Norway New Plug-In Electric Car Registrations Shoot Up To 2,721

JUN 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

Volkswagen e-Golf & e-up!

Volkswagen e-Golf & e-up!

Norway again closed May at 15.5% of market share for all-electric passenger cars (compared to 10.9% year ago).

Last month new BEV registrations reached 1,916 (1,865 passenger cars), but what’s important is that plug-in hybrids are moving strong with 805 new registrations for a grand total of 2,721!

In total, Norway BEV/PHEV registrations exceed 20% market share.

We don’t have numbers for all models yet, but probably Volkswagen e-Golf still leads with up to 1,000 units for e-Golf and e-up! total.

Tesla Model S had 346, while Nissan LEAF 176, BMW i3 129, and Renault ZOE 103.

New plug-in car registrations in Norway - May 2015

New plug-in car registrations in Norway – May 2015

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Leaf is really ging down a lot lately in norway. Time for a replacement soon.

The Leaf leads used imports by far margin, adding 175 more second hand Leaf to Norway roads in May. Combined, the Leaf beats Model S, i3, Zoe, e-up, imiev, Soul EV.

Keep an eye on the VW GT-E

The leaf was never a great car. It’s claim to fame is that for a long while it was the only EV on the market at that price level.

I own a Leaf and I would not have bought it if there were any other option available at the time.

@Hastings. Actually, the Leaf is a great car. Why do you think it is not a great car? You give no reasons.

I am surprised the BMW i3 is doing so poorly against the Tesla considering the i3 is cheaper and newer.

BMW i3 and Tesla are two different cars. First of all: range. And price.

… and charging network. The Supercharger wich I consider to be half the car.

canadians should be a little bit ashamed….seeing those numbers….same climate,same oil glut,but what a difference in ecological awareness,governement leadership,vs.who the hell cares.