Pure Electric Vehicles Capture 20% Of Automotive Market In Norway In March

APR 3 2014 BY MARK KANE 26

Nissan Leaf in Norway

Nissan LEAF in Norway

We already know that the Tesla Model S is best selling car in Norway regardless of drivetrain type, not only in March but also through the first three months of 2014. 1,493 registrations gave Tesla a new all-time record for one-month sales – above the 1,454 Ford Sierras sold in one month back in 1986!

The Tesla Model S accelerated Norway’s EV market to new highs. 2,813 new electric passenger cars were registered last month in Norway, so 53% were Teslas. This further mean that 20.3% of the 13,861 newly registered vehicles were EVs! No country has ever reached such a level for pure electric cars (although Netherlands had one month comparably high for PHEVs).

Q1 EV sales in Norway hit 5,297 and  ~14.5% share (even more if we add almost 2% for PHEVs).

Tesla Model S had 10.8% market share in March (and 5.6% for Q1), Nissan LEAF had 425 new registrations and 3.1% market share (4.3% in Q1). Weaker sales of LEAF than ICE VW Golf led LEAF to drop to third place in overall standings for best selling cars, but the difference between 2nd and 3rd is thin.

German manufacturers are growing in strength in Norway. Volkswagen sold 378 e-up!’s in March and 719 in Q1. On the other side, BMW sold 336 i3s and 646 in Q1.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV had 258 new registrations, which represents a massive gap compared to just few units for the other PHEVs (three plug-in Priuses, five plug-in Volvo V60 and three Opel Amperas).

Other EVs are well out of the mainstream sales area, but Renault ZOE with first 16 registrations probably will join the top four soon.

Number of EV registrations in Norway

Number of EV registrations in Norway (credit to Norsk Elbilforening)

Together with electric vans, used imported EVs and plug-in hybrids, the total number of registrations in Norway is even higher and easily exceeded 3,000 units in March:

Number of EV registrations in Norway (credits to GRØNN BIL)

Number of EV and PHEV registrations in Norway (credits to GRØNN BIL)

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I think I want to move to Norway. The place is clean, beautiful, nice people, and it has fleets of EVs powered completely by hydropower.

facts Norway
5 million inhabitants
all electric hydropower
oil producer (large)
beautiful coastal landscape
beautiful women
free healthcare
free education (all levels)
free at birth 100% payment
beautiful and warm summer
beneficial EVs
good salary
beautiful mountains and fjords
all water sports
four Seasons
good working life
all speak English


expensive gasoline
expensiv living
strong women
heavy rain
Norwegian is hard to get into

Jeg kan snakke lit Norsk.

det var fint

om du ikke er norsk – har du lært deg et språk som en promille av befolkingen snakker.

Flott at u liker el biler.

Strong women? Like self confident? What the heck is wrong with that???

How about:
– it’s cold there
– aquavid tastes like bad medicine
– alcohol is expansive
– vegetables and fruits are expansive
– they hunt whales (quotes are low I guess, but come on, whales are cute)
– they don’t know what foxes sound like
– Elks will crush your Model S

So not perfect, but they can work on that.

Only tourists drink aquavit?
reindeer are unable to get on the hood, but tastes fantastic
Norwegian girls are beautiful but they decide.
You do not have to hunt whales, but you can buy it in the store
temperatures fluctuate from hot summer to cold winters, like New Yourk

Average salary with university degree in Norway: 50 000 NOK or $8300 per month. With this kinds of salaries for the middle class, it really does not matter if price level is expensive in Norway. It is always possible to import cheap commodities from other countries.


– expensive gasoline
how is that negative?!? If you mention that, then why not gas cars are expensive (also a good thing)?

– strong women
you prefer timid and subserviant? I only went out with strong women and got married to one. Sure, it is less comfortable not always getting your own way, but less boring to, and keeps your character strong. But it has to be strong to begin with…

– Norwegian is hard to get into
every foreign language is hard to get into. The more difficult ones just take longer to learn well. The trick is to expose yourself to it exclusivly and avoid all languages you can already speak.

On topic:
When evs are similar or less in price to their ice equivalents (in body style, car class), they are acceptable to everyday people.

Norwegian girls are great. but they are some of the most liberated.
They have a long tradition of gender equality.
This comes as a shock to some foreigners.

Gas prices are extremely expensive
Alcohol is also very expensive

But for those who live in Norway, they are used to it.

Liberated women are ok. I dont drink alcohol or gasoline. Sounds pretty good to me. Only problem is that its too damn cold!

cold? it depends on where you are in Norway.
Norway is a long country.

The distance from Oslo to Kirkenes is the same distance as from Oslo to Italy.

Norway has several climate zones.

279 coastal municipalities in Norway
The coastline of the mainland (with fjords and bays) 28 953 km
The coastline of islands [1]: 71 963 km
Total: 100 915 km
We have 239,057 islands in total in Norway and 81,192 cast.

and the Gulf Stream

It doesn’t matter at all. It ranges from cold in the south to extremely cold in the north. But all of norway is (at least) cold.



I’m from Canada. It (oddly) doesn’t get cold in Norway by comparison.

If you like winter sports, you should be all set…

Well, before moving to Norway you have to

1) Get a job offer in Norway to get an immigration permit or have a technical degree in engineering, healthcare, or field where job openings exceed qualified Norwegians and you speak Norwegian.

2)Have a business plan and capital to start your own business in Norway.

3) Marry a Norwegian.

4) Establish a case for refugee status fearing for your life if you remain in your home country.

5 You forgot the lightest
Searching for an education in Norway.
Many countries and the United States has guaranteed the exchange of students

Norway will go belly under if smth happens to hydrocarbon prices, not much economy beyond energy, can get risky to move there long term.

The Taxes are very heavy in Norway.

Another odd thing is that it’s cheaper in Norway to buy a Tesla then a Chevy Impala do to the massive tax burden being lifted off of EV’s. If they end this tax thing EV’s might fall apart once that 50,000 EV’s on the road is pasted. If they are able to raise to 100.000 EV’s they might keep up the flood of EV sales.

there is another myth about Norway.

Norway has extensive natural riktommer not just oil.
metal processing

One of the world largest fund owned by the Norwegian population
The fund bought last up parts of Manhattan. London. Paris.

Norway is going to survive, selvmed low oil prices

Which is weird. Norway allocates revenue from oil to future generations.

With over 60% oil & gas export survival will be poor.

Of course every country has its downsides too, like whale hunting and racial tensions. But overall I love Norway.

I think: stay where you are, but become a bit more Norwegian. Tax petrol fueled cars and don’t tax EV s.

I only partly agree.

Taxing gas cars is not good, as it taxes potential to damage.
Taxing gasoline IS good, as it taxes actual damage, as gasoline is only bought to be burned.

I hate the hummer, it is the poster child of wastefulness.
But a hummer, driven only a few miles at the weekend does far more damage than a smart used every workday for a 40 mile round trip commute.
What matters is not how much you toxins you emit per mile, but how much toxins you emit over time.

I have an Alfa Romeo 159, which is not a small car. It is there in case I need a car, which I rarely do.
Most of my miles are done on my racing bike.
My car COULD emit alot, but it does NOT.

If we allow the same incentives to any plugin cars in the US propotionally, the sales will go up too.

If the incentives allow you to own a Model S for the price of Honda Accord or Toyota Camry in the US, the Model S will be top 10 in sales in the US if NOT the #1 brand. It will certainly knock Prius out of top brand in California for sure.

we suport youbest car for the pipol

The Ford fake EV is where it belongs to be, at the last place!