Norwegians Buying “Used” Tesla Model S Sedans at Prices Higher Than New to Avoid 5-Month Wait


The Tesla Model S is hotter than hot in Norway.

How hot is it, you ask?

The Tesla Model S was the top-selling vehicle in Norway in September, but that doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.

According the Reuters, some current Model S owners in Norway are posting their vehicles “For Sale” in the classifieds.

Quoting Reuters:

“One of those secondhand buyers, 27-years-old financial consultant Anders Langset, said a regular car with similar performance and engine size could have cost him up to 2 million crowns ($330,000) because of the punitive taxes Norway’s government levies on cars with big, gas-guzzling engines.”

Langset told Reuters this:

“I paid more for a second-hand car than I would have paid if I bought it when it was new, but the demand is so high that I am sure I would get my money back and then some if I sold it again today.”

More Used Model S Sedan Listings in Norway

More Used Model S Sedan Listings in Norway

“I made a bet with my brother and father about who could get the car first, so I really enjoyed beating them.”

These lightly used Model S sedans, most of which have less than 1,000 kilometers, are being offered at $10,000 to $20,000 (or around $120,000 to $130,000) over MSRP for a new Model S.

Norwegians are so eager to get the Model S though that some are unwilling to wait 5 months for delivery from Tesla.

The “used” market is making up for this Model S shortage (see right of screen for partial list of used Model S listings).

The Model S retail for $110,000 to $117,000 in Norway, which is roughly $100,000 less (due mostly to tax breaks on electrics) than a comparable BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

As for that recent Model S fire, that’s had virtually no impact on Norwegian demand for the Model S.  Joar Tenfjord, head of Tesla’s dealership in Bergen, Norway, told Reuters this:

“We have had some questions from customers but it appears to have been a one-off and it has in no way reduced demand.”

Source: Reuters

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Can we export our US model S?

I sure hope that Tesla doesn’t raise prices because of the high demand in Norway. Don’t give customers a reason to go with the competition and you will benefit in the long-run JMO.

Elon Musk has made a point of saying that he doesn’t like and doesn’t plan to use exploitative localized pricing.

Elon will not do that

If there away to allow used Model S cars to flow into Norway it would knock out this storage over night do to us having tons of them driving around. But what is going on here is that they have lots of money to buy cars or the taxes on luxury gas cars must be out of this world to make people do this. In that I don’t think at any one point in history up to this point that we had a luxury electric car that people could use for day to day things in their life and to go on long trips in.

634900 nkR (104750 $) is much bellow the new price of 116000 $ (703030 nKr).
Actually the ones that are higher are Performance models that also have an even higher new price.
So there is not really a spectacular event here, but just normal used car pricing.
What is one the other hand still a big spectacular event is that the Model S is sold at a 50 % higher price in Europe then what it is in the US, even when you consider VAT difference or duty cost, there is a clear higher price being set. Why that is? We don’t know?

A Model S Performance starts at 597800 kr in Norway

yes, but the ones shown are all 85 kWh types.