Norwegian Plug-In Vehicle Market Shrank By 20% In April


After posting an all-time record month in January, and a best ever first quarter, Norway plug-in vehicle sales surprised us in March by showing a significant 20.4% drop in new EV registrations.

BMW i3

Still, the 3,357 new passenger plug-in sales is not that bad a result in context, as the overall market also shrunk by 19.7%, so market share stayed steady at 29.6%.

Passenger plug-in registration breakdown:

  • BEVs (1,683– down 15.5% and 14.8% market share) + 404 used and 65 vans (62 new and 3 used)
  • PHEVs (1,674 – down 24.7% and 14.8% market share)
  • FCVs (4)

The BMW i3 was one of the stars in April, thanks to 426 new registrations (second best for the month). The i3 is also now second best selling model in Norway overall after four months (1,939 and 3.9% share), behind the Volkswagen Golf (of which the majority is either the all-electric e-Golf, or plug-in hybrid Golf GTE).

EVs under performing expectations for the month:

  • Nissan LEAF notched 287 sales,
  • 74 Renault ZOE sales
  • 75 Tesla (42 S and 33 X) sales

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – April 2017

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What happened to all those Opel Ampera-e cars that where in such high demand.

GM has, according to Opel, postponed production, leaving just a small amount for May deliveries and a total of around 200 cars for the rest of 2017. Loads of angry costumers…

Coming in may

Only 74 Renault Zoé ?
I suppose that the Zoé 40 didn’t on the market in April. A little dispointed.

Renault has recalled/withdrawn 30′ ZOEs due to a minor handbrake issue (stays stuck).

They clearly need new and more practical EVs so that the market could grow again. Demand is there. But the market is simply missing important car categories. Most EVs are only small or compact cars. But many people also want family cars and so on but they’re currently not really available. We’ll have to wait how much Norwegians want to buy the Model 3. Bolt EV could be a game changer too but this car ist not really available at least not in high quantities.

Indeed. Half of the Norwegian market is large SUVs and station wagons, and this market is today only served by Model X, and that’s above most people’s budget. VW Passat GTE and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV satisfies a bit of this market, but they are not something I’m very enthusiastic about (my primary car is a Zoe, my secondary is an Outlander 7-seater). I’m not sure the Model 3 will actually make that much of a splash, it is not the typical car for Norwegians. There are a bunch of models that would fit well with the Norwegian market, I’m sure they could sell tens of thousands of them annually: If Skoda made a EV out of Kodiaq right now, that would fit well. Renault could stuff two Zoe-batteries and a 100 kW DC charger into the Espace and Nissan could launch the X-Trail EV they’ve talked about. Alternatively make EVs out of Qashqai and Qashqai+2. Any of these could grab a third of the Norwegian market if they were launched today, I’m sure. I think they’ll need at least a 80 kWh battery, 100 kW DC charger and a 1500 kg towing capacity though. I really hope for one of… Read more »