Norwegian “Stig” Drives Tesla Model S P85+ In the Snow


You might wanna go ahead and turn your speaker audio volume down very low, especially if you are a headphone user…

Tesla Model S conquering the winter!

Tesla Model S conquering the winter!

This Norwegian “Stig” takes a Tesla Model S P85+ (discontinued version) on a drive down some brutal wintery roads.

The Model S seems to excel in this type of weather, as we’ve posted on in the past.

-(More info on how the Model S performs so well in these conditions.)
-(Further details, specific to Dual-Motor AWD Model S.)

We are happy to see a continuation of the Model S outperforming our expectations in these extreme weather conditions, regardless of whether it is a RWD or Dual-Motor AWD version.

This latest video is from YouTuber SledDogSkates. Enjoy!

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3 Comments on "Norwegian “Stig” Drives Tesla Model S P85+ In the Snow"

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Loud music and a car driving normally on a snow covered road – Nothing to see here.

Uh. This isn’t extreme weather. This is yet another video of a Tesla driving on 1/1000th of an inch of snow
It also appears to be fishtailing.

I’m overjoyed that the newest tesla offerings are AWD because it will make a huge difference.

I hope they continue the trend for the model 3

These videos are stupid. Esp. ones the one that say RWD telsa can perform the same as any AWD car. Any car can drive in the snow even in very slight inclines. The real test of a p85 RWD version is one that shows it going up a relatively steep hill… which my AWD Subaru has done every winter and most RWD cars have failed – even with snow tires.

The only thing that put RWD and AWD on equal footing is when your coming down the hill. And in those cases, it has nothing to do with the drivetrain.

If you post a video of a tesla doing this type of hill, then I’m a convert:

Until then, there is no point in boasting about it in the snow.