Norway Says Reports Are Wrong – No Ban On ICE Sales, Just Stiff Restrictions

JUN 11 2016 BY MARK KANE 8

Nissan LEAFs Lead World Record Bid With 260.5 EVs in Norway

EVs in Norway

Recently headlines stated that Norway will ban the sale of ICE cars by 2025.

Even Elon Musk noted the announcement, and tweeted that Norway “Rocks.

Well, Norwegian Climate Minister Vidar Helgesen corrected the news, as technically there will be no ban for ICEs.

The government will instead likely just set taxes prohibitively high on ICE vehicles, while offering high incentives for plug-ins.  So, they are kinda banning ICE vehicles for everyone but the well-heeled.

With strong enough support, EVs could still effectively take the whole market, but yes, you still technically could buy an ICE and pay few times more than a comparable plug-in if you wish.

source: CleanTechnica

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8 Comments on "Norway Says Reports Are Wrong – No Ban On ICE Sales, Just Stiff Restrictions"

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Norwegian Liberal Party does not want to “force” Norwegians to buy ZEVs.

But punitive taxes that make 99% of Norwegians chose ZEV is giving Norwegians a free choice.

So Magnus can pay $5M for a $300k Ferrari and pay $100 per litre for petrol?

It is just semantics at this point.

Awww. 🙁

A ban is softer.

What is Musk going tonsay now …. Not very cool country of Norway?

It’s astonishing the amount of reporting garbage coming out every single minute. What you read a minute ago might amply turn out false tomorrow.

Mostly anti-Tesla FUD. *nods*

Never let facts get in the way of a killer headline.

Norway still rocks, but not quite to 11.

Much easier to tax something then to ban it. Policals will start will a small tax and increase it over time. Every year it will increase until the number of ICE sales a year will be near zero.