Norway Post Places Order For Tesla Semi

JAN 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Norwegian postal company Posten Norge announced reservations for the Tesla Semi electric truck.

Once delivered, the semi will be tested to check whether BEVs can replace diesel trucks.

Renault EVs joins Posten Norge fleet (2015)

Tesla is already one of the most popular car brands in Norway and has been proving the capabilities, range and performance for years there now.

Earlier, another Norwegian company Asko booked an order for 10 Tesla Semis.

Norway Post already uses a fleet of electric delivery vans.

By 2025, Norway Post would like to switch to an entirely electric vehicle fleet, powered from renewable energy sources.

The latest announcement from Norway Post proves that there is tremendous business opportunity for electric trucks around the world – we can assume that diesel truck manufacturers are watching this progress and that most have already triggered their own EV projects.

Source: E24 via Teslarati

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Posten operates a fleet of electric cars already. They are perfect for the last stage, start-stop deliveries to people’s homes, partly because they don’t idle but mainly because of regen – in this scenario an EV is not just 3-4 times as efficient as an ICE, but 5-10!

They have many smaller vehicles than the Renault shown here, btw:

Lets hope Tesla gets the Hp right, Norweigens are sticklers for details…..

The Tesla semi will not go as far as they say and the battery packs will need replacing to maintain range.

SJC. Independent testing shows the Tesla Semi does better or as good as,all the specs on them.
They also give a million mile warranty.

What facts are you basing your notes on?

Jim, if there is one thing I have learned on the internet is that people that post in such general and abstract terms have to facts and will not respond when asked.

I really wish that statements like this would not be posted unless supporting documents are included as links.

Not possible I know but wouldn’t the silence be nice. 🙂

Just wait and see, the range will not be 500 miles and the million miles is not for batteries.

“just wait and see”

Ah, just some vague opinion or maybe hope or whatever.

Move on folks, nothing to see here…

sorry to should have been no.

I don’t know how that happened. Sorry.

I actually had similar idea long time ago. Tesla Semi/truck could parner with USPS (united state postal service), any other private companies providing courier services and parcel delivery, any other catering companies, fast food industry, restaurant, cafe etc providing meal delivery services.

Secondly but it is not related to this article. Some countries have electric mini airplanes already. I’m just not sure about the demand in USA. Need to do some market research, SWOT analysis etc first before decide to produce.

I am curious to know how much weight the semi can pull and maintain a 500 mile range. My semi regularly pulls 80 000 lbs in a 53 ft trailor. Maybe it was tested with 36ft trailers and lighter loads if at all. Does anyone have the information?