Norway Eyes Electric Aircraft As Next Form Of Electric Transport

MAR 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 22

Norway could become the leading country in the electric aircraft rush, replicating its path of electric car sales growth.

E-Fan X hybrid-electric flight demonstrator

State company Avinor, who runs 45 airports, is expected to launch in the coming years a tender for 5 to 15 electric planes of between 12 and 50 seats.

It would be the biggest order for electric aircraft (or at least some type of series-hybrid) in the world.

Companies like Airbus are awaiting market interest in electrification before developing and launching their own electric jets.

Check Out – This Electric Aircraft Features A 900-kWh Battery, 650-Mile Range

Norway could position itself on the forefront through big tax breaks for the zero or low emission aircraft.

“In my mind, there’s no doubt that by 2040 Norway will be operating totally electric” on short-haul flights, Dag Falk-Pedersen, head of Avinor, told reporters at an aviation conference in Oslo.”

“Among airlines, “Airbus told us they need a customer and they need a market – and we can offer them both,” he said. “Of course they need a bigger market and more customers. But someone has to start.”

“Norway, a mountainous country of 5 million people with towns beside remote fjords, would be ideal for electric planes which can accelerate faster than conventional planes and so need shorter runways, he said.”

Source: Reuters

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When the history of humanity’s walk back from the brink is written, the role of Norway would be inscribed in gold.

I remember someone asking Elon about electric planes and his reply was that it needed a battery density which was still quite far away (from memory, I think that was 400Wh per kg, maybe it was 600Wk per kg). How is this plane able to take off at current battery density?

Taking off only requires power density, and we have plenty of that. You need energy density and high specific energy for range, and that is, at best, marginal.

The electric motor is 2.5 megawatts at 3000 volts for more than 3000 hp and that is just ONE. This local jet idea will be quite a challenge.

Elon’s Mention of his guess that 400 Wh/Kg would make Electric Aircraft Viable, not Possible! Just Like it is Possible for almost Anyone to Learn to Fly, does not mean that for them in their personal financial situation, that it is Viable! Note the Difference! I learned to fly – instead of – buying a Car. A Winning Lottery Ticket that I bought for $10, and won $1,000 – Paid for my first wheels – a 4 year old Motorcycle, bought – while in Flight Training! For Me – that was my dream, so I saved 3x as much as the typical cost for that, before I started Training! Some People have learned to Fly – in ONE Month, I took about 4, many take a year! Viability – is a different Variable than Possibility! Electric Flights and Aircraft are already existent, that are able to fly OVER the ALPS, run for 2 hours on a charge, or Tow Gliders, and Break time to climb Records for 0-3,000 Meters (basically 0-10,000 Feat above Starting Altitude)! However – they are still Expensive, therefor – ‘Possible’ but not quite ‘Viable!’ A Solar Powered Plane HAS Flown Around the World, on Solar Power… Read more »

‘they are still Expensive’
Apparently NOT–
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- in case you missed a few!

Elon was WRONG, then. This 9- seater + 2 crew uses 900 kW @260kWh batteries. Please try to read the link…

This bears repeating. We have a saying in the EV business- “Not knowing kWs from kWhrs is like a car salesman not knowing the difference between horsepower and how much fuel the fuel tank holds.”

Not knowing that is is kW and kWh in plural too makes you look like a noob.

Also…never ever hr/hrs etc. Hour/hours is h, no more and no less.

His Point was Technical, while yours is Grammatical.
Simple as that!

I have designed a new electric turbo fan motor that will get a 4 passenger aircraft to just under the sound. The generator I designed to accommodate the motors will be able to propel the aircraft for a unlimited distance of travel without needing to be recharged.

At what altitude is the sound?

HTPEM with bio fuel reformers for range.

The only reaction to all these fools, who come out to say crap without any basis or facts, just to look important, is to ignore them for their lack of knowledge and of experience. Giving them no attention is the only rational thing to do.

Building electric aircraft is like building electric ferryboat, it will be so expensive with so many limitations no one would buy them and make business of running them. You know that.

Awesome sarcasm. 😉

I’d like to see the price tag on that little tandem two seater. I might just buy one. Dave

Too lazy to Google, Dave??

Or – like Building an All Electric Freighter Ship, Just to Haul – COAL? Right – Been Done there, already, too!
Chinese Did that! Norway is going big on Electric Ferries – over 50 on order! Either you are not keeping up, or – you forgot to add….

Hydrogen and the rotary engine solves all of these problems and its alredy proven to work. The summer 2020 olympics in Japan will be hydrogen powered. What is eryone waiting for?