Norwegians Place 1,000 Pre-Orders For BMW iX3 In Under 2 Weeks

SEP 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Already around 1,000 individuals have pre-ordered the upcoming BMW iX3.

The BMW iX3 is a new all-electric model, scheduled for market launch in 2020. The concept version was equipped with a 70 kWh battery for 400 km (250 miles) of WLTP range and 200 kW electric motor.

Since opening reservations in Norway on September 1 (with 15,000 NOK/≈$1,800/≈€1,600 deposit required), BMW received around 1,000 pre-orders.

Well, if there are so many consumers willing to purchase the iX3 some two years ahead of seeing the car at the dealership, BMW should be encouraged to continue down the path of electrification at even quicker pace.

Pieter Nota, BMW AG Management Board member responsible for Sales and Brand BMW, said:

“In Norway, we’ve just launched a pilot project to pre-order the BMW iX3, which is due to start production in 2020, via an app. Within less than two weeks, around 1,000 Norwegian customers have already registered, including paying a €1,600 deposit on the first-ever pure-electric BMW core model,”

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21 Comments on "Norwegians Place 1,000 Pre-Orders For BMW iX3 In Under 2 Weeks"

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Does anyone know how many reservations i-Pace, EQC and e-Tron have in Norway?

This is what i could find;

EQC 2150, 6 sept (reservations)
E-tron 4500, 27 july (reservations)
i-pace 1750, 12 august (Sold)

The deposit probably is refundable if the customers would want to cancel their pre-order.

Yes it is. I’m on that list, but i probably gonna cancel it. Depends on the final price.

Sell it on, like people do with the Kona, and make a profit.

Any idea when they will announce it?

That’s supposed to be impressive?

For a car launching in about 16+ months? Ehm, yes 😉

She said that? Your girlfriend is mean.

u bad!

You realize this is just Norway right? And half of them already have a Tesla, so

Actually of all electric cars sold in Norway and currently registered, the Nissan Leaf is the most popular at about 25% of all electric vehicles.

Having driven the ICE version of X3, I’m confident that the iX3 will become a really good car. Build quality is really good.

Wondering what the Model Y numbers will be?

As high as they can manufacture I guess. They have few other models to get income from.
Low competition, compared to demand (unless they wait too long) and the brands goodwill will ensure model Y will sell more then Model 3.
Unless they make a weird design people absolutely hate – which is not likely, given the fairly safe design on the other models.

Based on these kinda dull offerings from BMW, Mercedes, and Audi…I suspect the Tesla Model Y numbers will be huge. I don’t think these models are terrible. Just weak aerodynamics, very conventional, not great efficiency, and high prices.

Looks like the ICE version, shame it’s compromised.

Yeah, that’s my view. I know I’m a broken record on this…but aerodynamics, aerodynamics, aerodynamics!

It’s not that bad…and it may help regular people transition from ICE. I’m looking forward to see this one on the roads.

I confess it’s kinda of weird for me how many people pay to reserve a car for 2020 today.
By 2020 there will be many EVs, many brands will be happy to sell one EV to everyone.
This is just a car, that are sold by the millions every month.

This is actually nothing new. Pre-ordering cars has been used for decades.