they can’t do work, but that they shouldn’t take the reservations. The X is a good lesson.

Also – not the same engineering teams that work on the body versus drive train — so what have the Model 3 body design team been doing since the “Pencils down?”

+1. Best point on here.

To fix all the finding from various testing such as crash test, wind noise, seal, rattles, vibration…etc.


I think Tesla should get this model three into full production first.

A while back when I was looking at cars at dealership lots what I noticed is a lot of the common GM model’s have really skyrocketed in price to like $35,000 to $45,000.

Tesla does have a lot room to grow even in this for now.

But if they are working on a Tesla model that is going to be sold for under $25,000 to $20,000 to would be a major slam dunk.

But if I were Tesla I would go after the giant SUV and Pick up truck markets. The reason why is I’m a bit shocked at how you can have a Chevy Suburban SUV be a used year old car and it’s going for $45,000.

Around the time of the Model 3 reveal, Tesla stated that they will not be going further downmarket. I would presume that that’s Musk’s vision considering the current progress of battery technology. Getting 200+mi EPA out of a compact CUV or hatchback at $20k-$25k, and turn a profit, is simply not possible for the foreseeable future (who knows what advances will be commercially available by 2025 or 2030?).

If priority for Model Y is still Tesla-owners first, I wish they wait until I get my first Tesla (Model 3).
And in my view Model Y should be a cheaper 7-seater than X.

I don’t agree the Y should be a 7 seater. Nah, just make it a great 5 seat crossover utility vehicle. Those sell like mad.

Agreed. Besides, you need a pretty substantial wheelbase to make a true 3-row vehicle. The X is pushing it, from what I can tell. There is no way that the 3 could have a 3rd row that can actually seat passengers larger than children. Even then, cargo space would probably be nil.

It would be an interesting marketing ploy to open up reservations for the Y, just to get the initial demand for the 3 under control.

However, I think they would be getting ahead of themselves. I do not expect a functioning prototype of the Y to be revealed until at least a year from now. This is particularly reasonable if it would be as advanced in the design process as the 3 was at the time of its reveal – it already had a dual-motor production-intent powertrain, and the interior was already carefully designed in general proportion (positioning of seats, cabin air circulation, etc.).

Well, they don’t work on one vehicle at a time. From what I’ve read, and from the quotes I’ve seen from Musk, it appears that there are teams currently working on continual S and X improvements, the 3, the Y, the new Roadster, the pickup and the long-haul truck. I’m sure those teams are not all the same size or consuming the same resources, but all of those projects are being advanced at some level, as far as I can tell.

Yes, get a prototype out there and take reservations for 1st qtr 2020. Teslarati is growing in size and production capabilities. You can’t judge them as if they were the same as they were 4 years ago.

Personally, I’d like the Y to be a small minivan/small crossover. Something like the passenger version of the Ford Transit Connect. Very basic and utilitarian. I want range and autopilot but can do without a lot of the luxury items.

Tesla, not teslarati

If anyone really needs an answer to the question “Why Not Open Tesla Model Y Orders Now?”, then they should ask a few early Model X reservation holders how much they enjoyed waiting for approximately four years for their car!

I’m not sure what to even make of this article. It seems to ignore two items that are of major relevance:

1) If the Model III is a failure (for whatever reason), there’s a decent chance that Tesla won’t be around to release the Model Y

2) “Refundable” deposits aren’t refunded if a company goes out of business

I’m not making any comment on people who want to actually invest in Tesla stock; the stock market is a thinly-veiled legalized casino in the first place, and humans love gambling. But people who place a “refundable” down payment on a car are attempting to purchase an actual product, not spinning the wheel at the Wall Street casino.

Accepting pre-orders for a product that’s second (or maybe even third – Roadster 2.0) in line behind products that don’t yet exist is ridiculous. It’s grift.