Norway Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up By 65% To 4,200


Nissan Leaf in Norway

Nissan LEAF in Norway

Not-far from a record, 4,215 passenger plug-in electric cars were registered in April in Norway, which is 65% more than year ago.

Market share for new passenger plug-ins stands at 29.9% – which is on par with diesel (30.3%) and inches ever-close to gasoline (38.8%).

Beside passenger EVs (1,991 BEVs, and a record 2,224 PHEVs…with big help from two FCVs), Norway added 50 new all-electric vans and 437 used BEVs (433 passenger and 4 vans).

Despite the high volumes, new passenger all-electric car sales have actually decreased so far this year – from 9,179 to 8,418.  Earlier, March brought a 23.5% decrease, whereas the three other months have been about even.

Plug-in hybrids on the other hand exploded in April, by some 280% year-over-year – with the new incentive system in place, it seems that soon they will surpass BEVs.

On the individual model registrations we saw 541 Nissan LEAFs arriving into Noway; the LEAF is now the third most popular model in Norway overall (petrol included) with a 3.8% market share after four months. Still, first place solidly belongs to the Volkswagen Golf (although we are still unsure of the e-Golf share for April).

The Renault ZOE and BMW i3 went nip and tuck – with 230 and 222 sold respectively.

Tesla Model S slowed down to just 96 in April and 801 so far this year (likely electing to hold production/deliveries back, not wanting to deliver non-refreshed editions while they are available in the US), which is weak compared to 1,762 year ago and 2,227 two years ago after four months.

We don’t expect Tesla sales to improve too much in May (as shipping lead times are as much as ~8 weeks), but for the resurgence to start in June, with Model X deliveries carrying the load in the second half for Norway.

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – April 2016

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – April 2016

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Great news for Norway… one more place we can runaway to if/when Stupid Donald gets elected.

Well. Not that many of you. 🙂 We’re only 4.6 million inhabitants. There’s at least five metropolitan areas in Germany alone with more people than our entire country..!

Great sounds like there is lots of space, we’ll have to see what the federal election turns up in Australia, I’m sure there’s space for a few million more.

Norway is big, but not much is liveable or farmable. Therefore it can’t support a large population.

However it is a wonderful place, and I would be tempted to move there if the Donald is elected (or even if not).

However that may not be far enough to excape the consequences of such an election. I wonder how much SpaceX will charge for tickets to Mars.


Don’t try for Australia, your more likely to end up caged like an animal in some internment camp on an island in the middle of nowhere!

You think Trump will make it that easy to scale the wall? Get out while you can.