Norway Sees Minor Decrease In Plug-In Electric Car Sales In July

AUG 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 16

Nissan LEAF leads the charge

A big drop in plug-in hybrid registrations in July brought the overall Norwegian plug-in market down by several percent

In total, 3,738 new passenger plug-in cars were registered last month (down 5.8%), but the market share increased to 38.8% (from 34.6% year ago).

After the first seven months of the year, 39,504 new passenger plug-in cars were registered (up 26.8%) at an average market share of 45.7%.

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – July 2018

Here are the details:

  • BEVs 2,287 (up 25.6%, 23.8% market share) + 808 ‘used’ + 116 vans (109 new and 7 used) + 6 FCVs
  • PHEVs 1,451 (down 32.4%, 15.1% market share)

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – July 2018

The Norwegian market is led by the 2018 Nissan LEAF, which noted 980 registrations in July (over 10% of the total) and 6,771 YTD (almost 8% of all), which is enough to be the nation’s best-selling car, regardless of powertrain and by a big margin.

Volkswagen Golf was unable to beat LEAF despite it being offered in three versions (ICE, e-Golf BEV and Golf GTE PHEV).

The third best selling model this year is the BMW i3 – 284 in July and 3,069 YTD.

Tesla delivered 64 cars in June and 4,110 YTD (compared to just 2,520 year ago), which is 4.8% of the market.

  • Tesla Model S: 24 and 1,877 YTD
  • Tesla Model X: 40 and 2,233 YTD

New passenger car registrations in Norway – July 2018, source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS)

Nissan LEAF share among passenger plug-in cars reached 43%, the highest result from years.

New Nissan LEAF registrations in Norway – July 2018

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16 Comments on "Norway Sees Minor Decrease In Plug-In Electric Car Sales In July"

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VAG stopped selling GTE (and e-tron) a few months ago… I guess it’s only ICE and e-Golf in the table

Every alternative propulsion was stopped to be sold. PHEVs, BEVs, natural gas cars, everything!

Wasn’t there a tax change that has made ICEs more desirable?

There is a change in the taxation of hybrids. From 1st of July they have to be able to run 50 km on electricity to get full effect of tax reductions. The tax reductions are linked to the vehicles weight. This has primarily made large heavy hybrid SUV’s more expensive.

From Terawatt last month:

“One fact that’s missing here to compete the picture: PHEVs were boosted by the new WLTP norm, which will soon replace NECD as the basis for import tax calculation. This change will, because average speeds are higher and emissions more realistic, lead to a considerable increase in PHEV prices. So everyone that has any to sell are running as campaigns, and people interested in one hurry to buy them now, because they’ll be much more expensive soon.”

So I think this shows that BEVs are doing well but people chose standard ICEs over PHEVs accounting for the lower Plug-in market share.

Last july:

BEVs (1,821 – up 65.1%, good for 15.9% market share) + 522 used and 30 vans (21 new and 7 used)
PHEVs (2,147 – up 15.1%, good for 18.7% market share)
Total marketshare: 34.6%

This July:
BEVs 2,287 (up 25.6%, 23.8% market share) + 808 ‘used’ + 116 vans (109 new and 7 used) + 6 FCVs
PHEVs 1,451 (down 32.4%, 15.1% market share)
Total marketshare: 38.9%

2,287-1,821 = 466
2147−1451 = 696

I can safely conclude that:
1) Most PHEV sales went to BEVs
2) The ones that didn’t simply didn’t buy a car
3) People did not choose to buy standard ICE, they either bought an BEV or bought nothing.

There is a lot of people waiting for new BEV and PHEV models. It’s been in the news, and people tend to wait for the new model(s).
There are long waiting time for almost all EVs. Tesla can deliver 2 models with very short waiting line, and Nissan Leaf had almost no waiting line either. BMW has also i3 ready for sale. For the rest, the customers have to wait.
It is expected a LOT of orders for the new Jaguar, Audi and BMW. Not to mention the model 3, which is not for sale yet.

“It is expected a LOT of orders for the new Jaguar, Audi and BMW.”

Which new BMW Plug-In EV model are you referring to?

The refresh of the i3. The new one will have 60+kWh.

Is there such refresh coming soon? What is the information on that?

All reports I’ve seen so far indicates that they will use the 120 Ah batteries for an upgrade from 33 kWh to ~44 kWh. Nothing exciting enough to write home about.

I think it’s pretty exciting…

Both the upgraded i3 car/battery they will release info about in September, and that should be ready in November, and the iX3 they will show in the end of next year.
I work next to a BMW dealer, and they have started to take down contact information from interested customers.
They expect it to be their new best seiling EV.
They have trademarked i1-i9, anď iX1-iX9.

No doubt about iX3 becoming their global best seller… I wonder though how many of them will actually make it out of China?

No waiting line for Leaf where? I need to wait 10 months for mine.

Where do you live out of interest?

You’re right, my bad. I passed a few Nissan dealers and saw a sign about x-number of LEAF for sale. Turned out to be used LEAF models. New LEAFs were all marked as sold.
I was in another dealer (Mercedes) when I had a work vehicle in for maintenance. Talked to a salesman about EVs, and he was stoked about the Interest about new Mercedes EVs. He said that he expected to sell at least 50% EVs in 3-5 years time.
They had started to get their mechanics approved for EV maintenance, and had started to order test equipment and so on.
Tesla may be able to fill the pre orders in 2020 in Norway.
I wonder if the Norwegian Audi boss have to eat her words, after she said Audi will manage all orders they get for the e-tron..
Cool if they can produce in high volumes, and not like Hyundai who produce EVs people want, but produce way too few.